Yurikuma Arashi 1 and Mawaru Penguindrum 2 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

How to participate in the liveblog chat:  Option 1: Whenever you watch the episode, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting! Option 2: Go to http://webchat.freenode.net/. Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching Yurikuma and commenting there starting at 2:00 p.m. EST. We will then be watching Mawaru Penguindrum at 2:30.

After the chat I’ll update this post with the chat log.
ETA: Chat log below the cut!

01[14:16] <Froborr> Wow, and we are jumping straight into the Yuri part of the title.
[14:16] <Arrlaari> I ask because I was watching the Kadokawa logo for a bit and a different video might cut that out
01[14:16] <Froborr> Oh, crud.
[14:16] <Arrlaari> We can work that out later
01[14:16] <Froborr> Yeah.
01[14:17] <Froborr> So… I guess this town has a bear problem.
01[14:17] <Froborr> Was that an Attack on Titans reference?
01[14:17] <Froborr> Okay, I’m at the OP.
01[14:17] <Froborr> I’m assuming you have ads at the end of it?
[14:17] <Arrlaari> that’s substantially ahead
[14:18] <Arrlaari> Probably
01[14:18] <Froborr> Sorry.
01[14:18] <Froborr> I’ll pause at the end of the OP.
[14:18] <Arrlaari> op starting
01[14:19] <Froborr> Paused at end of OP.
01[14:19] <Froborr> Let me know when you get there.
01[14:19] <Froborr> This show really did not waste time getting to the yuri, and we’ve got a bear. Where are the storms?
[14:20] <Arrlaari> post OP ads starting
01[14:20] <Froborr> OK.
01[14:20] <Froborr> Pause at the end of them I guess.
[14:20] <Arrlaari> ads over, paused
01[14:20] <Froborr> Okay. Click.
01[14:22] <Froborr> O… kay.
01[14:22] <Froborr> I’d say this is a completely absurd premise, but… you know, anime.
01[14:26] <Froborr> Those are the most ridiculous looking killer bears I’ve ever seen.
01[14:26] <Froborr> Symmmmbollliisssmmm!
01[14:27] <Froborr> Pretty sure those are lilies.
[14:27] <Arrlaari> oh, an ad
01[14:27] <Froborr> Okay, so… that’s the storm? I guess?
[14:27] <Arrlaari> Sorry, I frogot to call it
01[14:27] <Froborr> What was the last thing you saw?
[14:27] <Arrlaari> The ad just ended, I’m paused at the bit where we just see the lillies on the ground
01[14:28] <Froborr> Click.
01[14:28] <Froborr> So the storm is… homophobia? Or..?
01[14:30] <Froborr> I guess it’s a person? An unknown prankster?
[14:32] <Arrlaari> ad
[14:32] <Arrlaari> started after the logo
01[14:32] <Froborr> So far this is somehow even weirder than Penguindrum.
[14:32] <Arrlaari> Which I think is an intended ad segue
[14:32] <Arrlaari> ad over
01[14:32] <Froborr> I’ma get some water, stay paused until I get back?
01[14:32] <Froborr> Sorry.
[14:33] <Arrlaari> ok
[14:33] <Arrlaari> I’m paused on the shot of the Wall, panning down. I believe it’s a short shot.
01[14:34] <Froborr> Click
01[14:34] <Froborr> Nooo don’t kill the cute lesbian!
01[14:35] <Froborr> Dammit, this show has almost as many characters as fricking Baccano, and I’ll probably have just as much trouble keeping them straight.
01[14:37] <Froborr> Well, this is Ikuhara all right.
01[14:40] <Froborr> So… the approval of their yuri gives them a magical girl transformation? That’s definitely Ikuhara.
01[14:40] <Froborr> Um.
[14:41] <Arrlaari> Sounds like theramin
01[14:42] <Froborr> So it does.
01[14:42] <Froborr> So that episode happened.
01[14:43] <Froborr> I’ve been trying to suppress this response because Ikuhara, but…
01[14:43] <Froborr> What. the. FUCK. did I just watch?
01[14:44] <Froborr> Did they kill and eat the girlfriend in just the first episode? That’s messed up.
