Captain's Log, Weekly Digest 34

Sorry for lack of a post yesterday. I was sick (not so much again as still), and didn’t wake up until well past the time it would go up.
A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants.

  • Diplomats and Warriors: Morwen and Jeremy go to Qo’noS, the Klingon homeworld, in search of answers. (Original.)
  • Cernan System Patrol: The Phoenix picks up what may be a crashed trading ship in the uninhabited Cernan System.
  • Dace System Patrol: An archeological research team comes under attack from a Gorn fleet.
  • Sardah System Patrol: A planet with millions of inhabitants calls for help dealing with Nausicaan raiders.
  • Mandel System Patrol: The Phoenix and Scully attack the Nausicaan raiders’ base.
  • Watran System Patrol: The Phoenix searches for survivors in a system attacked by the Gorn.
  • Zenik System Patrol: Mysterious, gigantic space-faring creatures appear in the skies above a Federation colony.
  • Hana System Patrol: The Phoenix participates in a joint mission to retake a system from the Klingon renegades.
  • Xleen System Patrol: The Nausicaan raiders attack research outposts studying a supernova remnant.

As the flag officer of a fleet or tactical group, Starfleet regulations also require Morwen to provide a Fleet Status Report briefly summarizing the current status and mission of all ships under her command, every Stardate that’s a multiple of 10.
The “System Patrol” missions in this block continue my experiment into a second act: following the original “Diplomats and Warriors,” which starts the second act, I continued doing System Patrol missions with no foreknowledge of what would happen in them, weaving them into the ongoing story as I went.

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