Yurikuma Arashi 3 and Mawaru Penguindrum 4 Liveblog Chat Thingy! (Take 2)

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I will try to make it this time, but I’m at the library and Internet there can be spotty. If I don’t, someone please comment with the chatlog, and I’ll update with my own once I’ve had the chance?
ETA: Chatlog in comments, my own comments below the cut!

01[12:49] <Froborr> Okay.
01[12:50] <Froborr> After many technical difficulties, including Hulu deciding it wants to transition from being very annoying to use to being completely and literally impossible to use, I am FINALLY watching Yurikuma Arashi episode 3.
01[12:50] <Froborr> The bears want to be our *friends*?
01[12:51] <Froborr> I don’t know how friendship works among bears, but among humans, it usually doesn’t involve eating each other.
01[12:51] <Froborr> Oh hey, it’s that MC Escher tiling thing with the birds.
01[12:51] <Froborr> Shit, it’s been two weeks, I’ve forgotten who these people are.
01[12:52] <Froborr> Like, I don’t remember who the bears are, who the humans are.
01[12:52] <Froborr> Okay, the long-haired blonde is the main character.
01[12:52] <Froborr> And the one with the pigtails… is not the bear?
01[12:52] <Froborr> So she meant eating in a sexual sense, okay.
01[12:53] <Froborr> Not tha tthe bears necessarily DON’T mean it that way, because SYMBOLISM
01[12:53] <Froborr> Okay, short dark hair is leader-bear, long orange tails is not-leader bear.
01[12:53] <Froborr> Thank you OP for performing your primary function.
01[12:54] <Froborr> Oh no, it’s the coffins of the Boys of the Black Rose!
01[12:54] <Froborr> Okay, so the faculty are ALSO yuri.
01[12:55] <Froborr> Or wait, dark pigtails is ALSO a bear?
01[12:56] <Froborr> What the hell is going on with this girl’s hair?
01[12:56] <Froborr> Okay, so there’s a THIRD bear that the first two don’t know about.
01[12:57] <Froborr> Hmm, the Crusades?
01[12:58] <Froborr> Oh, the eraser dead-girl gave her is nearly used up.
01[12:59] <Froborr> Uh-huh, mom and the faculty member we saw earlier were a thing. Of course.
01[13:00] <Froborr> Whoa, THAT’S what the invisible storm is!?
01[13:00] <Froborr> That’s EVIL.
01[13:01] <Froborr> Yet very middle school, isn’t it?
01[13:02] <Froborr> BEAR WARNING
01[13:02] <Froborr> STORM AND FLOOD WARNING
01[13:03] <Froborr> One would think the storms and floods would take care of the bears, but apparently not.
01[13:03] <Froborr> It’s like giving your SimCity floods and fires at the same time.
01[13:04] <Froborr> Silly bear, even things without a metabolism all eventually die too.
01[13:04] <Froborr> “You found my love. You brought it to me.” Mistrans or really weird line giving hints for bears.
01[13:05] <Froborr> And once again that dude calls her to the wall.
01[13:06] <Froborr> That’s a pretty warped concept of friendship.
01[13:06] <Froborr> Okay, but I could have sworn there were TWO bears eating Sumika.
01[13:08] <Froborr> Evilbear used Agility!
01[13:08] <Froborr> Evilbear use Slash! It’s super-effective!
01[13:10] <Froborr> Is this the first time Kureha was conscious during the transformation sequence?
01[13:10] <Froborr> I think it is.
01[13:11] <Froborr> SYMBOLISM!
01[13:11] <Froborr> I mean, not like guns are anything else BUT surrogate dicks, especially in the US. But still.
01[13:11] <Froborr> Weird choice of symbolism for a showabout lesbian.s
01[13:13] <Froborr> I mean, death is pretty harsh, but given how evil the Invisible Storm is, especially the way solitude seems to be a death sentence in this world
01[13:13] <Froborr> (Which, again, middle school and symbolism)
01[13:14] <Froborr> Anyway, point is, I don’t feel *too* bad for freaky hair girl, she comes closest to deserving it of any character so far.
01[13:14] <Froborr> (Which still isn’t *that* close, but still.)
01[13:17] <Froborr> Okay, ep 4. The two girls are making curry, I think I remember last time.
01[13:18] <Froborr> We still haven’t seen at least two of these characters.
01[13:18] <Froborr> Three.