[14:46] <Arrlaari> So, for this work Ikuhara collaborated with Akiko Morishima, a yuri manga author who is a lesbian woman in a market that’s mostly authored by straight men. She’s distinguished herself by avoiding the Common Yuri tropes – in particular, she often authors stories about adults when manga in general is almost always in middle or high school
01[14:46] <Froborr> So… any thoughts before we continue to penguindrum?
01[14:46] <Froborr> Ah, there you are.
01[14:46] <Froborr> Interesting, then, that this one is in high school.
[14:47] <Arrlaari> After they worked out the character designs and a brief description of the premise, Ikuhara made the show and Morishima made a manga. They came out totally different.
01[14:47] <Froborr> Ah.
01[14:48] <Froborr> Sort of like Utena then, where Ikuhara and Saito made the show together, but Saito made the manga alone and Ikuhara made the movie alone.
01[14:48] <Froborr> Do you know anything about the manga?
[14:49] <Arrlaari> I saw links to scanlations of the first 2-3 chapters on Tumblr when they came out. Lost track of them after that.
01[14:49] <Froborr> Ah.
[14:51] <Arrlaari> I don’t remember if Sumika even appeared in those chapters of the manga, but I do remember that the school’s architecture looked like a normal anime school. I don’t remember the Wall of Severance being in it either.
01[14:52] <Froborr> Huh.
01[14:52] <Froborr> Well, yeah, freaky architecture is one of Ikuhara’s signatures, not surprising the version without him doesn’t have it.
[14:54] <Arrlaari> When Yurikuma’s prerelease publicity cycle drew attention to Morishima I got a link to her author page on dynasty scans. It’s mostly romance stories with more or less explicit sex scenes. No porn plots, arguably excepting a side couple in one of her series. There’s also a series that’s 4-koma autobiographical humor.
01[14:55] <Froborr> Yeah, I looked her up when you mentioned her. Didn’t read anything but read some descriptions.
01[14:56] <Froborr> This is definitely one that’ll take a bit of processing for me, I’m really not sure what to make of it so far.
01[14:57] <Froborr> Any more thoughts before we proceed to Penguindrum?
[14:58] <Arrlaari> I just recalled that I gave you a trigger warning for this show, and I’d like to make sure you also remember it
01[14:58] <Froborr> I do not…
01[15:00] <Froborr> What was it?
[15:01] <Arrlaari> preloading penguindrum, and I forget how specific I was at the time
01[15:01] <Froborr> Okay. Well, lemme know when you’re ready for penguindrum.
01[15:02] <Froborr> Oh cute, reversal of the first episode monologue.
[15:03] <Arrlaari> I missed the note that was on the top of the screen
01[15:03] <Froborr> I didn’t see it either.
[15:03] <Arrlaari> Also, the OP is artifacting
01[15:03] <Froborr> I had that happen on the first episode.
01[15:04] <Froborr> It eventually cleared up.
[15:04] <Arrlaari> Totall compression failure
[15:04] <Arrlaari> pause at the end of the OP, I’ll take the time to catch that note while I’m at it
01[15:05] <Froborr> Ready?
[15:05] <Arrlaari> I’m paused on the note
01[15:05] <Froborr> What did it say?
[15:05] <Arrlaari> “Note: The intimation here being, she has three-tiered lacy underwear on, and she’s going for the sexy kill.”
01[15:05] <Froborr> Um… yes? Why did that need a note?
01[15:06] <Froborr> Anywho, lemme know when youre back at end of OP.
[15:06] <Arrlaari> There’s going to be and ad at the end of my OP
01[15:06] <Froborr> Oh.
[15:06] <Arrlaari> I’ll pause at the end of the ad
01[15:06] <Froborr> Okay.
[15:08] <Arrlaari> I’m there
01[15:08] <Froborr> Click.
01[15:09] <Froborr> Well that was fast.
[15:09] <Arrlaari> The hat just appears on her head.
01[15:11] <Froborr> Recap, I guess?
[15:14] <Arrlaari> Earlier there was a mascot animation playing on the train with an anti-harassment message
01[15:14] <Froborr> Yeah, I saw it. Clearly foreshadowing. We should probably keep an eye out for those.
01[15:15] <Froborr> Wait a minute, was Ringo one of the three girls from the first episode?
01[15:15] <Froborr> The ones blue-haired guy’s friend was talking about?
[15:15] <Arrlaari> I forget
01[15:16] <Froborr> Okay, that’s actually really clever.
