So, what do we watch next?

MLP is on a hiatus for the next couple of months, we’ve finished SMC, and we finish Escaflowne this weekend. So… what do we watch next?
Here are four options. Please vote for the two you like best. You cannot vote twice for the same show, so if you only vote for one show that’s one vote for that show.
The show with the most votes will replace SMC in the viewing schedule, and the one with the second-most votes will replace Escaflowne. In case of a tie, I’ll cast the breaking vote.
Options are:

  • Mawaru Penguindrum: It’s by Ikuhara and it’s really weird, that’s all I know.
  • Yurikuma Arashi: It’s by Ikuhara and the title translates to “Lesbian Bear Storm,” that’s all I need to know.
  • Persona IV the Animation: My editor keeps recommending this.
  • Psycho-Pass S1: Gen Urobuchi, dystopia.

Voting is open until end of day Wednesday, and on Thursday I’ll announce the winners!

7 thoughts on “So, what do we watch next?

  1. I liked Penguindrum enough to get the Blu-Rays, for whatever that’s worth.
    I dropped Bearstorm about halfway through, but I’m told the end ties everything together, so I’ve been meaning to finish it.
    PsycoPass was too Big Brother for my tastes, and didn’t pass the three-episode test.
    I know nothing of P4 beyond some reaction images I’ve seen of the extremely unemotive protagonist.

  2. I’ve only seen Psycho-Pass and Penguindrum, so I’ll go with those two. Been meaning to watch Bear Storm, but haven’t got around to it yet.

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