Status update, possible disruptions to the posting schedule…

The short version is, I found out Thursday that I’m getting laid off from my job at the end of June.
The slightly longer version is that my employer lost the contract I’m working on. They are supposedly going to try to salvage as many jobs as possible by finding places for people on other contracts, but there’s a fairly low probability they’ll find one for me. There’s a somewhat higher probability that the people who won the contract will try to hire me, but based on past experience I expect it would be at a substantial paycut, so I’d still have to be looking for a new job either way.
Financially this is… not fun, but not devastating, either. It’s a reality of doing contract work, and I’ve prepared for it by setting aside money for precisely this scenario. Even if I end up spending a few months unemployed, I’ll be okay. But jobhunting is a major timesuck, and there’s also the possibility that I will be moving–I am searching for jobs not just in my own city, but five others scattered around the country.
So, even more so than usual, there’s a chance of missed/late posts in the coming weeks, maybe months. Just wanted to give you all a heads up regarding that possibility and the reason why.
That said… I recorded several hours of footage for re:Play over the weekend, including the entirety of what I expect to cover in the first episode. I also recorded a live reaction and vlog for the penultimate block of Steven Universe episodes and wrote what I think is a pretty good piece on BTAS’ version of the Mad Hatter’s origin story, “Mad as a Hatter.” In broader terms, I’m going to prioritize getting Patreon-related content (re:Play, Near-Apocalypse, vlogs) done because I feel I owe it to the people who have paid money. Since the Wednesday and Sunday posts are public releases of Patreon content that’s already finished, they should be uninterrupted as well.

6 thoughts on “Status update, possible disruptions to the posting schedule…

  1. Ah, it really sucks that you’re having to deal with that. Best of luck for finding a good position soon.

  2. I am searching for jobs not just in my own city, but five others scattered around the country.

    Out of curiosity, which five in particular?

  3. Thanks for the well-wishes, all.
    The five cities are Portland (Oregon), San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Madison.

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