Vlog Review: Gravity Falls S1E13

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2 thoughts on “Vlog Review: Gravity Falls S1E13

  1. You may end up doubling up for a while. But you may then go back to once a week viewing. Things do shake up in the future, but I’m not sure you will consider it to be soon enough.
    I love Mabel, but at times, I’m not fond of some of the way they take her stories. OTOH, they never trash my love of Mabel, so that’s good. There are some twists coming and once they do come the arc does some heavy lifting and makes the stories better, but looking at what’s coming up, you may be blah for a little longer. OTOH, you can’t miss the shake ups once they come.

    • I ended up making up my mind by not making up my mind, basically. I kept doing single episodes long enough that the show seems to be getting good again. (Remember, I do these videos about a month in advance.)

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