01[15:17] <Froborr> Unless of course it results in people seeing floating spy cameras drifting down the halls.
01[15:17] <Froborr> Ah, she has the main character seat.
[15:18] <Arrlaari> They probably can just ask?
[15:18] <Arrlaari> I mean, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the possesor of the Penguindrum to also be involved in the Weird Thing they are
[15:19] <Arrlaari> oh, ad
01[15:19] <Froborr> When was it?
[15:19] <Arrlaari> I let it get through most of the first ad before warning, sorry
01[15:20] <Froborr> What was the last thing you saw?
[15:20] <Arrlaari> Just after the penguin was caught in the bag
01[15:20] <Froborr> Whoa, that was like 3 minutes ago!
[15:21] <Arrlaari> paused on a logo shot, the one with what looks like part of a subway map
01[15:21] <Froborr> Click
[15:21] <Arrlaari> Sorry I keep forgetting to tell yyou about these ads
01[15:22] <Froborr> Uh-oh, they’re gonna get nailed for cutting class, aren’t they?
01[15:22] <Froborr> Cutting class to spy on a girls’ school, no less.
01[15:25] <Froborr> …why is there a carousel horse in a lingerie shop?
[15:25] <Arrlaari> It’s the name of the shop
01[15:25] <Froborr> Oh.
[15:26] <Arrlaari> ad
[15:27] <Arrlaari> just after “she’s taking a photo?”
01[15:27] <Froborr> *nods*
[15:29] <Arrlaari> ad over, paused
01[15:29] <Froborr> click
01[15:30] <Froborr> Wait, their homeroom teacher?
[15:30] <Arrlaari> Yeah
01[15:31] <Froborr> It’s like a chain of stalkers.
01[15:34] <Froborr> Okay, that turned creepy.
01[15:34] <Froborr> Is she writing things in her diary and then stalking ways to make it happen, or is there something supernatural involved here?
[15:35] <Arrlaari> The ED is Himari with the two train message mascots
01[15:35] <Froborr> Yes it is. And apples and the red string of fate.
01[15:36] <Froborr> Okay.
01[15:36] <Froborr> Any thoughts?
[15:37] <Arrlaari> It reminds me of a story, which I have seen attributed to the commentary tracks on the Utena discs
01[15:37] <Froborr> Oh?
[15:37] <Arrlaari> The one where Ikuhara claims a UFO told him to stop acting like a stalker
[15:37] <Arrlaari> when he was following his crush around after she turned him down
01[15:37] <Froborr> I don’t think I’ve heard this one.
[15:38] <Arrlaari> This is just between you and me, but when I was fourteen, I saw a UFO. That UFO telepathically told me this prophecy: “When you grow up, you will direct an anime about girls revolutionizing various things.” Surely you jest. “You must not tell anyone about me. If you ever do…” Wh-What will happen to me? “People will call you a sketchy guy.”
[15:39] <Arrlaari> That’s slightly different than the version I’ve seen
01[15:40] <Froborr> Oh?
[15:41] <Arrlaari> I turned it up from tvtropes googling “Ikuhara ufo story”
01[15:42] <Froborr> I dug around a bit, it’s apparently from the text commentaries in the booklets from the box sets.
01[15:42] <Froborr> I have the first one, I can totally believe one of the later ones contains a story like that.
[15:43] <Arrlaari> I found the version of the story I remember: http://sqbr.tumblr.com/post/19941117816/biichama-angerliz
01[15:46] <Froborr> Mystery solved: the first one is from the commentary for the first recap episode, the second is from the commentary for the second recap episode.
01[15:46] <Froborr> That’s pretty funny.
[15:49] <Arrlaari> Anyway, since I haven’t seen Penguindrum, I can speculate
[15:50] <Arrlaari> I’m guessing the diary, which she is taking as prophetic and a kind of strategy guide to the dating sim of her life, is the Penguindrum.
[15:50] <Arrlaari> Or, since this is Ikuhara, everyone will think that it is the Penguindrum until something else turns out to be the Penguindrum, so for now, it’s the Penguindrum.
01[15:51] <Froborr> I’m thinking it’s Ikuhara, so we will either never get a clear answer on what the Penguindrum is, or we will get multiple contradictory answeres.
01[15:55] <Froborr> Any other thoughts before I copy up?
