Update to my speculations on the future direction of Star Trek Online

Last week I posited that the Krenim time annihilator in STO was the nuke-equivalent that sparked the Temporal Cold War.
I have now played the latest STO mission, “Butterfly,” in which the player and Captain Nog deploy the Krenim weapon, try to rewrite history, and end up making things worse. Eventually they are able to mostly restore the prior timeline, but at a cost: in the restored timeline, the Tuterian species, an ally of the Krenim, were wiped out by the Borg 20 years ago.
At the time they were destroyed, the Tuterians were trying to escape by imitating the Solanae, which is to say trying to transform themselves to be able to survive in another universe.
This is what the one Tuterian character in the game looks like:
And this is what the Sphere Builders, a faction in the Temporal Cold War who lived in another universe, looked like in Star Trek: Enterprise:
Sphere_Builders*whistles innocently*

7 thoughts on “Update to my speculations on the future direction of Star Trek Online

  1. In principle, one should hide spoilers like this under a cut, but having just played the episode myself all the twists are telegraphed to anyone familiar with Star Trek Time Travel.

  2. And if I recall correctly, the reason the Sphere Builders were building spheres was to make the ST universe more habitable to them. So they adapt themselves to move to another universe, and then, when they think they’re going to get the edge in the Cold War, begin adapting their original universe to suit their new selves. Neat.

  3. Princess Kick-ass: I dunno, I feel like leaving TNG where it ended is a good plan, especially given how bad the movies were. But a new series set after TNG? Holy shit yes MUCH NEEDED. At least, assuming they can get somebody competent to work on it. Which considering how bad VOY was and ENT seems to be, and how bad the reboot movies are… maybe we’re better off without a new Trek show for now.
    01d55: No, it’s a good point. I’ve edited the post to insert a cut. Though yes, the episode did telegraph a lot of what was going to happen, though I didn’t see the erasure of the Tuterians coming. (I’ve not seen ENT, only read about it. It’s pure chance that I happened to see a picture of the Sphere Builders over the weekend and went “Hey, wait a minute…”)
    daibhidc: Didn’t know about that part of it. Neat indeed!

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