Yurikuma Arashi 5 and MLPFIM S5E14 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

How to participate in the liveblog chat:  Option 1: Whenever you watch the episode, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting! Option 2: Go to http://webchat.freenode.net/. Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching Yurikuma and commenting there starting at 2:00 p.m. EST. We will then be watching MLP at 2:30.

I will update with the chatlog after the chat.
ETA 1: I forgot MLP was back today! Adjusted what we’re watching accordingly.
ETA 2: Chatlog below the cut.

[14:08] <Sylocat> Is this someone’s dream sequence?
[14:08] <Sylocat> AHAHAH
01[14:08] <Froborr> lol
[14:08] <Sylocat> Roommates from hell, with a twist
[14:09] <Sylocat> “Herd,” she says
01[14:09] <Froborr> Ahh, people are starting to notice that Kureha’s friends are being picked off, and they’re blaming Kureha of course.
01[14:09] <Froborr> Of course herd. Humans are prey animals in this series…
[14:10] <Sylocat> Ah… is blonde teacher lady only pretending not to know that bears can look human?
[14:11] <Sylocat> Wait, WHAT?
01[14:11] <Froborr> Oh, 17, there we go.
[14:11] <Sylocat> What age did she just say…
[14:11] <Sylocat> 17?
[14:11] <Sylocat> Wow
01[14:11] <Froborr> ….Why does the administrator have a picture of her on her desk? That’s a little, um…
[14:11] <Sylocat> Ooh… blonde teacher lady is a bear too, I assume
[14:12] <Sylocat> (of course, it still might turn out that all humans are bears)
[14:12] <Sylocat> …A little creepy, that
01[14:12] <Froborr> I’m pretty sure the teacher was just hitting on her.
[14:12] <Arrlaari> The photo of Sumika’s mother was labelled “Yuri Friends”
[14:13] <Sylocat> She’s talking about love, genius
01[14:13] <Froborr> “Can love bloom on the battlefield?”
[14:13] <Sylocat> Is that Kureha, or her mom?
[14:15] <Sylocat> Huh? What happened to change their minds?
01[14:15] <Froborr> I’m pretty sure nothing, that was a setup to a trick Kureha didn’t fall for.
[14:15] <Sylocat> Oh, was Kureha protecting her by rejecting the peace offer?
[14:15] <Arrlaari> ad
01[14:15] <Froborr> Paused at ad break logo.
[14:15] <Sylocat> Same here
[14:15] <Sylocat> Er, ad, I mean
[14:17] <Sylocat> Hmm… maybe it was a trick
[14:17] <Arrlaari> ad over
[14:17] <Sylocat> Okay then…
[14:17] <Sylocat> Click
[14:17] <Sylocat> Ahahahh….
[14:18] <Sylocat> Oh yikes…
01[14:18] <Froborr> That magazine, lol
[14:18] <Sylocat> Oh, they’re only ALLOWED to eat invisible girls?
01[14:18] <Froborr> Yes, that was a very particular choice of words, wasn’t it?
[14:19] <Sylocat> I didn’t realize that was an actual rule, I just thought it made them easier prey…
01[14:19] <Froborr> Ginko’s imagine spots are cute.
[14:19] <Sylocat> Wait, this is a dream sequence too, I assume
[14:19] <Sylocat> Yep
[14:20] <Sylocat> Has Kureha still not figured out they’re bears?
01[14:20] <Froborr> Apparently not.
[14:20] <Sylocat> This is uncharacteristically naive of Kureha
[14:21] <Sylocat> Aww…
[14:21] <Sylocat> Ginko’s imagination goes into overdrive
01[14:21] <Froborr> I mean, she only just found out bears can take human form, and even then the authority figure she tried to talk to about it dismissed it as shock-induced hallucination.
[14:22] <Sylocat> Oh yikes
[14:22] <Arrlaari> ad break
[14:22] <Sylocat> Yeah, but shouldn’t she be, like, incredibly paranoid and assuming that everyone around her is a bear?
