Captain's Log, Weekly Digest 27

Sorry this is two days late. As I said on yesterday’s post, I’ve been sick. I’m on the mend, though, so things should be settling back to normal-ish around here.
A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants

  • All That Glitters: The Vaadwaur leader, Gaul, makes overtures of peace. It doesn’t go well.
  • The Son: On Kobali Prime, Cpt Ubuh investigates why a Kobali advance group didn’t provide warning of an impending attack.
  • The Temple of My People: Ubuh investigates Gaul’s claims about what the Kobali are up to.
  • Know Your Enemies: The Phoenix has a series of adventures while patrolling for Vaadwaur incursions.
  • Data Recovery: Ubuh leads a team to steal military research from the Vaadwaur.
  • Looming Shadows: Ubuh’s team uncovers Vaadwaur bioweapon plans with genocidal implications.
  • Capture the Flag: Morwen and the Phoenix crew try to help a Romulan ship boarded by a Vaadwaur supersoldier.

As the flag officer of a fleet or tactical group, Starfleet regulations also require Morwen to provide a Fleet Status Report briefly summarizing¬†the current status and mission of all ships under her command, every Stardate that’s a multiple of 10.

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