Penguindrum 9 and MLPFIM S5E21 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

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[13:03] <@Sylocat> …Is this a flashback, or did I load the wrong episode?
01[13:03] <Froborr> Haha, I love the contrast between the realistic penguins and the invisible penguisn.
[13:03] <@Sylocat> Oh, I see
01[13:03] <Froborr> I think it’s a flashback.
01[13:03] <Froborr> Bow-penguin wasn’t there before.
[13:03] <@Sylocat> Wait, did real!Himari see the invisible penguins?
[13:03] <@Sylocat> (and yes, I do like the contrast)
01[13:04] <Froborr> I think she might have?
[13:04] <@Sylocat> (most anime draw “real” penguins like this anime draws the invisible ones)
[13:04] <@Sylocat> (which makes sense, since they’re cartoons, but still)
01[13:04] <Froborr> And someone else was wearing the alien hat thing!
[13:04] <@Sylocat> Huh… true
[13:04] <Arrlaari> I thought Himari has always seen the magic penguins?
[13:04] <Arrlaari> The bow-one is “hers”
[13:04] <@Sylocat> Oh, right, I forgot
01[13:04] <Froborr> No, this implies she saw it before her coma.
01[13:04] <Froborr> I don’t think we knew that before?
[13:05] <Arrlaari> Also, I wonder what was written on the wastebins the toon penguins were sitting in
[13:05] <@Sylocat> Now I’m confused
[13:05] <Arrlaari> Was there an indication in that scene that it’s a flashback?
01[13:05] <Froborr> I *think* that scene was showing the visit to the zoo from the first episode, but from Himari’s perspective.
01[13:05] <Froborr> ad
[13:05] <@Sylocat> ad
[13:05] <Arrlaari> ad
01[13:05] <Froborr> I could be wrong, I’m just assuming from the fact that Himari seemed surprised to see the bow-penguin and someone else was wearing the hat.
[13:06] <@Sylocat> 2 solid minutes of ads. I’m gonna take this opportunity to grab my meds
[13:07] <Arrlaari> paused after ad.
[13:07] <@Sylocat> Back, with 30 seconds to spare
[13:07] <@Sylocat> 20 seconds left on mine
01[13:07] <Froborr> 35 on mine.
[13:07] <@Sylocat> Paused after ad
01[13:08] <Froborr> Paused after ad.
[13:08] <@Sylocat> Click
[13:08] <@Sylocat> “That kid from before?” She thinks it’s a kid?
[13:09] <@Sylocat> This is trippy
[13:09] <Arrlaari> “ko” is a suffix for child of both people and all animals
[13:09] <@Sylocat> Ah, I’d forgotten that
[13:09] <@Sylocat> This thing has 61 levels of subbasement?
01[13:09] <Froborr> And the 61st subbasement is OUTDOORS.
[13:09] <@Sylocat> What did that sign say?
[13:10] <Arrlaari> I think it was a famous list
[13:10] <@Sylocat> A library?
01[13:10] <Froborr> I caught “Politics without principles” and “Wealth without” something.
[13:10] <Arrlaari> Probably there’s a real library with that plaque outside it
01[13:10] <Froborr> Ah, it’s Ghandi’s list of what he considered to be the “real” seven deadly sins.
01[13:11] <Froborr> This is WEIRD.
[13:12] <@Sylocat> We finally meet pink-haired person, and…
01[13:12] <Froborr> The pinkhaired person at last!
[13:12] <@Sylocat> It’s a guy?
01[13:12] <Froborr> Huh, it’s a guy.
[13:12] <Arrlaari> Sanetoshi
01[13:12] <Froborr> Pretty sure that’s the same voice actor as Touga. I’ll look it up after.
[13:12] <@Sylocat> I take it “Sora-no-ana” means something?
01[13:12] <Froborr> “Hole in the Sky,” it flashed briefly on the screen.
[13:13] <Arrlaari> Also, he talked up the difficulty of the thing he’s doing a lot
[13:13] <@Sylocat> Wait, is this where Himari goes when the hat is in control?
01[13:13] <Froborr> Ooh, good thought.
[13:13] <Arrlaari> H Trio, not tokyo
[13:14] <@Sylocat> D’awwww
[13:15] <@Sylocat> Do we know either of these two when they’re older?
[13:15] <Arrlaari> I believe they are the train mascots
01[13:15] <Froborr> Ooh, I think you might be right!
[13:16] <@Sylocat> I didn’t expect our first meeting of pink-haired person to be THIS weird
[13:17] <@Sylocat> Uh oh…
[13:17] <@Sylocat> WHAT
[13:17] <@Sylocat> Oh…
01[13:17] <Froborr> Yeah, I have a feeling where
01[13:17] <Froborr> oh
[13:17] <@Sylocat> Wha… don’t tell me that’s how…
[13:17] <Arrlaari> ad
[13:17] <@Sylocat> Oh my god
01[13:17] <Froborr> Well shit, that’s more direct than I expected.
