re:play Episode 4: Final Fantasy VI Part 4: Mourning Is a Liminal State

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As before, this is closed captioned. However, while all the text is correct, the timings are off. I’m working on fixing it, but it might take a day or two.

As always, these videos don’t always display correctly on Tumblr, so those of you seeing this there please click through to to watch.

6 thoughts on “re:play Episode 4: Final Fantasy VI Part 4: Mourning Is a Liminal State

  1. RE: What are these guys? It looks like they have their hands folded under their robes (which have a nose & mouth mask incorporated) and a medallion resting over the folded hands.
    RE: Ziegfried or Siegfried, in Japanese Z syllables are written by marking S syllables. (The pairs are K-G, T-D, H-B, S-Z. There’s a second mark which turns H into P.) I doubt an english-speaking translator would not notice the similarity to Siegfried and double check, which leaves the “Gogo gets names slightly wrong” as the most plausible theory – one can easily imagine Gogo altering the names of several characters by adding or dropping the accent mark, e.g. turning “Terra” into “Derra”.

  2. Another fantastic episode! One thing I never noticed until watching you play through this sequence is how Cyan talks to Sabin about “our friends.” Did Doma have contact with the Returners? Is Cyan just imprinting hard like a baby bird onto Sabin’s stories about Edgar and Locke and the others because he’s got nothing else to look towards? Is it just a writing slip-up?

    • Thank you!
      Ooh, good catch. I think the answer is probably both–I’d be shocked if Banon hadn’t sent feelers out to Doma at the very least, and also Cyan is probably clinging pretty hard to the hope Sabin holds out, since he has nothing else.

  3. A little thing that I’m not really sure is as well-known as it could be (It doesn’t really have much bearing on analysis, but still): All enemies in the game with the “Undead” trait take damage from healing spells and items. Use a heal spell, they take damage, use a phoenix down of a raise spell, they die instantly, and so on. This even holds true for high-level enemies, like bosses. There is only one boss with the “Undead” trait.
    Which is to say, for my money, the best (read: silliest) way to beat the Phantom Train is to have Sabin suplex it, because why not, and then throw a feather at it.

    • Haha, that’s pretty great. Though there’s at least one other boss with the Undead trait, namely the second part of the Sr Behemoth fight.

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