01[13:20] <Froborr> Sorry, momentary interruption, resuming now.
01[13:21] <Froborr> Ah yes, continuing to stalk the stalker.
01[13:22] <Froborr> Wait, the skunk from the beginning is actually part of the story?
01[13:23] <Froborr> So the girl’s notebook may be the penguindrum, but I somehow don’t think it is.
01[13:24] <Froborr> Okay, this scene with the cutouts is great.
01[13:25] <Froborr> Ah, there’s the skunk’s role.
01[13:26] <Froborr> Why… why didn’t she just say he was sprayed by a skunk?
01[13:27] <Froborr> Oh right, we have seen the blonde woman in the credits, she’s tabuki’s girlfriend.
01[13:27] <Froborr> Momentary payse, sorry.
01[13:29] <Froborr> resuming
01[13:29] <Froborr> Ringo’s fantasy sequences this episode are a lot of fun.
01[13:31] <Froborr> Wait what?
01[13:31] <Froborr> SOmeone else knows?
01[13:31] <Froborr> Who is this?
01[13:31] <Froborr> Oh god, that’s beautiful.
01[13:32] <Froborr> He has a League of Not-Evil Exes.
01[13:33] <Froborr> Yay, another Ringo ffantasy sequence!
01[13:35] <Froborr> In her daydreams, Ringo is friends with Wispy Woods.
01[13:37] <Froborr> Okay, did that conversation between Yuri and Ringo happen or not?
01[13:37] <Froborr> I’m guessing not.
01[13:38] <Froborr> “It’s always the fearless and brave princess who wins the prince.” Nice.
01[13:39] <Froborr> Oh, and there’s the skunk.
01[13:39] <Froborr> Okay, but like, you JUST saw it not work Shouma. Unless of course her first kiss is with you.
01[13:39] <Froborr> Oh hell, her first kiss is with Shouma, isn’t it.
01[13:39] <Froborr> HA!
01[13:39] <Froborr> THe bait-and-switch with the penguin.
01[13:39] <Froborr> Yep, Shouma saved her.
01[13:40] <Froborr> Wait, no? Tabuki did?
01[13:40] <Froborr> No, it’s going to turn out to be Shouma, they wouldn’t do another fantasy sequence otherwise.
01[13:40] <Froborr> Yep, Shouma.
01[13:41] <Froborr> Wait, whatsisname redhead’s stuff was in the diary TOO?
01[13:41] <Froborr> WTF?
01[13:42] <Froborr> Is Ringo murdering people?
01[13:42] <Froborr> Fuck, that was a GOOD twist ending. Well played show.

3 thoughts on “Yurikuma Arashi 3 and Mawaru Penguindrum 4 Liveblog Chat Thingy! (Take 2)

  1. I get to be at work today because someone decided to to quit without giving notice. Since I’ve yet to actually make a chat though, this doesn’t affect most of you. Regardless, I’ll just leave my notes here.
    00:18 Ringo has successfully infiltrated the Takakura household.
    00:41 The skunk has a heart on its back. Important, or just a reference to Pepe le Pew? Also, skunk musk is not a fart. Why do people keep showing it as if it is?
    02:18 Clever transition here implying that the food is REALLY FRIGGIN’ GOOD.
    02:20 The light is reflecting off Himari’s GIGANTIC FOREHEAD. Or the FOREHEAD is actually glowing.
    02:35-02:44 #2 is chasing #3 trying to get eggs, ends up eating #3.
    03:10-03:24 Kanba using other people to achieve his goals (in this case, monitoring Ringo and filching the Penguindrum from her).
    03:40 Meanwhile, Kanba is out being a playboy again. But with the above in mind, I suspect he’s just using them. Or lying about what he’s doing.
    03:45 The skunk is on TV
    03:55 The skunk heart is not a heart, it’s the penguin logo from the OP (and other places, but the OP the most.)
    (Side note: Aren’t most pet skunks de-musked?)
    04:01 Kiyoshi the skunk is WHAT? TELL ME TV MAN! DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING!
    04:09 #2 searching OTHER bags for things that aren’t the Penguindrum.
    04:19 And here we have the F-word again. Fate
    04:23-04:32 Slogan: Beware of luggage theft. Is this just about #2’s larcenous habits, or will Ringo’s bag get stolen and looted?
