Vlog Review: Rick and Morty S2E2

Commissioned video for Shane.
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3 thoughts on “Vlog Review: Rick and Morty S2E2

  1. It’s interesting to hear your reaction to this episode as a person who started with S2. For instance, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else claim that Morty is going after Krombopulous Michael to get him to kill Rick. After having watched S1, it is fairly shocking to think of Morty turning on Rick over something so minor (they both have a lot of blood on their hands at this point, though I think this is probably the first time Morty has engaged in a deliberate killing like his killing of Fart).
    As for the cynicism, the interesting thing is that I think this episode is probably the first that tries to contextualize the cynicism of the show in some way. Through Season 1 the show basically operates on a logic of “Rick is an irredeemable bastard, isn’t it funny when lots of background characters die.” Whereas here, the show starts to build that into something of a worldview. The universe is a confusing, incomprehensible place, and attempting to do something good can have terrible consequences. The quiet implication is that Rick’s realization of this is why he’s such a bastard; if the universe is the way it is depicted here, then why not just give oneself over to destructive hedonism? But of course, Rick still has a soft spot within him, which is why he finds it kind of inspiring at the end that Morty has saved a life, with the cruel irony of course being that he hasn’t.

    • Sorry, both times you submitted this comment it got held for moderation. I went ahead and approved one and deleted the other.
      Interesting, I am VERY surprised to hear that Morty has blood on his hands from season 1. That definitely does change how I view his actions in this episode!

  2. The very first episode has a scene where Rick tosses Morty a gun and tells Morty to shoot at some space cops, claiming that they’re robots. Once it becomes obvious that no, these are organic beings, Rick is all like “I was being metaphorical”. Poor Morty, now in an open fire fight with the cops, has to keep shooting.
    Also, not to give away one of my favorite S1 episodes, but Morty’s actions have had collateral damage on an even more catastrophic scale than here. Though there his motives were utterly selfish (though in a way that isn’t far outside of what’s typical of a teenage boy).

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