re:play ep 2 needs some help!

I posted this on the Patreon already, but I figured I should share it here as well. I misinterpreted my Patreon pledges, and the May results were actually significantly less than I thought. As a result, while my Patreon was briefly at the level I set for making re:play episode 2, that was in mid-month, so doesn’t actually count. The actual May amount was $53, well over the level I set for making episode 1, but $2 short of the level for episode 2–and since then I’ve dropped to $51. So basically, unless the Patreon gains $4 in the next four days, episode 2 will NOT be happening in July.
Patreon backers at all levels can see episode 1 immediately, at the $2+ level can see Near-Apocalypse articles four months ahead of the general public, and at $5+ can see my vlogs a month ahead. Any and allĀ patronage is much appreciated!

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