    04:37 The way Ringo’s talking here, it doesn’t sound like just a simple infatuation. But then again, I’ve never been stalking, so I don’t know how someone would justify it to themselves.
    04:51 That is an interesting use of the penguin
    05:08 Ah, that’s what it meant by “#2’s head is hot.” You’d think they’d have a candle tray or something. Or use the table?
    05:15 I’m getting a very “mastermind” vibe from Kanba here.
    05:26 The ad here talks about “Fated Love”. But Ringo says her stalking is in pursuit of destiny, not fate. Is there something deeper here?
    05:32 “Will their ‘love’ be allowed?” A teacher/student relationship is a bit sketchy. If not for the fact that there’s clearly something going on with Ringo’s stalking diary, I’d say she’s deluding herself. She still might be, but the diary isn’t helping on that front.
    05:37 This is what I get for pausing, typing a note, then resuming. A theatre sequence that deals with everything I just put down.
    05:40 I do love the style here though.
    06:07 I’d just like to point out that Ringo is resting her foot on the penguin that _she had no idea was there_. I’m not sure whether to write it off as a quick sight-gag, or something more.
    06:35 DON’T DO IT #2! It’s Kiyoshi the musky skunk!
    06:39 … And #2 eats it. How does that look to Ringo who can’t see the penguin?
    06:45 Skunk musk usually doesn’t kill birds. Just saying.
    07:22 Tabuki, could you say that again? I couldn’t hear you over how loud that jacket is. Also, the zipper pull is comically large.
    08:11 Ringo, you’re not really in a position to call anyone a stalker right now. It’s not so much pot and kettle as it is iron mine and kettle.
    08:27 She’s got Yuri in her name! She’s a bear! (wait, wrong show). Also, wasn’t she at Tabuki’s house last episode making curry?
    08:35 Yes, it seems she was.
    09:10 Ah, Tokikago is starring in the “fated love” ad from the train. Interesting.
    09:17 Can we just get an entire show done in this theatre style?
    09:22 It’s a musical. This is perfect.
    09:50 “What’s with this ridiculous development?” Ringo, have you been watching the show you’re in? The most surprising part about this is that your rival(?) sang her introduction.
    09:54 Aaaand, now you’re a toad.
    10:34 STOP THAT #1! YOU ARE A BAD PENGUIN! You’re the reason anime has the reputation it does here.
    10:37 Thank you Kanba.
    10:39 So he WAS lying about meeting a girl.
    10:51 Or not. But he didn’t know that at the time. Also: dammit #1.
    10:55 She knows him.
    11:04 An she brought friends. Jilted exes? Kanba does have a reputation, after all.
    11:10 Not just friends, they’ve unionized. I wonder if there are dues.
    11:24 I’m going to stop calling out each individual time #1 is a perv. I’ll just put a count at the end of each note. At least he got kicked for it this time.
    11:31 Nothing insightful here, but the way the camera wobbles here is really nice. (And hard to do)
    11:34 I forgot how creepy birders can look when they’re all in one place like that.
    12:11 There’s something here about how the group of crows murdered Ringo’s lunch and/or plans, but I can’t quite make it work. Perils of writing late at night instead of sleeping.
    12:13 And the birders silently watch. A court of owls judging a murder of crows.
    (Collective nouns are fun!)
    12:25 Why are the birders still watching? All the birds are gone
    12:58 I am getting seriously unnerved by these birders now.
    13:15 Theatre interlude. I wonder if the courtiers have been replaced by birders.
    Forget about the whole love triangle/resurrected dead sister/penguindrum mystery thing, I want to watch a show about the birder conspiracy.
    15:53 How much of this is actually happening, and how much is Ringo daydreaming?
    16:00 You touched a caterpillar. It’s not going to kill you, and you certainly don’t need an ointment for it.
    16:16 Tokikago knows about the curry switch from last time. Does she know the rest of what’s going on? Can she tell us?
    16:28 And she’s covering for Ringo too. Tabuki still doesn’t know what’s going on.
    16:38 Ah, she’s just flaunting that Tabuki is more likely to fall for her than Ringo. Nothing sinister, just romance triangle stuff.
    16:42 Ah! There was an actual snake! Good to know.
    16:49 Damn it. She touched a caterpillar. WHY WOULD IT HURT?
    16:53 The box is labeled simply “ointment” and has a picture of a dead caterpillar on it. Is this sort of occurrence common?
