re:play Episode 2: Final Fantasy VI Part 2: Identity in Absentia

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As before, this is closed captioned.

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6 thoughts on “re:play Episode 2: Final Fantasy VI Part 2: Identity in Absentia

  1. The “Bleary” looks to me like a monster I’ve encountered in FFXIV – named “Deepeye” which I believe is a name used for a palette swap of the same monster in this or an earlier Final Fantasy. At the higher level of graphical fidelity supported by FFXIV, it’s possible to see that the Deepeye is approximately an owl with an oversized eye replacing the rest of its face. Quest text reports that Deepeyes are Voidsent, which is significant because I’m told that every Final Fantasy abuts the same Void (from the same source I’m told that there’s only one Gilgamesh, wandering between worlds).

  2. 17:57 You know, the Chocobo theme is short, pretty catchy, and they don’t make Final Fantasies that frequently, so while what you speculate is possible, I think it’s probable Uematsu didn’t mind remixing it every so often.
    FFXIV has a part of the setting where horses exist. It’s distant enough from where all the play occurs that we only ever hear about them from people who call Chocobos “horsebirds.” Notably, this place is transparently Japan, featuring Japanese names, Shinto religion, and Ninjas. I get the impression that the conspicuous westerness of FFXIV’s setting is intended to make it read as exotic, and the emphasis on the distance between the area where everything happens and the the Japan stand-in is part of that.
    I’m probably going to be referring to FFXIV in a lot of comments, because it’s the Final Fantasy I’ve played the most, and it’s even more referential to past games than is the norm for the series.

  3. Woo hoo! Glad to see this continue! I really enjoyed this episode – especially the notes about Sabin.
    My headcanon is that Tinctures are a bit of field medicine from the ancient war that survived as some sort of “exotic” folk medicine, like ginkgo or acai berries are to people today. The Returners are trying to stockpile it because they know it has -something- to do with magic.

  4. Ultros: You mention that a bug prevents the blind effect from doing anything, but it’s notable that Ultros blinds first Terra and then Banon – the two characters who have abilities that are not affected by Blind’s intended functionality. Indeed, he’s using blind in response to Fire – a spell that is immune to Blind’s effect. Maybe you just got favorable (but irrelevant) RNG, but it’s also possible that they intentionally coded Ultros’ AI to put blind where it’s least useful to him. I think it’s most likely that he is guaranteed to blind Terra if she is not already blinded, and will randomly select a non-blind target if she is.
    For whatever reason Octopi are culturally associated with lechery (i.e. sexually harassing women) as comedy, which is what underlies the specific comment Ultros makes before attacking Terra and the exaggerated reactions of the 3 men to their belief that Ultros grabbed her leg. It’s also a major part of his characterization when he appears in FFXIV.

  5. Thoughts:
    Blearys largely remind me of one-eyed versions of the stupid, stupid rat creatures from Jeff Smith’s Bone. The timing works, at least, although I’m not sure how likely it is for Japanese monster designers to have heard of the books.
    Headcanon: hope is the Dorito dust of evils and just settles it the bottom of the box because it’s what Dorito dust does.

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