Speculative Fiction Submission?

So, Speculative Fiction, an anthology of online non-fiction about SF, fantasy, horror, and so on, is looking for submissions for their 2015 edition. I’m thinking of submitting something, but I’m not sure what. So I’ll turn to you folks: what would you say I should send? The goal is to put my best foot forward–not necessarily the best thing I wrote this year, but the best thing for a new reader to have as their first encounter with me.

Anything I wrote and posted to the blog in 2015 is fair game, so that’s anything from “Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle (Twilight’s Kingdom)” on. Text only, so vlogs and recordings of my panels are out. (Otherwise the obvious pick would be my panel on anime apocalypses.) Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction Submission?

  1. My second thought was “Decided to Become a Supervillain,” especially considering that the editors of Spec-Fic 2015 seem to want specifically to talk about the Puppies etc.


  2. I’d go with What do You Call Yourself or whatever the Two Face one is called as I feel the former is the best thus far of the near apocalypse, although the latter works as an intro to your views on Batman.


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