Upcoming Changes

Intervention was, as always, inspiring and educational. Among the things I learned there was that my blogging schedule is completely wrong. Most importantly, posting Near-Apocalypse articles at midnight Sunday made sense when I was writing My Little Po-Mo without a buffer, since that was the most convenient time to finish one. But now I have a sizeable buffer courtesy of the Patreon, so I should be posting when people are reading.
There will therefore be a new schedule starting this weekend:

  • Monday: Near-Apocalypse of ’09
  • Tuesday: Whatever
  • Wednesday: Video Vednesdays
  • Thursday: Captain’s Log Weekly Digest
  • Friday: Whatever
  • Saturday: Liveblog
  • Sunday: Open thread/community post

All posts will go up at noon EST.
And yes, this means I’m going back up to seven days a week posting. The Sunday posts will be open threads where people can talk about whatever they want, link things they find interesting or projects of their own, etc. The plan is that most weekends I’ll suggest a prompt or ask a question, but the thread is open to comment with whatever you want (within the comments policy, of course, though I’ll probably be a bit laxer about enforcing 4.1 and 4.2).
This does not mean, by the way, that I’ve given up on fiction, anymore than ending Fiction Fridays as a regular feature did. Friday is a Whatever slot–I can make it a Fiction Friday whenever I want. I just can’t sustain a regular fiction-writing feature, not with everything else I have to do.

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