01[13:18] <Froborr> ad
[13:18] <@Sylocat> Here too
01[13:18] <Froborr> I thought, “Oh, her parents go out to buy it and get in a car accident.”
[13:18] <@Sylocat> Yikes
[13:18] <Arrlaari> Isn’t that the second time we’ve seen a mirror hit a member of that family?
01[13:18] <Froborr> Yeah.
[13:18] <Arrlaari> Like, the last flashback they went out in a windstorm and it blew a mirror into dad?
01[13:18] <Froborr> Yeah, you’re right.
01[13:18] <Froborr> Mirrors have it in for this family, it seems.
[13:19] <@Sylocat> I mean, when the argument started, I had a feeling it was going to end with a tragedy that Himari blames herself for, but this?
[13:19] <@Sylocat> That’s… rather more up-close-and-personal than I expected
01[13:19] <Froborr> yeah
[13:19] <Arrlaari> paused after ad
01[13:20] <Froborr>
[13:20] <@Sylocat> Paused after ad
01[13:20] <Froborr> also paused after ad
[13:20] <@Sylocat> Click then
[13:21] <@Sylocat> Ah… so… she didn’t die then?
[13:22] <@Sylocat> Sanetoshi is her Shadow or something
01[13:22] <Froborr> I don’t think he is.
01[13:23] <Froborr> I think he’s testing her, trying to get her to admit regret.
01[13:23] <Froborr> Oh! The other two girls become idols, and that’s why they’re the train mascots!
[13:23] <@Sylocat> I’m not sure why she’d need to ADMIT regretting that…
[13:23] <@Sylocat> Oh, that’s probably what happened!
[13:23] <@Sylocat> Uh… what…
[13:24] <Arrlaari> Huh, I’ve seen that book translated “Barefoot Gen”
01[13:24] <Froborr> I’m pretty sure it was a WcDonald’s kind of thing.
[13:24] <@Sylocat> Kids are jerks
[13:24] <Arrlaari> but the pronounciation here was “gon” – did they feel a need to change it
[13:24] <@Sylocat> Isn’t that a Koi, not a goldfish?
01[13:24] <Froborr> Aren’t koi just goldfish given more space to grow?
[13:24] <Arrlaari> Koi are just big goldfish?
[13:25] <@Sylocat> Huh. I didn’t know that
01[13:25] <Froborr> I’m not actually certain of that…
[13:25] <@Sylocat> For a moment I thought it was one of those things like how “rice balls” always got turned into “Donuts” in dubbing
[13:26] <@Sylocat> Did she transfer out?
[13:26] <@Sylocat> Eeyup, they’re the train mascots
[13:26] <@Sylocat> “Smack the balls of your future.” I assume that has the same double meaning in Japanese?
01[13:26] <Froborr> I guess her family moved?
01[13:27] <Froborr> ad
[13:27] <@Sylocat> Ad
[13:27] <Arrlaari> ad
[13:28] <Arrlaari> (I unpaused late after the last ad because I was reading the wikipedia link)
01[13:28] <Froborr> I’m going to be here a while. It STARTED at 150 seconds.
[13:28] <@Sylocat> Ouch
01[13:28] <Froborr> Oh, sorry about that.
01[13:28] <Froborr> And as I believe I’ve mentioned before, every time it fails to load an ad it adds 30 more seconds.
01[13:29] <Froborr> Duh fuck?
01[13:29] <Froborr> Back somehow.
01[13:29] <Froborr> Some kind of error I guess. Not complaining.
[13:29] <Arrlaari> paused after ad
01[13:29] <Froborr> Likewise.
[13:30] <@Sylocat> Click
[13:30] <@Sylocat> The bride?
[13:30] <@Sylocat> Whoa
01[13:31] <Froborr> Uh-oh, fated Bride in an Ikuhara show?
[13:31] <@Sylocat> That was a quick change
[13:31] <Arrlaari> Fated Bride, and making Moves
01[13:31] <Froborr> Fuck yeah Himari, you tell him!
01[13:32] <Froborr> CHILD BROILER!??
[13:32] <Arrlaari> “Child Broiler”
[13:32] <@Sylocat> Yikes
[13:32] <@Sylocat> Huh? Who was that?
01[13:32] <Froborr> Wait. Is HIMARI the person possessing Himari?
01[13:33] <Froborr> So the ending credits are Himari if she’d actually gotten to be in the idol group?
[13:33] <@Sylocat> They make more sense now
[13:35] <Arrlaari> Remembering the ED is how I inferred they were the mascots as early as I did
[13:35] <@Sylocat> ED?