[14:23] <Sylocat> But oh well.. it’s a metaphor
01[14:23] <Froborr> Not if she’s unsure whether the events of two episodes ago were real or not…
[14:23] <Sylocat> Well, true… I’m surprised she listened to blonde teacher lady though
[14:24] <Arrlaari> ad over
[14:24] <Arrlaari> paused
[14:24] <Sylocat> 30 seconds left here
[14:24] <Sylocat> Okay then…
[14:24] <Sylocat> Click
[14:26] <Sylocat> Hmm…
[14:26] <Sylocat> So what did the card say?
01[14:26] <Froborr>  Deeply suspicious.
[14:26] <Sylocat> Huh… yeah, this is suspicious all right
01[14:26] <Froborr> Ah, Kureha hasn’t read the card yet.
[14:27] <Sylocat> Yeah, this is some kind of setup
[14:28] <Sylocat> Poor Ginko
[14:28] <Sylocat> Wait, so it’s not a trick?
01[14:28] <Froborr> It’s a trick.
[14:28] <Sylocat> Ringleader girl looks suspicious…
[14:28] <Sylocat> Yep
[14:28] <Sylocat> It’s a trick
[14:29] <Sylocat> Is Ginko going to snap and eat ringleader girl?
[14:30] <Sylocat> So the girl in the flashback WAS Kureha, not her mom
[14:30] <Sylocat> Aw… is Lulu going to be ordered to stay behind now?
[14:32] <Sylocat> Yep, they’re going to eat the mean girl
01[14:32] <Froborr> Oh shit, twist!
[14:32] <Sylocat> Huh?!
[14:33] <Sylocat> Wait… what…
01[14:33] <Froborr> Shock twist cliffhanger ending, well-played show.
[14:33] <Sylocat> Oh fuck, that was cruel
[14:34] <Arrlaari> Well, in spite of the other stuff we can blame her for, it’s hard to blame her for laying a trap for someone who wants to kill and eat her.
[14:34] <Sylocat> True
[14:37] <Sylocat> Rarity made a patchwork toy mouse like that? Wouldn’t she give Opal a silk one?
[14:37] <Sylocat> “Strawberry cinnamon cilantro cupcakes?”
01[14:38] <Froborr> It WAS a silk one. But after a cat played with it for a year or two…
[14:38] <Sylocat> Ahah…
[14:38] <Sylocat> Ah, so Rarity’s gonna move to Canterlot and she’s worried she’s gonna have to say goodbye to her friends?
[14:38] <Arrlaari> so, uh, the OP is silent
01[14:39] <Froborr> Sounds probable.
[14:39] <Arrlaari> I guess Youtube detects it
01[14:39] <Froborr> And yes, yes it appears to be.
[14:39] <Sylocat> Let’s see if the sound picks back up for the actual episode
[14:39] <Arrlaari> Oh, they keep it muted through the ads
01[14:39] <Froborr> Oh fluarg, ads.
01[14:39] <Froborr> I don’t have sufficient buffer to skip them, either.
[14:39] <Sylocat> I skipped ahead. The sound does, indeed, pick back up for the ep
[14:40] <Arrlaari> if they were taking the time to cut ads they’d have cut the stuff before the cold open
[14:40] <Sylocat> Well, I’ll wait
[14:41] <Arrlaari> paused as soon as the sound came back
01[14:41] <Froborr> Likewise.
[14:41] <Sylocat> Okay… click
01[14:42] <Froborr> Uh-oh.
01[14:43] <Froborr> I’ve been on a hiring committee before. “Worked everywhere” isn’t necessarily a good sign, because it can also mean “fired from everywhere.”
01[14:44] <Froborr> That’s… I… what?
01[14:45] <Froborr> It’s stick a FORK in it, putting a pin in something means taking care of it later.
[14:45] <Arrlaari> ad
[14:45] <Arrlaari> Something about how they draw the manager reads to me as tightly strung
01[14:45] <Froborr> And she’s definitely pushy.
[14:46] <Arrlaari> Like, I get a sense of mostly hidden fear
01[14:46] <Froborr> Yes, I can see that.