    17:00 It’s not polite to read over someone’s shoulder, Shouma.
    17:20 Meanwhile, #2 is eating the ointment tube. I’m not sure how much of the penguin antics are symbolic and important (like Nanami turning into a cow), and how much is comic relief (like surfing elephants).
    17:37 DO IT SHOUMA! DO IT! Fulfill the Double H train prophecy!
    17:38 Wait, never mind. Theatre interlude. I love these things.
    18:08 I talk about the theatre sequences being awesome/ridiculous/whatever, but it really is an interesting and effective way to get Ringo’s internal state in the foreground without having it infodumped on us. Also, they took the place of the Survival Strategy for this episode.
    18:15 Apropos of nothing, Ringo is dressed in the same colors as Eva Unit 01 right now. Probably not important, but now you won’t not be able to think of it.
    18:21 And the skunk strikes again!
    19:07 Why does your mom care that you can’t finish your stalking plan? I sense a history here.
    19:15 Great gag here. The penguin cares not for your petty crushes. It cares only for fish.
    19:22 This is a really deep pond.
    19:24 GEH! THE BIRDERS!
    19:58 Kid, you’re like, five feet away. Why are you using binoculars?
    20:21 And it was Shouma who did the rescuing. Of course. What did he do with the diary?
    20:34 Hey, an actually accurate picture of rescue breathing! Neat.
    20:35 While still clustered, the birders now watch different things.
    20:58 Huh, head of the Exes Union was acting on orders from higher up. Also, she’s in the diary.
    21:06 Hey! It’s Slingshot Juri! She was in the OP!
    21:31 Okay, Union Boss was just shoved down the escalator. By whom?
    21:49 Ringo… Did you just kill someone?
    #1 perv count: 3
    “Birders” does not look like a word to me anymore.
    00:42 Huh, the headmistress has Yuri in her name too. By the theory I proposed last time, she’s a bear.
    00:58 More urging of social conformity. Stick together and the scary bears won’t hurt you.
    If the headmistress is a bear, and she’s urging togetherness, is is so some girls can be excluded, which apparently adds to their “flavor”?
    01:48 Looks like I was right to not trust Yurizono back in episode 1. If she’s the one killing everyone, why? Isolating Kureha?
    03:47 Headmistress knew Kureha’s mom. I’ve asked if Mom had a connection to Bears, a=based soleley on associated musical cues, if headmistress turns out to be bear, that adds weight.
    04:13 Ah, Headmistress not only knew Kureha’s mom, she _knew_ her.
    05:55 Black lilies with a similar musical cue to “Bear shock!”.
    06:23 Kureha’s still a poor shot after her girlfriend got eaten, but she’s getting better.
    06:30 Ginko and Lulu are watching from the window.
    06:43 Wait, do our bears know about the other bear(s) in school?
    06:50 Apparently they know of at least Yurizono, so that’s something.
    07:08-07:24 First Crusade. The history and causes of the Crusades can get complicated, but the First almost certainly wasn’t a war for physical resources. Depending on how charitable you’re feeling to the 11th-century Catholic leadership, the best you could say was that it was an ideological war. Are the bears in a similar situation? Come to think of it, we know almost nothing of the bears except that they’ve been shut behind a wall, and that they eat (which may be a euphemism) people, all because an asteroid exploded.
    08:18-08:29 While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the concept of moving on as part of the grieving process, the mention here of becoming invisible puts a new spin on things. Invisibility has been mentioned a lot in the courtroom scenes, and there’s the whole “invisible storm” going on too. If you’re invisible, the danger (bears &c) can’t get to you. Invisible means fitting in to assigned roles.
    08:32 Kureha fulfilling her promise with Sumika to eat lunch on the roof.
    09:07 Another deliberate linking of Kureha’s love and the garden (the first was watching the lilies (of both varieties) grow last episode). Since Yurizono wants to eat Kureha, and step one is isolation, was she the one who destroyed the literal garden, as well as the metaphorical one (by eating Sumika)?
    09:33-11:08 Well, this makes the Invisible Storm as social force theory explicit. Exclude (sacrifice, even) the different so as to protect everyone else.
    09:36 Kureha very clearly not in the meeting declaring that the class must be invisible.
    09:37 “Purging Ritual” that can’t be good.
