Sunday Open Thread

Phil Sandifer has started a thing called Weird Kitties. The short version is that it’s a place to share reviews of deserving, Hugo-eligible works that might otherwise fly under the radar of readers. I’m already planning on writing a review of Steven Universe‘s “The Return”/”Jailbreak” two-parter for it.
So this week’s question: What are the best new books/shows/comics/movies/whatever you’ve encountered thus far this year? Doesn’t have to be Hugo-eligible or science fiction, just good.
This is an open thread. The prompt above is just a suggestion; feel free to talk about anything you like. Share things you’ve made or that you want people to support, link to interesting articles, talk about what’s going on with you, or just shoot the breeze, it’s up to you. Please abide by the Comments Policy (linked at the top of every page), however.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread

  1. Let’s see, there’s Steven Universe (of which I have begun writing a review of for the second season premiere), Andrew Hickey’s Multiversity analysis, Mr Robot, and Agent Carter. Oh, and Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina. Probably some other things as well, but those are the new ones. As for things that are new to me, there’s Dirty Pair which has quickly become the greatest anime ever made ever.

  2. I really regret missing Fury Road and Ex Machina, hopefully they’ll show up in some sort of streaming or on-demand service soon. I tried the first episode of Agent Carter, but it wasn’t good enough to be worth the sheer frustration of trying to deal with Hulu. And Mr. Robot… I’ve heard people saying it’s good, but the first attempt I’ve seen to explain WHY, Phil’s (positive, I should note) review, makes it sound utterly unappealing to me. And I have no idea what a Multiversity is and only a vague notion that I’ve heard the name “Andrew Hickey” before.
    Steven Universe is utterly fantabulous, though, and while I’ve only seen the first episode of Dirty Pair, it was amazing.

  3. I was actually tempted to do a review of Mr. Robot for long form. And then I realized that then I would have to do some fridging apologia, which… no, I don’t think I can do that.

  4. At WisCon I learned about Penny Dreadful, a new show which is utterly awesome. If you know what “penny dreadfuls” are, you can guess the setting, and maybe the premise as well (the pitch was presumably “Once Upon a Time, but with Victorian pulp-horror lit instead of Disney fairy tales”). So I checked it out, and, well, I admit I’m an easy sell for this sort of thing.
    For movies, well, there’s the obvious nominees Inside Out and Mad Max: Fury Road… oh, and there’s Spy, which dad called the funniest movie he’d seen since GalaxyQuest.
    And I also saw APT’s Othello, which was really good.

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