Jessica Jones is very, very good

I mean, this might be the recency effect talking to an extent, but I think it’s the best thing the MCU has produced to date. (Which makes sense–Netflix and services like it are the obviously correct home for traditional superhero narratives for much the same reason webcomics are, the ease of archive binging.)
Krysten Ritter absolutely nails her performance as the titular modern-day noir detective with super strength (and she is a noir detective, complete with untrustworthy clients, alcoholism, PTSD, and bitter internal monologue), and David Tennant is terrifyingly plausible as Kilgrave, the mind controlling supervillain who isn’t out for world domination or revenge, he just doesn’t see why he shouldn’t have whatever he wants regardless of anyone else’s feelings on the matter.
The show pulls no punches; it is straightforwardly about a victim of rape and abuse slowly learning to reconnect with others as she teams up with other victims to take down her rapist. Rape is never depicted, only discussed, but that discussion is blunt and devoid of any kind of hedging. It is only ever the villain who objects to calling mind-controlled sex rape; there’s even a scene where he tries to say that it’s hard for him to tell the difference between consent and nonconsent–a common false claim by rape apologists–because of his powers, a claim which is rightly treated with absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. There’s also some very clever work done mirroring Kilgrave with other, more mundane abusers throughout the show, just to nail the point in that much more. 
Basically, the point I’m trying to make is that this is a very good show that deals intelligently and sensitively with some rather fraught topics. It is most definitely not for everyone–I highly recommend caution if you are triggered by rape, abuse, gore, violence, or substance abuse–but if you can watch it, I highly recommend you do. 

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  1. I’m really impressed by David Tennant’s career move here. Between Broadchurch and this, it seems like he’s picked roles as far away from Doctor Who as imaginably possible. It really shows that his run on Doctor Who isn’t because of his natural charm alone – his acting skills are very impressive.

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