01[14:46] <Froborr> She has some of the same animations as False Cadance, too, did you notice that?
01[14:46] <Froborr> Particularly that smile in profile.
[14:46] <Arrlaari> No, I never saw the episode(s) with Falce Cadance
01[14:47] <Froborr> Oh, huh. You should, they were good.
[14:47] <Arrlaari> are we all watching through the ads or should we pause?
[14:47] <Arrlaari> I’ll assume pause if I don’t hear otherwise
[14:47] <Sylocat> I’m a little out of sync, so I skipped ahead… lemme know when you guys are ready
01[14:47] <Froborr> I am paused at the return of sound at 10:52.
[14:47] <Arrlaari> Paused on sound resumption
[14:48] <Sylocat> Okay then…
[14:48] <Sylocat> Click
[14:48] <Sylocat> Whoa
[14:49] <Sylocat> Well, she’s showing her true colors sooner than expected
[14:49] <Sylocat> Okay, her magic isn’t green, so she’s not Chrysalis at least
[14:49] <Sylocat> Oh… she’s actually heard of this guy? And he was taken in by Sassy too?
[14:50] <Sylocat> Oh, the cosplayers are going to get tons of mileage out of this
[14:51] <Arrlaari> Manager just changed the name of the dress?
[14:51] <Sylocat> Yeah… is this a satire of corporate politics?
01[14:51] <Froborr> I’m really getting that impression.
[14:52] <Sylocat> Oh… Rarity’s used to making custom commissions, not pass production
[14:52] <Sylocat> Ah, “Market Research.”
01[14:53] <Froborr> Sassy is the investor who has the connections but doesn’t understand art, and wants to run this as a business.
[14:53] <Arrlaari> The manager is managing
[14:53] <Sylocat> Never mind that the audience easily figured out what it was, her “Market Research” determined it was too complicated for the ignorant peons to understand
01[14:53] <Froborr> And of course bit by bit the actually creative person finds themselves working for the businessperson rather than the other way around.
[14:53] <Sylocat> Ooh, musical number!
[14:54] <Arrlaari> Yeah, Sassy isn’t even the investor here – Rarity started this with her own money and hired Sassy to manage
[14:54] <Arrlaari> and yet she’s already acting like a boss rather than an agent of Rarity’s wishes
01[14:54] <Froborr> Yeah, I know, but that’s the role that would usually be Sassy in most stories like this.
[14:54] <Sylocat> Ooh… it’s on
01[14:55] <Froborr> In this case it’s even WORSE.
[14:55] <Sylocat> A flashback to the rainbows from last season?
[14:56] <Sylocat> Oh… she looks unpleasant
01[14:57] <Froborr> Same haircut as Babs Seed. It’s been coded for us.
[14:57] <Sylocat> “Ar-teest?”
[14:58] <Sylocat> Ooh, she should get Twilight to wear the colorful dress in public
[14:58] <Arrlaari> I think that pronunciation of artist is supposed to more closely resemble French?
[14:58] <Sylocat> Oh, that’s just disturbing
[14:58] <Sylocat> A factory assembly line? Yeesh
01[14:59] <Froborr> That wouldn’t really help, it’d just mean everyone wants identical colorful dresses.
01[14:59] <Froborr> Did I somehow get ahead of you guys? I’m on th eads.
[14:59] <Arrlaari> I’m on the ads
[14:59] <Arrlaari> I think Sylo was just typing about what happened before the ad break while the ads were running
[15:00] <Sylocat> Oh, I’m on the ads too, I was just commenting
[15:00] <Arrlaari> It’s a good time to type without missing something
[15:00] <Sylocat> On… that, like Arrlaari said
[15:00] <Arrlaari> So, Sassy wants the store to “succeed” where “success” is “make a lot of money”
[15:00] <Sylocat> Here’s what I’d do if I was Rarity: I’d arrange for that gossip columnist to “accidentally” overhear a conversation between Twilight and Rarity where Twilight praises the originality and lack of mass-production in her custom designs
[15:00] <Arrlaari> which becomes “Make the most money it can make”
[15:01] <Sylocat> Ahah… “Hamper Hoops” is a clever way to convince kids to pick up their laundry
01[15:01] <Froborr> Paused at aend of ads.
