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I have so many projects I will probably never finish. That Xenosaga fanfic I posted bits of on Fiction Fridays and will quite possibly never actually write any more of (I got close to running out of already written bits to post here, but didn’t quite get there). The idea I had years ago for an open-ended Star Trek fanfic involving picking up some time in the 25th or 26th century and following an expedition to another, entirely unexplored, galaxy. Right now I don’t think The Dragons of Industry will end up one of those, but on the other hand I haven’t worked on it in a year.
What about you folks? What are some of the projects, or ideas for projects, that you doubt you’ll ever finish? Or even ones you doubt you’ll ever start? What ideas have you abandoned?
This is an open thread. The prompt above is just a suggestion; feel free to talk about anything you like. Share things you’ve made or that you want people to support, link to interesting articles, talk about what’s going on with you, or just shoot the breeze, it’s up to you. Please abide by the Comments Policy (linked at the top of every page), however.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread

  1. Well, there was that epic Harry Potter fan fic I have lying around that was terrible but somehow lead to me writing the script for a Doctor Whooves comic involving Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar, the Curse of the Fatal Death Master marrying Derpy, and Beasts of England being one of the Doctor’s drinking songs. It was called Doctor Whooves and the Apocalypse Ponies. It can be found here ( As I recall, the fan fic as a whole was pretty much a world spanning one in which background characters from the seven books (including a self insert who slowly realizes he’s kind of the villain of the piece and a bunch of other things that happen like Harry Watson being a companion of the Doctor, John Watson being a magician, and the pun “she was wearing a veil in Scotland yard” (it was a crap pun)). I have my notes somewhere in my boxes, but I’m not sure as to where.
    There was also this series of essays I have about the Spider-Man films that I think won’t be completed. Mostly because the first one was so apolitical that there was nothing interesting to say about it (that wouldn’t be more fitting to look at in other essays). I might just cheat and do a gonzo style post where I talk about other things for most of it, but the original is pretty much dead.
    Speaking of Spider-Man, I outlined a 100+ part story detailing the rise of Spider-Man involving killing Gwen Stacy, President Osborn, and an entire part dedicated solely to beating up the Sentry for an entire story. I was young and stupid.
    Please don’t get me started on Naked Man.
    On the plus side, my reaction post to the Hugo Awards last night will now never be written due to the puppies winning jack squat. (It would have just been 8,000 uses of the word “f**k”).

  2. So, I was digging through my hard drive yesterday, and found a folder labeled “writings”. Most of the stuff in there was terrible crap I wrote when I was 15, deathly ill, and on all sorts of fun medications. Of the several hundred pages, I may be able to salvage something like 30? Assuming I don’t go mad from how bad the writing is.
    I also found an unfinished document called “untitled humans are cthulhu short.doc”, which I do not remember writing, and was last modified five years ago.
    In a subfolder labeled “REVISE” there was a story about tornado hunters. They were setting bait to catch the tornadoes, and were having an argument about how many trailers they needed for it to constitute a park.

  3. I have a gazillion half-finished, quarter-finished and zero-point-zero-zero-one-percent finished novels and screenplays clogging up my harddrive.
    I don’t want to say “never” on all my MLP fanfics, but it’s also gonna be a while on those.

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