A thing I want to happen in the next STO mission

You have a suitably Trek-y way to defeat/mollify/seal away the Iconians, but you need to reach them to use it, and all of T’Ket and L’Miren’s Heralds are in the way. On your side you have the largest fleet ever assembled by the Alliance or anyone in it. EVERYONE is here, ships from every member of the Delta Alliance and Iconian resistance–the three player factions of course, plus Cardassians, Ferengi, Krenim, even Borg Cooperative ships.
And you’re still outnumbered 10-to-1 and losing badly.
Then Sela warps in with a small group of Romulan ships, all that she could scrounge up of the Imperial fleet. “My friends and I came to help save our galaxy,” she says.
You thank her, with overtures of “but this isn’t enough to give us the edge.”
“And here come my friends now,” Sela says, as tens of thousands of Jem’Hadar warships warp in to help you.

4 thoughts on “A thing I want to happen in the next STO mission

  1. While it’s an attractive idea, the Vorta we worked with had this to say about the Iconians: “When they come for you, don’t bother asking us for help.”

  2. I haven’t been doing the Iconian reputation, actually. For a while now I’ve only been doing the featured episodes, and those only once.

    • Oh. Well, spoilers I guess? As you complete each tier you are rewarded with a message from Sela where she talks about she’s up to. In the second she talks about maybe being able to seek help against the Iconians who can’t or won’t involve themselves in the Alliance. In the third she “passes through the Prophets’ gate.” In the fourth she talks about trying to navigate the complex bureaucracy of someone she has previously faced in war. Put the three together and she seems pretty blatantly to be talking about the Dominion.
      And true, their policy is to stay away–but the Dominion would not shy away from a possibility to destroy a rival power if they had a chance.

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