Captain's Log, Weekly Digest 37

A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants. Covering a bit more than usual this week because of the move from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

  • Temporal Ambassador Redux: Alternate past Morwen, Tasha Yar, and the crew of the Enterprise-C struggle to return the ship to the past and restore the timestream.
  • Ceron System Patrol: The Klingon renegades have blockaded a planet and are destroying civilian ships trying to escape.
  • Gamma Eridon System Patrol: The Phoenix responds to a distress call from Romulans under attack by Gorn loyal to the renegades.
  • Beta Thoridor System Patrol: The Phoenix helps Romulan forces repel a “small Klingon battle group.”
  • Japori System Patrol: The Phoenix helps defend the Romulan colony on Japori II from an incursion by Nausicaan privateers hired by the renegades.
  • Daise System Patrol: The Romanov investigates why Romulan listening posts have been failing.
  • Eriksson System Patrol: Lelar, the Ferengi captain of the Kaname, leads a group of ship’s from the 531st to destroy a Klingon advance force before they can fortify their new position.
  • Objects at Rest: The Starfleet Academy Graduating Class of 2410 get a second chance at a graduation cruise on the Pizza, and find themselves trapped in the middle of a Klingon fleet massing to strike at the heart of the Federation! [Original]
  • Remain at Rest: Morwen leads the Starfleet forces as the final battle with K’tin’s renegades begins. [Original]
  • Tribble in Paradise: The crews of the Phoenix and Van Houten take some much-needed shore leave on Risa, while Morwen worries that every time she tries to go on vacation, something goes terribly wrong. [Original]

As the flag officer of a fleet or tactical group, Starfleet regulations also require Morwen to provide a Fleet Status Report briefly summarizing the current status and mission of all ships under her command, every Stardate that’s a multiple of 10.
The “System Patrol” missions in this block continue my experiment’s final act: I continued doing System Patrol missions with no foreknowledge of what would happen in them, weaving them into the ongoing story as I went. That story then reaches its climax with the two-part finale “Objects at Rest”/”Remain at Rest,” followed by an epilogue of sorts in “Tribble in Paradise.” The two parter was pretty much entirely made up by me; “Tribble in Paradise” was originally original, but then I revised it to (very, very loosely) incorporate some elements of the game’s summer event on Risa.
As I said last week, Temporal Ambassador Redux is a bit different; I’m using the fact that my Delta Recruit alt (who is gameplay source for the “past self” Morwen keeps communicating with on behalf of Temporal Investigations) got an assignment to retrieve information from the alternate timeline in her run of “Temporal Ambassador” to finally get to cover that mission (one of my favorites) on the blog, which I couldn’t do when I played it because Morwen shouldn’t actually remember any of it.
This is probably the only time I’ll try this experiment, as I believe between it, the Alpha Quadrant system patrol missions I tied into the game’s Cardassian plot arc, and the fact that the game itself includes the Delta Quadrant system patrol missions in the plot, I have now covered all the system patrol missions in the game. Unless of course they add some new ones in future release, but I’m actually hoping based on the trailers and news for Season 11 so far that they’re planning to bring back procedurally generated exploration missions instead–an element the game used to include, but eliminated before I started playing.

4 thoughts on “Captain's Log, Weekly Digest 37

  1. I was hoping that the K’Tin plot would start to involve the Republic more. K’Tin’s conversation with D’ian makes clear that she regards D’Tan as a Federation puppet (or slave to Federation values) and would very likely end the cooperative relationship between the Empire and Republic. And her forces had openly attacked Republic territory.

  2. Not an invalid criticism. Wish you’d said something earlier, I could have put it in. (This is the drawback of writing in serialized form–you can’t fix something in Chapter 1 you realize was wrong while you’re writing Chapter 12, because Chapter 1’s already been published).
    On the other hand, K’tin’s not dead. Her movement might be discredited, but that won’t necessarily stop them completely–I mean the House of Torg is still alive and kicking and making problems in STO a generation after being thoroughly discredited and nearly wiped out in TNG (back when they were the House of Duras). In fact I’ve got three stories coming up, two of them already written and queued, in which her followers keep making trouble/try to get her freed. So Republic involvement could still happen!

