Sunday Open Thread

Sorry this is late again. I didn’t queue anything up in advance, and then I only just woke up.
So, there’s a topic: Have you ever overslept catastrophically?
This is an open thread. The prompt above is just a suggestion; feel free to talk about anything you like. Share things you’ve made or that you want people to support, link to interesting articles, talk about what’s going on with you, or just shoot the breeze, it’s up to you.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread

  1. So, Jeremy Corbyn won the British Labour Party’s leadership election. In light of this, it’s hard to sustain the argument that Bernie Sanders has no chance against Hillary. In both cases, they’re candidates identifying a divide between party elites and the party at large and taking the side of the party at large. In Corbyn’s case, the existing labor MPs overwhelmingly voted for other candidates, while in the party election he won a 4 candidate runoff in the first round. Several members of the Labour Shadow Cabinet resigned because they felt they couldn’t support him.
    And then there’s Donald Trump, who is running on the same split in the Republican primary and it’s hard to see at this point how he doesn’t get that nomination.
    So it looks like we might be going into a presidential election in which the elite has lost control of both major political parties in the United States, just as the British elite lost control of Labour. Why now? There was a huge economic disaster, sure, but there’s been a presidential election and 2 midterms since.

    • Donald Trump almost certainly will not get the nomination, and Sanders very probably won’t unless Clinton’s campaign continues to have scandals AND Biden stays out of the race. Both Sanders and Trump are unpopular with their respective parties’ delegates, so regardless of how the popular vote in the primaries goes, they probably can’t clinch the nominations.

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