Live Reaction and Vlog Review: Steven Universe, Season 1, Episodes 48-9

Garnet is stronger than you, than me, than all of us, and this is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

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2 thoughts on “Live Reaction and Vlog Review: Steven Universe, Season 1, Episodes 48-9

  1. What really gets me though is how monstrously powerful Lapis is. We already got a peek of that when she stole the entire freaking ocean with a cracked gem. But at the end of the episode, when they are fused and she starts dragging them into the ocean, you can see Jasper trying to defuse, but Lapis won’t let them. Like what we’ve seen so far from fusions, they seem mostly unstable, especially when stress and such is involved. And I assume that being captured and dragged away sound really stressful, and yet they won’t defuse because of Lapis her will, and that to me is terrifying.

    • A very good point! But it makes sense to me; Lapis is the sea. She offers no resistance, takes the shape of whatever container you put her in… And once you’re caught in her undertow, you WILL be dragged into the depths.
      (I like Lapis a lot. She’s scary, but also probably my favorite Gem that isn’t one of the main three.)

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