[15:55] <Arrlaari> Also: The Alien Hat doesn’t know exactly what the Penguindrum is, so diary is “probably” the Penguindrum. Probably there will be other weird things that Hat thinks could be the Penguindrum.
01[15:55] <Froborr> Seems plausible.
[15:55] <Arrlaari> Alien Hat makes a big show of being knowledgable and in control, and I’m guessing it is the opposite of those things

5 thoughts on “Yurikuma Arashi 1 and Mawaru Penguindrum 2 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. Dang, sorry, I forgot all about the chat! Last night was the closing performance of Merchant of Venice, and then the cast party, and I wound up just plain forgetting what day of the week we were on!

  2. Penguindrum notes. Bearstorm to follow when I have some time.
    So, supplementary information (read, the ad that Amazon gave me for the Nendo version of her) says that THE HAT!Himari is called The Princess of the Crystal. Just throwing that out there.
    00:02 Monologue reversal!
    00:03 Is this where the stars from last time came from? That can’t be sanitary.
    00:07 This is the same bathroom from last episode’s “Next time on…”
    00:16 This is one of the non-outline girls from list time.
    02:40 THE HAT has been enshrined. Great.
    02:54 The penguin keeps spraying bugs. Is it significant?
    02:58 I love how THE HAT just appears wherever it wants to and no one notices.
    05:29-06:00 RECAP TIME!
    05:48 The Mascots are back. This time warning about molesters.
    06:33 Kanba holds his hand over his heart when he talks about the Penguindrum. PotC pulled something out of his chest during EP1’s drug trip interlude.
    06:53 Even if the penguins can’t be seen, people can still interact with them.
    07:19 The penguins can also be felt, it seems. Also, wasn’t there JUST a slogan about this?
    08:03-08:25 Kanba comes to the rescue, and is apparently a ladies’ man. Given who made this show though, he probably only has feelings for his sister.
    08:50 More outline people
    08:56 And the faceless friend is back! Will he ever be important?
    09:24 Another sign warning about molesters. Is this going to be a theme?
    09:30 Penguin disinfects the shoe.
    09:57 Kanba used to gout with a hacker. Interesting
    10:23 Penguin drone! That’s almost like a Penguin drum, right?
    10:57 The class is learning about the Walk to Canossa, when Emperor Henry IV had to debase himself in order to be un-excommunicated by Pope Gregory VII. Will this be significant? Will there be debasement? If so, who’s will it be?
    11:04 Ringo (Apples again. This show likes apples. Or the Beatles.) is in the Protagonist Seat. Interesting.
    11:10-11:53 Kanba is willing to do whatever it takes. Shouma wants to stay moral.
    11:35 … And then THIS happens. Way to take the high Road, Penguindrum.
    12:18 The mascots are back again. Are they just the shadow Play girls for this series? Apparently they’re called Double H. Their outfits doo look like a scaled-back version of what PotC wears though.
    12:59 STOP IT PENGUINDRUM. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING TO BE DOING. “Beware of molesters”, indeed.
    14:18 “For Himari” again. Why do I get the feeling that’s going to be used to justify all sorts of stuff?
    14:47 Penguin 3 now has hair? Also Himari is upset that they’re skipping school.
    15:05 That is a handy sign for a penguin to have.
    15:13 Ah, the Penguin Hair is just a wig.
    15:17 “What should I do if my brothers become delinquents?” “We’re doing our best, Himari!”
    15:43 That is a… oddly themed store.
    18:06 Isn’t that Shouma and Kanba’s teacher?
    18:32 The teacher is a birder. I wonder if he likes penguins.
    18:42 And Ringo likes the teacher. Rather a lot, based on what she was willing to do to get one picture.
    19:05 And now Ringo is the stalkER, instead of the stalkEE. I do not see this ending well.
    19:25 #2 is cleaning again.
    19:41 Yeah, this bodes real well.
    20:24 “Miyazawa Kenji’s hometown…” More Miyazawa, reminding people that Night on the Galactic Railroad is important.
    20:39 I have my doubts about the healthiness of this relationship.
    21:11 Lingering shot of the diary suggests importance. If I recal, it was shown in Ringo’s bag earlier as well.
    21:31 So the diary can see the future? PotC came from “The Destination of Your Fate”. Is it related?
    26:25 “Next time on…” In the teacher’s apartment. Not portentous at all.