    09:55 You’ve gone from saying different is wrong to different is Evil. Naturally Evil cannot be allowed, so let’s kill the lesbians. This makes perfect sense (actually, in its own twisted way it does. There’s a reason this sort of tactic is seen so often in political narratives. It plays to basic fears and instincts, even though it’s not even approaching true.)
    10:57 And Kureha is Evil because she won’t back down on love.
    11:10 Lulu and Ginko were listening in. Ginko at least want’s Kureha for herself. Will there be fighting between bears?
    11:40 So, the sticker on Kureha’s gun and phone also shows up here on her rug and the foot of her bed. From what I can tell, it’s a camellia, which apparently is used to express devotion and/or an eternal union between young lovers. Given that Kureha refuses to back down on her love, this seems appropriate.
    13:17-13:53 To live is to change. Eventually you stop caring about things and move on from them. Or, at least that what society says is right. If you don’t act that way, bad things will happen. Live such that you only look at the now and everything will be all right. Counterpoint: Yurizono has obviously been planning this for a while, and set herself up as the head of a power structure that literally feeds her appetites. Not a very bear-like thing to do.
    14:09 Lulu follows Ginko because Ginko “found and returned [Lulu’s] love”. I doubt this is literal, but you never know.
    14:35 Focus on the music box with a picture of Kureha’s mom in it.
    15:03 Yurizono reveals herself as a bear, and blows the secret on the whole “bears disguised as humans” shtick.
    15:40 Yurizono only has friends so long as they are useful to her and fill their assigned roles. She sets herself up as top dog (or bear), and keeps the position regardless of what it takes.
    18:23 Ginko doesn’t want to eat Kureha? Or maybe just doesn’t want anyone else to eat her.
    18:29 Cool doesn’t like this, since it trespasses on established boundaries.
    18:48 Beauty, meanwhile says the same thing as always: being true to yourself is no sin.
    20:48 “My promised kiss”. Promised from or to whom?
    21:17 Ginko and Lulu are there to help out. Ginko’s not backing down on her love either.
    21:29-22:30 The spokesperson at the Purging Ritual telling our bears that they have to fit in with the crowd before they can be friends with anyone. Our bears have none of it and eat her instead. yay?

  2. [11:19] (@Sylocat) Click
    [11:20] (@Sylocat) I like the video logo…
    [11:20] (@Sylocat) Even though they play it twice
    [11:20] (@Sylocat) The bears just want to be friends?
    [11:21] (@Sylocat) This episode is called “Invisible Storm,” so we might find out what that is
    [11:21] (Arrlaari) I’m very sorry, I was distracted and didn’t see the signal to click
    [11:22] (@Sylocat) Want to start oveR?
    [11:22] (Arrlaari) Have you got through the OP? If not you can pause at the end of that
    [11:22] (@Sylocat) OP hasn’t started yet
    [11:22] (Arrlaari) Alright, pause at the end of OP or after the ads that will probably follow OP
    [11:23] (@Sylocat) Yeah, pausing after the ads is probably the best way
    [11:23] (Arrlaari) We’ll probably have to resynch after every ad break anyway, since Hulu ad time varies
    [11:23] (@Sylocat) Now, the Homura lookalike is a bear, right?
    [11:24] (@Sylocat) (of course, I’m starting to think Froborr’s right that humans and bears are going to turn out to not be separate categories)
    [11:25] (Arrlaari) Yurizono’s a bear, yeah
    [11:25] (Arrlaari) That was revealed
    [11:25] (@Sylocat) I’d forgotten how, er, explicit the opening was
    [11:25] (@Sylocat) I’m at the ads… I’ll pause right after
    [11:26] (@Sylocat) Oh good grief… 4 ads, 123 seconds to go
    [11:26] (@Sylocat) Now I get to feel Froborr’s pain
    [11:27] (@Sylocat) It’s one of those drug ads that spends twice as long warning about the side effects and conflicts as talking about the actual drug
    [11:27] (@Sylocat) Do those actually work?
    [11:28] (@Sylocat) I mean, those ads? Aren’t people scared off?
    [11:28] (@Sylocat) Okay, paused after the ads
    [11:28] (Arrlaari) paused after ads
    [11:29] (@Sylocat) Click
    [11:29] (@Sylocat) Who is talking right now?
    [11:29] (@Sylocat) Oh… the teacher lady?
    [11:30] (@Sylocat) Ah, the teacher and Kureha’s mom were “dear friends.”
