iZombie is really very good

I was hoping to have something a little more in-depth to say today, but then I got hit with a bout of insomnia last night, so I watched the first eight episodes of iZombie instead. It was good. Really good. Like, Veronica Mars when she was still in high school good. Basically Veronica Mars meets Dollhouse without the squicky consent issues of the latter. Well-written, well-performed, great balance between ongoing story and mysteries-of-the-week.
(No but seriously. “Has me thinking about my Hugo picks” level of good, here.)

One thought on “iZombie is really very good

  1. I keep seeing advertisements for it on CW when we watch Arrow and saying, “We should really watch that!” But because Chris isn’t interested and I don’t actually care about TV enough to make an effort, we haven’t yet. Maybe we’ll catch up in reruns after we finish Parks and Rec.

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