Two Pieces of News

Ran Out of Ink, You Bastards, my real-time NGE viewing project, is dead. I missed the timing for some episodes, and there’s no point to it if it’s not in real-time. I may still right about NGE at some point, but if I did it would be in some other context, and not in the immediate future.
Also dead: Sunday open threads. There was only ever a limited response and little to no actual conversation, I was repeatedly late getting them up, and coming up with prompts was way harder than I expected it to be, to the point that I repeated a prompt within only four threads! So I’ll be going back to six-days-a-week posting.

5 thoughts on “Two Pieces of News

  1. So, the logs for “Time in a Bottle” are going up on tumblr right now. When Nog explained what would happen to an Iconian if they were to attempt time travel, I thought that would be the basis of a time loop resolution of the Iconian plot: They would be sent backwards in time, their minds would reset, and they would run forward exactly as they had before until they got sent back again.
    Then M’tara died in the very next episode.

  2. Sylocat: Yeah, I was too, but I just didn’t have the time. Sorry.
    01d55: That would have been an interesting resolution, yeah. But I’ll be honest, I really liked the one we got, it’s tough to think of anything better.

  3. As an overall resolution, what we got is certainly better, but I feel like they built a strong expectation that at least one Iconian is going to fall afoul of time travel. Perhaps the idea will come off the shelf later.
    Also, before I forget this thought again: the three Iconian names we know feel to me consistent with Vulcan names.
    (rot13 spoilers for latest STO episode) Naq va Zvqavtug jr yrnearq gung gur Vpbavnaf unq n cevapvcyr zhpu yvxr gur Cevzr Qverpgvir, juvpu vf, cre Ragrecevfr, ebbgrq va n Ihypna cevapvcyr.
    I get the impression that some record of Iconian culture influenced Vulcan culture.

    • That is a very interesting idea and would make a lot of sense. Also, remember the reveal of what would happen if the Iconians never existed–a Vulcan Empire dominates this half of the galaxy.

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