    [11:30] (@Sylocat) Ah, the flowerbed is plot-relevant.
    [11:31] (@Sylocat) Hmm…
    [11:31] (@Sylocat) What’s with the red knees?
    [11:31] (@Sylocat) Wait, does she have mind-control powers, or is she just thinking that to herself?
    [11:32] (@Sylocat) Hmm…
    [11:32] (@Sylocat) Yurizono’s a rival to them?
    [11:33] (@Sylocat) …Is this one of those things where they’re learning about a thematically-relevant historical event in class?
    [11:34] (@Sylocat) Hah… Extra History is doing a series about the Crusades now
    [11:34] (@Sylocat) Oh, are we about to find out what Invisible Storm is?
    [11:36] == Sylocat_ [b83c1db1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##rabbitcube
    [11:36] (Sylocat_) *sigh* sorry about that, it kicked me off again
    [11:36] (Sylocat_) What was the last thing I said?
    [11:36] (Arrlaari) “oh, are we about to find out what the invisible storm is?”
    [11:37] (Sylocat_) And now I get to watch the ads again
    [11:37] (Sylocat_) I need to get a new router or SOMETHING
    [11:37] (Arrlaari) I’m in ad as well
    [11:38] (Arrlaari) ad over
    [11:38] (Sylocat_) Oh great, I can’t even skip past the first ad break without it showing me the ad again
    [11:38] == Sylocat [b83c1db1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
    [11:38] (Sylocat_) I’m going to torrent this damn series, not that it’ll stop me from getting randomly kicked off my net connection again
    [11:38] (Arrlaari) Oh, you had to restart the whole video?
    [11:39] (Sylocat_) Eeyup
    [11:39] (Sylocat_) All right, lemme catch up
    [11:39] (Sylocat_) So, what the heck is with this “Exclusion Ceremony?”
    [11:40] (Sylocat_) The heck…
    [11:40] (Sylocat_) Of course Kureha’s at the top
    [11:41] (Sylocat_) Wait, the other two bears aren’t happy about this?
    [11:41] (Sylocat_) Okay, finally at the second ad break, I’ll let you know when I’m done
    [11:42] (Sylocat_) Ads over
    [11:42] (Sylocat_) Click?
    [11:42] (Arrlaari) click.
    [11:42] (Sylocat_) Has Kureha’s mom been mentioned before this episode?
    [11:42] (Sylocat_) I mean, it’s only the third episode, but still…
    [11:43] (Sylocat_) Aww
    [11:44] (Sylocat_) And aww again
    [11:44] (Sylocat_) “Anything with a metabolism perishes.” That’s deep
    [11:45] (Sylocat_) Even for Ikuhara, this show is weird
    [11:45] (Sylocat_) Is this still a flashback?
    [11:46] (Sylocat_) Ah, Yurizono came out?
    [11:46] (Sylocat_) Why is Kureha acting like she doesn’t know bears can disguise themselves as human?
    [11:46] (Sylocat_) Eww
    [11:47] (Sylocat_) Uh, what is Yurizono trying to do here? Does she think this isn’t going to end with her getting bullets to the face?
    [11:48] (Sylocat_) And she falls down those stairs again
    [11:49] (Arrlaari) ad starting
    [11:49] (Sylocat_) Same here
    [11:49] (Sylocat_) Are they stuck in some kind of time loop?
    [11:49] (Sylocat_) Ad over
    [11:50] (Sylocat_) I’m going to have to watch this all at one sitting to figure out in what order these events are happening
    [11:51] (Arrlaari) paused after ad
    [11:51] (Sylocat_) Click
    [11:51] (Sylocat_) They want to save her?
    [11:52] (Sylocat_) Are we SUPPOSED to be confused about what these two are after?
    [11:53] (Sylocat_) Or what pretty much any character whose name we know is after?
    [11:53] (Sylocat_) The hell?
    [11:54] (Sylocat_) I… I…
    [11:54] (Sylocat_) Well, Yurizono isn’t gonna go down that easy, but it’s a start
    [11:55] (Sylocat_) So, their goal is, “No one eats Kureha except us?” Or do they have an actual plan?
    [11:56] (Sylocat_) I knew what’s-her-name with the sideways ponytail was doomed…
    [11:57] (Sylocat_) But still… yikes
    [11:57] (Sylocat_) Okay… start Penguindrum on the hour?