  3. (This is the drawback of writing in serialized form–you can’t fix something in Chapter 1 you realize was wrong while you’re writing Chapter 12, because Chapter 1’s already been published).

    Are you sure? You haven’t printed any of this on paper or mirrored it on a site you don’t have edit privileges over, so technically nothing is stopping you from going into tumblr and editing a log that has something wrong in it.
    You might decide that you don’t want to make such edits – or at least not major revisions – out of respect for literary traditions rooted in older publication mediums, or to avoid confusing readers who read logs as originally published, but that is a choice, based on weighing consequences, rather than an unavoidable limitation of your ability.
    Something to keep in mind: When the Romulan Captain is asked to pick Starfleet or KDF to “ally” with, D’Tan describes this arrangement as part of a larger program that many Republic officers will participate in, and very shortly afterwards you encounter another Republic officer aligned with the side you didn’t. So there’s a bunch of Republic officers embedded in Starfleet and the KDF – which means that there’s a bunch of Romulans & Remans with standing as KDF Warriors, a year’s worth of practical experience with the Klingon honor code, and a commitment to the Republic’s interests. It also means there’s a high likelyhood that Republic officers & ships embedded in Starfleet defended Federation space from K’Tin’s attacks.
    If you plan to push forward with things as is, a good way to bring this up may be for Morwen to have another difficulty with Federation politics – encountering a sentiment within Starfleet, the Federation Council, or both, that the Republic was irresponsibly passive when K’Tin was threatening the Federation, and having to deal with it much like how she dealt with similar resentment of J’mpok, which means looking into what the Republic did and didn’t do with an eye towards defending them before a skeptical-to-hostile audience.
    This could explore an interesting space in how Federation respect for other cultures butts up against Federation commitment to always acting according to their own values – most Starfleet officers would never agree to embed in the KDF and do things the KDF way, because those ways aren’t consistent with Starfleet’s values. Dax, unusually, was willing to engage with Klingons on their own terms, and remember how all her fellow Starfleet officers reacted to her decision to fulfill Kurzon’s oath and participate in the formal Klingon Vengeance against The Albino? They were shocked that she would agree to go and murder a living person, and at the same time it didn’t occur to any of them to judge the Klingon participants in the oath for doing the exact same thing. The Republic, by contrast, doesn’t blink at having a bunch of their officers participate fully in Klingon culture while another bunch of their officers are participating fully in Federation culture. This means that for K’Tin, convincing her fellow Klingons that the Republic doesn’t truly respect the Empire and the Klingon ways is a much heavier lift than when she says the same thing about the Federation.
    Another thing you could revise or choose to work with: Morwen writes that she was “pre-dishonored” when she captured K’Tin. And while K’Tin might agree, according to J’Mpok’s side Morwen established her honor during the business with Kelona – and capturing K’Tin disgraced her. This could mean that Morwen’s friends in the Empire are now obligated to denounce her disgraceful conduct and shun her – and they might sincerely think less of her for doing K’Tin dirty like she did. Morwen treated Klingon honor like a game to be won, rather than a thing her friends and allies in the Empire believe in. And with all of those (former?) friends shunning her, it might require a Romulan (or Reman – Klingon ships are lit dimly so it’s reasonable to expect Remans to disproportionately embed with the KDF) perspective to show her why not everything is working out as she expected.

    • I guess it’s less that Chapter 1 has already been published, more that Chapter 1 has already been seen. As you say, it could confuse readers if I suddenly started writing like a previously published chapter is different than what they remember.
      Your suggestions are definitely interesting, and could be something I can work with. Certainly “Morwen finally starts facing consequences for her past decisions” is a theme I will be exploring in the time before Season 11.

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