01[15:02] <Froborr> Well, right, because profit maximization is the be-all and end-all for a business. Creativity, quality, worker satisfaction are just means to an end, to be discarded if they get in the way.
[15:02] <Arrlaari> Surprise: more orders
[15:02] <Sylocat> Okay, everyone ready?
01[15:02] <Froborr> Oh, we’re just continuing on?
[15:02] <Sylocat> Click
[15:02] <Sylocat> I was paused at the end of the ads too
[15:03] <Sylocat> “AAARRRGGGHHH” – Rarity’s emotions
[15:04] <Sylocat> Yep… she’s done this everywhere she goes
01[15:04] <Froborr> Gothpony!
[15:04] <Sylocat> Ahahah….
[15:05] <Sylocat> Ah… this is the “Every girl is a princesS” thing from A Little Princess
[15:07] <Sylocat> Wait, Sassy Saddles actually learned a lesson? That’s the most unrealistic part of the episode
[15:07] <Sylocat> What was THAT
01[15:08] <Froborr> That was a very strange ending.
[15:08] <Arrlaari> Well the implication is that literally every other designer she’s ever worked with has quit just like Rarity was going to, which implies that the structure of the arrangement – the designer is the sole investor – is normal in Pony society
01[15:08] <Froborr> It does indeed.
[15:08] <Sylocat> Well, despite that one little… thing at the end, it was a really good episode
01[15:08] <Froborr> Which is unsurprising, capitalism is fundamentally incompatible with a society where the values represented by the Elements of Harmony dominate.
[15:09] <Sylocat> I’m paused on the voice credits. Andrea Libman did Goth Pony?
[15:09] <Arrlaari> And that’s why Sassy has a record of failure rather than a record of building mass production market juggernaughts
01[15:09] <Froborr> Yep.
[15:10] <Arrlaari> (which is why she had a look of mostly hidden fear throughout the episode)
[15:10] <Sylocat> Heck, an obsession with short-term profits usually does wind up causing long-term consequences
01[15:11] <Froborr> Yes, but in a capitalist society Sassy would be an investor rather than an employee, and thus the long-term consequences would be suffered by the designer, while Sassy reaped the short-term profits.
[15:11] <Sylocat> Eeyup
[15:13] <Sylocat> Well… glad their first episode after the hiatus was a good’un
01[15:13] <Froborr> Indeed!
[15:14] <Sylocat> (they weren’t going to top Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, but that’s a tough act for anyone to follow)
01[15:15] <Froborr> Well yeah, that episode was amazing.
[15:21] <Sylocat> Welp then, any further thoughts?
[15:22] <Arrlaari> Well, about Sassy’s fear
[15:22] <Sylocat> Yes?
[15:23] <Arrlaari> I infer from the end of the episode that all her previous designer-owners quit without explanation, so that it seemed to her that her previous failures were due to something beyond her control – because how could something she didn’t know about be under her control?
[15:24] <Sylocat> So the problem was, the others weren’t assertive enough to stand up and tell her to shove off?
[15:24] <Arrlaari> And that her reaction was to seek more and more control to try and make a pattern that controlled the unknown thing that was causing the failures and guaranteed success
[15:24] <Sylocat> Oh… good point
[15:25] <Arrlaari> Well, they were assertive enough to quit, but probably too worn down to do what Rarity did at the going out of business sale. Possibly they didn’t even appear at the closings.
[15:28] <Sylocat> Rarity does have more business savvy than the average artist
[15:28] <Sylocat> Which slightly tempers the episode’s point, but is pragmatically relevant

3 thoughts on “Yurikuma Arashi 5 and MLPFIM S5E14 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. Yes, these are late, there are reasons. If you really want to know, look for the Penguindrum 6 notes.
    00:07 Flashback! Music box Ave Maria playing.