    [11:58] (Arrlaari) So, the Invisible Storm conducts Exclusion Ceremonies. The Court of Severance is also a kind of Ceremony – there’s a lot of repetition tied up in performing the Ceremonies
    [11:58] (Sylocat_) Ah… good point
    [11:59] (Sylocat_) (oops, forgot I have to watch the ads before preloading Penguindrum, so it might be a couple minutes)
    [11:59] (Sylocat_) Oh… wait, it’s starting now
    [11:59] (Arrlaari) I’m paused after opeining ad
    [11:59] (Arrlaari) uh, click then
    [11:59] (Sylocat_) Paused at the start
    [11:59] (Sylocat_) What was that rummaging through the trash? It wasn’t one of the penguins
    [12:00] (Sylocat_) Ah, a skunk
    [12:00] (Sylocat_) I like the theme
    [12:01] (Arrlaari) Hm, the OP shows a fourth penguin, which doesn’t have a number drawn on its back
    [12:02] (Sylocat_) 105 seconds of ads, and my crappy connection, yay
    [12:03] (Arrlaari) paused after ad
    [12:04] (Sylocat_) Click
    [12:06] (Arrlaari) Have they always been drawing the brothers’ eyes different shapes?
    [12:06] (Arrlaari) Blue brother’s eyes were drawn noticably rounder there
    [12:06] == Sylocat [b83c1db1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##rabbitcube
    [12:06] (Sylocat) *sigh*
    [12:07] (Sylocat) Got disconnected again
    [12:07] (Arrlaari) Paused, I guess
    [12:07] (Sylocat) What is with “mDNSResponder” anyway?
    [12:07] (Arrlaari) What did you see from me?
    [12:07] (Sylocat) I can’t remember, I had to reload the page… what was the last thing I said?
    [12:07] (Arrlaari) “Click”
    [12:08] (Sylocat) Okay, what time are you paused at
    [12:08] (Arrlaari) 20 minutes left, subtitle “ah! um…”
    [12:08] (Arrlaari) A good subtitle to be paused at, in the circumstance
    [12:08] (Sylocat) Indeed
    [12:08] (Sylocat) I’m at 22:@0 left
    [12:09] (Sylocat) 22:20
    [12:09] == Sylocat_ [b83c1db1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
    [12:09] (Arrlaari) Ah, I can get it to show time elapsed
    [12:09] (Arrlaari) 4:26
    [12:09] (Sylocat) Oh… that works
    [12:10] (Arrlaari) I don’t know why it defaults to time remaining, but if you click on the countdown to the right of the seek bar, it switches to time elapsed
    [12:10] (Sylocat) Yeah, I just figured that out
    [12:10] (Sylocat) Okay… click
    [12:10] (Sylocat) So they’re still rifling through Ringo’s stuff looking for the Penguindrum
    [12:10] (Arrlaari) Beware of luggage pilfering message when the blue brother is on a mission to search her bag
    [12:11] (Sylocat) Indeed
    [12:11] (Sylocat) How did they even get fixated on Ringo anyway?
    [12:11] (Sylocat) What in the name of…
    [12:12] (Arrlaari) The alien hat told them she might have the Penguindrum
    [12:12] (Sylocat) I… I…
    [12:12] (Sylocat) *headdesks*
    [12:12] (Arrlaari) “Keikaku dori”, the phrase made famous by weird fan translations of Death Note
    [12:12] (Sylocat) Uh oh…
    [12:13] (Sylocat) Ahaha… that purple vest
    [12:13] (Sylocat) His outfit hurts my eyes
    [12:14] (Sylocat) Just say a skunk sprayed him
    [12:15] (Sylocat) …Do the writers think we won’t remember that? It was last episode, wasn’t it?
    [12:15] (Sylocat) Uh… “Rainbow Group?”
    [12:15] (Arrlaari) And her name is Yuri
    [12:15] (Sylocat) And now we have a musical number
    [12:15] (Sylocat) Is this a Paper Mario reference? Is she Madam Flurrie?
    [12:16] (Arrlaari) If you look at the poster for the play she’s in, it looks like a Tarazuka style group
    [12:16] (Sylocat) Which would make Tsubaki or whatever his name is… an actress?
    [12:16] (Sylocat) The plot thickens
    [12:17] (Arrlaari) Ad starting
    [12:17] (Sylocat) Have we met her before?
