Possible new projects

With the NGE book canceled, I’m tossing around ideas for other projects I could take on. Would there be any interest in any of these?

  • Book collecting anime-related essays–most likely one or two excerpted chapters from Very Soil, a couple of new Madoka essays, more organized and formal version of my Utena episode comments, more organized and formal version of my FMA episode/alchemy comments, and probably an essay or two based on stuff I was going to say in the NGE book that isn’t happening.
  • Parks and Rec vlogs similar to the ones I do for cartoons, albeit probably not tied to the Patreon in any way.
  • Live reactions/let’s plays of games I’ve never played, Undertale being the one that comes immediately to mind.

No guarantee I’ll do any of these, but if there’s zero interest in one that means I almost definitely won’t, and if there’s a lot of interest in one that increases the probability I will.
Also open to suggestions! Any ideas out there of things you’d like me to write/make videos about?

5 thoughts on “Possible new projects

  1. My vote would be for the book or the let’s play. My vote for things not on the list would be something about the Five Nights at Freddy’s series – I’d like to hear you ruminate on the setting and character design, and what you think about the series’ popularity among children.

  2. As I was the one who advocated for Parks and Rec, of course I’m going to support that. Unfortunately, a lot of our other interests don’t line up particularly well, so I don’t have loads of suggestions. I still want someone to do an episode-by-episode in-depth analysis of Battlestar Galatica, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is particularly interested in that.

  3. -An anthology book on comics, anime, and whatnot edited by you?
    -A book on Dirty Pair?
    -New essays by everyone who has guest posted on your blog on things you pick for us?

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