Sunday Open Thread

Blarg, sorry this is late. I ended up making many decisions last night which I regret, mostly to do with how late I stayed up, how much STO I played, and whether to eat an entire goddamn bag of Reese’s, and thus overslept.
But I finished the latest round of edits on the book last night, and sent them off! It is theoretically possible that it will therefore be done on time!
So… question or prompt. Hmm. Tell me a story about a time you overslept, and the consequences thereof.
This is an open thread. The prompt above is just a suggestion; feel free to talk about anything you like. Share things you’ve made or that you want people to support, link to interesting articles, talk about what’s going on with you, or just shoot the breeze, it’s up to you. Please abide by the Comments Policy (linked at the top of every page), however.

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