[13:36] <Arrlaari> I think it’s EnDing? It’s what I usually see the song at the end of every episode called
01[13:36] <Froborr> Yeah, anime opening and ending songs are labeled OP and ED on soundtrack albums and such.
01[13:36] <Froborr> I’ve always assumed it’s EnDing but I don’t actually know.
[13:36] <Arrlaari> The song at the beginning of an episode is the OP. I think it’s anime fandom jargon, because my parents called it the “boilerplate” when talking about Star Trek
01[13:37] <Froborr> Yeah, I’ve never heard the terms outside the context of anime.
01[13:37] <Froborr> Though I’ve never heard “boilerplate” used that way, either, though.
01[13:38] <Froborr> I can see it, though. “Boilerplate text” is text that can be reused in different contexts, for example a form letter.
01[13:39] <Froborr> *sees title*
01[13:39] <Froborr> *sees opening shot*
01[13:39] <Froborr> Ooh, Fluttershy ep maybe?
[13:40] <@Sylocat> Okay, ready
[13:40] <@Sylocat> Click
[13:40] <@Sylocat> Another Night Mare Night episode, I assume… this aired on Halloween
01[13:40] <Froborr> FUZZYLEGS THE SPIDER
[13:41] <@Sylocat> Uh oh…
01[13:41] <Froborr> You called it Cylo.
01[13:41] <Froborr> *Sylo
[13:41] <@Sylocat> Fun fact: This aired two weeks ago, but it actually leaked a month before that
01[13:41] <Froborr> Huh.
[13:41] <@Sylocat> They’d pushed it back to air on Halloween, but they forgot to notify iTunes of that
01[13:42] <Froborr> Haha.
[13:42] <@Sylocat> I wonder if Fluttershy is going to go Flutterbat
[13:42] <@Sylocat> A haunted maze?
01[13:42] <Froborr> That’s true, there was a “…OR IS IT?” ending to that, wasn’t there?
[13:43] <@Sylocat> Oh yikes, Fluttershy is going to wind up having to do the maze
01[13:43] <Froborr> Definitely.
[13:43] <@Sylocat> I wasn’t aware Granny Smith had a mean streak like this
[13:43] <@Sylocat> Ooh, Twilight gets a creepy haunted castle vibe!
[13:43] <Arrlaari> “What’s stuck in her craw” Granny, did you forget in the last five seconds that she is fluttershy
01[13:43] <Froborr> I think she just doesn’t know Fluttershy and assumes she’s getting scared the way Pinkie does.
[13:44] <@Sylocat> Spike is going as himself?
[13:44] <@Sylocat> Oh… he’s going as a two-headed dragon
[13:44] <@Sylocat> Is he going to do a ventriloquy act?
[13:45] <@Sylocat> Oh, Pinkie?
[13:45] <Arrlaari> ad
[13:45] <@Sylocat> Ad?
[13:45] <@Sylocat> Oh, it’s Dailymotion
01[13:45] <Froborr> Paused.
[13:45] <Arrlaari> paused after ad, 4:53
01[13:45] <Froborr> hang on, need to backtrack a little.
[13:46] <@Sylocat> Alright, scrolled back to 4:53
01[13:46] <Froborr> Paused at 4:53.
[13:46] <@Sylocat> Click
01[13:46] <Froborr> Rarity, you are not good at this.
[13:46] <@Sylocat> I assumed Rarity would have a better sense of drama than that
[13:47] <@Sylocat> What prompted this change of heart?
01[13:47] <Froborr> Spike said it–she’s already out, so she can face staying out.
[13:47] <@Sylocat> Oh, so THAT’S how she gets roped into it
[13:47] <Arrlaari> Also her heart isn’t 100% changed
[13:48] <@Sylocat> And they’ve noticed that
01[13:48] <Froborr> Continuing with a course of action you’re anxious about is a lot easier than initiating it.
01[13:48] <Froborr> lol @ “definitely no”
[13:48] <@Sylocat> Whoa, lucky the CMCs are wearing full-body costumes, or this episode leaking could have been a major spoiler
[13:49] <@Sylocat> Mardi Gras?
[13:49] <@Sylocat> What’s the pony Mardi Gras?
[13:49] <@Sylocat> Rainbow Dash is an astronaut?
[13:49] <@Sylocat> And Pinkie is a skate punk
[13:50] <@Sylocat> Pin the tail on the Luna?
[13:51] <@Sylocat> What the…
01[13:51] <Froborr> Pinkie’s art skills are amazing.
[13:51] <Arrlaari> ad
[13:51] <@Sylocat> Paused
01[13:51] <Froborr> paused
[13:52] <Arrlaari> paused after ad, 9:53
[13:52] <@Sylocat> I’ve been on both sides of this sort of situation IRL… I’ve been Fluttershy and I’ve been Pinkie Pie
[13:52] <Arrlaari> It rewinds a bit when it inserts an ad.