    00:16 HOLY CRAP IT’S A BEAR!
    00:32 So Kureha’s mom did know the bears. Meanwhile, the plot is thickening.
    02:33 Ginko, we’ve talked about personal space before, haven’t we?
    02:48 This is a change from how she acted before.
    03:03 Ah, it was an hallucination.
    03:13 I’m… pretty sure that’s not how one gets new roommates.
    03:28 That is a terrible pun. Almost unbearable.
    03:36 I think Kureha’s broken.
    03:47 Note how all the other students are just lined up watching.
    04:02 And the rumour-mongering of the Invisible Storm begins.
    04:27 So Kureha knows the Invisible Storm is targeting her. Does she know why?
    05:01 The principal says bears can’t be people. But since I think she’s a bear too (she has “Yuri” in her name).
    05:33 Ms. Yurika, gaslighting is never a good strategy. Stop it now.
    05:55 “Used to be so small”. Did the principal know Kureha before? We do know she was in a relationship with Kureha’s mom, but if it was that recent…
    06:01 It is not creepy that the principal has a picture of Kureha on her desk. Not creepy at all.
    06:18 Two things. 1) Mom’s pendant (now worn by Ginko) was a gift from the principal. 2) The frame with Kureha’s picture says “Yuri Friends”.
    06:40 I smell a rules lawyer trying to duck the Invisible System.
    07:29 I’m not sure if getting new friends counts as “backing down on love”.
    07:41 Lulu was hoping for a Lady and the Tramp moment.
    08:04 World War I, but with bears. Still better than Hetalia.
    08:13 So Ginko fought in the Bear Wars. Also, with the musical cues in this scene, I feel I can officially start calling variations on Ave Maria this shows Togetherness Theme. Togetherness isn’t quite the right word, but I can’t think of a better one right now.
    08:42 Lady Usaria? Who might that be?
    09:02-09:22 As the girl keeps talking, the room is revealed to have progressively more people in it. is the Invisible Storm passing?
    09:21 No, your actions haven’t been pretty awful. You need a more intense word there. Evil maybe?
    09:35 And Kureha refuses the “peace offer”. She knows who it is that caused Sumika to die.
    09:47 Kureha refuses to be Invisible.
    10:18There’s a magazine called GauGaw (A rough romanization of the Japanese for “Roar Roar”), with bears on the back cover, and a girl with bear ears on the front cover. How has the whole “Bears can disguise themselves” thing gone undiscovered for this long, if there’s an entire infrastructure set up to support them?
    10:46 Wait, so they can only eat Invisible girls? That’s… odd.
    11:09 Girls, that’s creepy. It’s not going to help things.
    12:06 That whole sequence: Dream. Kureha’s not having any of it.
    12:55 Lulu looks to Ginko as Kureha claims she needs no one but Sumika.
    13:13 There are a lot of rules about being a bear.
    13:27 Ginko has a real problem here.
    14:24 And cold shower time.
    14:43 A pre-birthday card from Sumika. I wonder what it’ll say.
    16:07 The class is still trying to make up for their Invisible Actions. Were they goaded into it by Class Rep Bear? If so, attempted reconciliation now that she’s gone would make sense.
    17:42 I don’t trust this class.
    18:08 And the Purging Ritual is back.
    18:13 YOU. BASTARDS.
    18:31 How must that girl is second place feel?
    20:34 Okay, there’s a lot going on in this scene, but I’m just gonna’ throw some facts out here. Ginko knew Kureha and her mom. Ginko is wearing Mom’s necklace, which is said to represent friendship and a never-fading love. Ginko wants Kureha all to herself. With all that in mind, a theory: Ginko ate Kureha’s mom.
    21:04 Ginko hides her claws. (Side note: I don’t think bears can actually do that)
    21:23 We got the Yuri Certification, but no transformation sequences. Interesting.
    22:06 Bear trap! Also, the chains make a heart.
    22:17 She knew, and she planned this. Can we just go ahead and start calling this girl (whose name I do not remember) the villain of the piece? Also, is Ginko dead?

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