  3. Two of my appointments canceled on me today, so I have free time! Here are notes for Bearstorm.
    00:00 The show starts by saying “Yuri”. This is going to end well. I just know it.
    00:14 The name of the school translates to “Wuthering Heights Academy”. I have not read that book in a long time. Will this be a problem?
    00:17 Real subtle imagery here.
    00:23 The title card proclaims Tsubaki to be “Yuri”.
    00:57 Episode title drop!
    01:03 Hand holding. How lewd.
    01:09 We had Lesbians, now we have bears! Now all we need is a storm, and the show is done.
    01:36 “Species Divide”. Interesting
    02:43 Those are really realistic drawings of bears there. (Note: I have not seen a bear in person since I was seven.)
    03:49-04:36 BACKSTORY! Apparently exploding asteroids cause sentience and lesbianism in terrestrial bear populations.
    04:14 Until otherwise convinced, I will believe that this is all an elaborate Attack on Titan AU fanfic.
    04:45 Both the girls have “Yuri” in their names. I am glad the imagery is so subtle here.
    04:53 How did they disguise themselves as humans?
    05:59 Tsubaki, in protagonist seat, is distinct target of at least one bear. Why?
    08:29 That bench was not there before.
    09:04 Bear!Ginko wears a crown, Bear!Lulu wears a maid headband. Hierarchy?
    09:22 The lily is cut down. Someone doesn’t like lesbians, it seems.
    09:33 ALL the lilies are cut down. Someone REALLY doesn’t like lesbians.
    09:46 And here’s the storm. That’s it everyone. Shows over. Lets go home.
    10:54 Another girl with “Yuri” in her name.
    11:39 The Invisible Storm is spoken of as if it were a known phenomenon. We saw a human hand on the scissors that cut the lilies. Is it something supernatural, or is it social forces at play?
    12:00 Is it wrong that I am suspicious of this Yurizono?
    12:11 BRICK! None of the local buildings seem to use bricks. Accident is improbable. Invisible Storm?
    12:35 The birds on the staircase are facing the other way now. Symbolic?
    13:06 The necklace Tsubaki’s mom is wearing in this photo looks like the one Ginko’s bear form wears.
    13:21 The gun is an interesting turn of events.
    13:31 And Tsubaki is a really good shot, too.
    13:44-13:54 There’s been a bear attack. A student.
    14:00 Oh crap, it was Sumika.
    14:28 “You gotta have friends to survive!”
    14:57 The Invisible Storm and/or bears (are they the same thing?) attack people that “stick out”. Invisible Storm seems like it might be a social force to exclude outsiders. Any reason beyond the standard “Different is danger!” mentality?
    15:00 And then they just come out and say it “Pack mentality will keep us alive!”
    15:34 But if Sumika is dead, THEN WHO WAS PHONE?
    15:50 Bear trap.
    15:56 “Sacrifice yourself to the bears, and your love will be certified.”
    16:01 Birds are going down again.
    16:53 Why do Ikuhara shows always have drug trip interludes? The entrance to the Duel Arena, the Survival Strategy, and now this.
    17:13 Judge man was the voice on the phone.
    17:19-17:38 Sexy is the judge, Cool is the prosecution, Beauty is the defense.
    17:25 The caption actually proclaims them as “Judge Man”. Great.
    17:55 The bears don’t back down on love either.
    18:04 Cool’s prosecution sums up to “They stepped outside of their social class (in this case, from bears to humans) and thus are wrong.” Social forces excluding the different again.
    18:28 Beauty, meanwhile says that Lulu and Ginko’s actions were necessary to live. Love knows no boundaries, and is needed to survive.
    18:47 Shabadadoo
    18:50 Cool is frustrated that the social sin of class tresspass is being allowed, Beauty says “Fabulous”
    19:10 Will you change to fit in, or will you be yourselves and thrive? I think we’ve found a mission statement for this show.
    19:21 And now we get a Magical Girl transformation sequence. With a techno-beat Ave Maria. This is why I anime.
    20:09 Tsubaki will keep being herself too.
    20:14 Wow. That is… not subtle. At all.
    21:16 Does anyone know what kind of flower that is as a sticker on the rifle? Given how flower imagery seems important to Ikuhara, it probably means something.
    21:50 Another bear attack in progress.
    22:15 The bear’s secret revealed!

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