    [12:17] (Sylocat) Same here
    [12:17] (Sylocat) So, do we know that girl with the long hair?
    [12:17] (Arrlaari) I don’t think so. The way she was introduced suggests someone seen before
    [12:17] (Arrlaari) But it may be because Red Brother has seen her before
    [12:18] (Sylocat) Well, we’ll find out soon enough
    [12:19] (Sylocat) Paused
    [12:19] (Arrlaari) paused after ad
    [12:19] (Sylocat) Click
    [12:19] (Sylocat) Oh… they’re his exes?
    [12:20] (Sylocat) Ah, “Tabuki,” that’s his name
    [12:20] (Sylocat) I knew it started with a T, had a b, and ended in “ki.”
    [12:20] (Sylocat) Oh for goodness’s sake…
    [12:21] (Sylocat) Ringo, find a guy your own age
    [12:21] (Sylocat) Is that… a Marie Antoinette reference?
    [12:23] (Sylocat) Don’t tell me Tabuki is the Penguindrum?
    [12:24] (Sylocat) What in the name of…
    [12:24] (Sylocat) So… how much longer do we have to put up with Ringo’s cringe-inducing attempts to impress Tabuki?
    [12:24] (Sylocat) Oh… she knows?
    [12:25] (Arrlaari) Ad break
    [12:25] (Sylocat) Or did Ringo just imagine that line?
    [12:25] (Arrlaari) I was expecting the imaginary plan to be followed by actual execution, but I guess we got a filtered version of actual events
    [12:25] (Arrlaari) At least, that’s my guess
    [12:25] (Sylocat) I know… it’s a weird choice, to have the imaginary sequence play out the disaster as well
    [12:26] (Arrlaari) In the play version, the caterpillar gets on actress’ hand, and in the brief shot after the play sequence actress seems to have a bug bite on the top of her hand
    [12:26] (Sylocat) Ah… hmm, you’re right
    [12:27] (Sylocat) Paused at the end of the ad
    [12:27] (Arrlaari) paused after ad
    [12:27] (Sylocat) Click
    [12:27] (Sylocat) Oh good grief
    [12:28] (Sylocat) She said that out loud, didn’t she
    [12:29] (Sylocat) So, is that the end of the Ringo-Tabuki plotline? Because it’s really putting a damper on my enthusiasm for this show
    [12:30] (Arrlaari) I’m pretty sure she isn’t actually going to drown here
    [12:30] (Sylocat) So Blue Brother saves her
    [12:30] (Arrlaari) And “kisses” her for CPR
    [12:31] == Sylocat [b83c1db1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
    [12:32] (Arrlaari) Uh
    [12:33] == Sylocat [b83c1db1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##rabbitcube
    [12:33] (Sylocat) *sigh*
    [12:33] (Sylocat) I got kicked off again
    [12:33] (Arrlaari) And lost the video?
    [12:33] (Sylocat) Yep, it was Blue Brother who saved her
    [12:33] (Sylocat) I’m gonna torrent both of these shows for next week
    [12:34] (Sylocat) At least that way I’ll only have to reload the chatroom and not the video
    [12:34] (Sylocat) Huh?
    [12:34] (Arrlaari) Huh?
    [12:34] (Sylocat) Ooh… someone just pushed long-haired girl down the escalator
    [12:35] (Sylocat) Okay, that’s the end
    [12:35] (Arrlaari) They are very strongly implying that Ringo did it, but they didn’t actually show her do it. Also, there was someone else on the phone talking about The Next Step Of The Plan
    [12:35] (Sylocat) I’m assuming Ringo is a red herring here
    [12:37] (Arrlaari) Looking again, the color of the sleeves we can see on the arms that push her aren’t green, like the jacket Ringo was wearing at the park
    [12:37] (Sylocat) Among other things
    [12:37] (Arrlaari) They aren’t red like the shirt she swapped with
    [12:37] (Sylocat) So… as mentioned before, is this finally the end of the Ringo/Tabuki plotline?
    [12:37] (Arrlaari) I don’t think so. No one told Ringo it was blue brother who gave her CPR
    [12:38] (Sylocat) Dang
    [12:38] (Sylocat) We have to put up with this for even more episodes
    [12:40] (Sylocat) Oh well…
    [12:40] (Sylocat) You gonna copy this over?
    [12:43] (Arrlaari) yeah, I will
    [12:43] (Arrlaari) since you had to refresh a bunch

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