[13:52] <@Sylocat> That’s just wrong
01[13:52] <Froborr> Paused at 9:53.
[13:52] <@Sylocat> Click
[13:52] <Arrlaari> like, less than 5 seconds, just enough to cover an interrupted line
01[13:53] <Froborr> Oh no.
[13:53] <@Sylocat> Oh…
01[13:54] <Froborr> I would just like to point out…
01[13:54] <Froborr> You know who was scared of almost as many things as Fluttershy?
01[13:54] <Froborr> H.P. Lovecraft.
[13:54] <@Sylocat> Who?
[13:54] <Arrlaari> Yeah but like 90% of the things Lovecraft was afraid of was black people
01[13:54] <Froborr> This is true.
01[13:55] <Froborr> But the point is that Fluttershy has potential to be a fear expert.
[13:55] <@Sylocat> Oh dear
01[13:55] <Froborr> Yeah, okay, so they’re going the opposite route, at least at first.
[13:55] <@Sylocat> Ranma Saotome?
01[13:55] <Froborr> Wait.
01[13:55] <Froborr> Ranma, Rei, Utena
01[13:55] <Froborr> Sailor Moon I think
01[13:56] <Froborr> One more I didn’t catch
[13:56] <@Sylocat> I gotta rewind and pause that at some point
[13:56] <Arrlaari> Fluttershy’s social anxiety tea party
[13:57] <Arrlaari> Vegetables
[13:57] <@Sylocat> Ah, right, the maze
[13:57] <@Sylocat> I’d forgotten about the maze
01[13:57] <Froborr> Oh god, ANGEL, MASTER OF TERROR
[13:58] <@Sylocat> Eeyup, Fluttershy is going to terrify those suckers
[13:58] <Arrlaari> Angel seems to have either forgotten about food, or planned this all along and food was a pretext
[13:58] <Arrlaari> ad
01[13:58] <Froborr> paused
[13:58] <Arrlaari> 22:03
01[13:58] <Froborr> What?
[13:58] <Arrlaari> wait, misread, that’s the runtime
01[13:58] <Froborr> 22:03 is thte end of the video.
[13:58] <Arrlaari> 14:51
01[13:59] <Froborr> Paused at 14:51.
[13:59] <@Sylocat> Click
01[13:59] <Froborr> It occurs to me that Fluttershy can have her animal friends help.
[13:59] <@Sylocat> Aww, poor Big Mc
[14:00] <@Sylocat> Fluttershy’s going to go Castle Mane-ia on their flanks
[14:00] <@Sylocat> Was that a pony dressed up as Twilight for Night Mare Night?
01[14:01] <Froborr> I was wondering the same thing!
[14:01] <@Sylocat> Oh, Fluttershy…
[14:02] <@Sylocat> This is like Castle Mane-ia, except good.
[14:02] <@Sylocat> The heck?
01[14:02] <Froborr> She put a costume on the bear!
[14:02] <@Sylocat> It’s a bear in a mask
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Ooh, giant spider time!
[14:02] <Arrlaari> Fuzzyleg’s contribution
01[14:03] <Froborr> And I’m guessing the ghosts were the birds from the beginnign, and that web is of course the spider.
[14:03] <@Sylocat> FLUTTERBAT!
[14:03] <@Sylocat> My joke came true!
01[14:04] <Froborr> BUNNICULA!
[14:04] <@Sylocat> Ahahah… Evil Angel
[14:04] <@Sylocat> BUNNICULA! Perfect!
[14:05] <@Sylocat> How did she color her eyes?
01[14:05] <Froborr> Ponies have glasses, they could have contacts too.
[14:05] <@Sylocat> D’awwww
[14:05] <Arrlaari> Literal bear hug
01[14:06] <Froborr> Oh, I like that, she gets to still be her.
[14:06] <@Sylocat> That was really good
01[14:06] <Froborr> Yeah, it was.
[14:07] <@Sylocat> I can picture Fluttershy being a horror novelist easily
01[14:07] <Froborr> Yeah.
[14:08] <@Sylocat> Welp, I gotta get to the pharmacy, then rehearsal, then pick my mom up from the airport
01[14:08] <Froborr> Re: Lovecraft: Okay, yes, his racism is a huge factor in his horror, but you can also see places where his fears about rats, old things, turning into his father, etc. show up in his fiction.
01[14:08] <Froborr> Cool, later Sylo!
[14:09] <@Sylocat> Yeah… Lovecraft was racist even by early-20th-century standards, but there was more to him than just that (heck, he was practically a socialist, economically)
[14:09] <@Sylocat> All right, see y’all next week
[14:09] <Arrlaari> Did he write any stories about how scary rich people are?
01[14:10] <Froborr> Can’t think of any off the top of my head.

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