Book Update!

My Little Po-Mo vol. 3 is shaping up nicely. It’s been more challenging to edit than most because the Derivative Works posts were written over such a long period of time, but it’s very nearly complete. Should have it back to the editors for final proofing this weekend, and then it’s just formatting and waiting on cover design. 
So, on track for release in late September, and then I am taking a nice long break from editing books–won’t be working on another until I finish the first draft of the Eva book in January. 

2 thoughts on “Book Update!

  1. Oh, so you’re still working on the Evangelion thing! I was worried when you didn’t say anything else about it but I guess it was just going on in the background. It’s really too good of an idea to waste – especially since no one but you will get a chance to do something similar.

    • Yeah, still quietly plugging away at it. Will finish Jan 1, then revise a couple of weeks, then send off for editing, probably the same woman as the Madoka book.

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