Moving ahead with re:Play…

So, my Patreon is currently at $53. Assuming that holds for another three days, that’ll officially mean I’m making a pilot episode for re:Play. I have downloaded an emulator and ROM (I actually own the game in question, but don’t have the equipment to record off a console so emulation is a necessity for now), and the plan is to start playing the game tonight. Although it’s much more than I can fit in one episode (or, for that matter, one play session), I’m planning to record the entire game, then script the first episode. That way if I need to reference something that happens later in the game, I’ll have footage. Then comes recording, then editing; this represents quite a bit more work than a vlog, which is why $70 only gets a monthly series.
But yeah, I’m looking forward to this! Lots of ideas of things to talk about–I think I can make a fairly solid first episode.
In other stuff-I’m-working-on news, My Little Po-Mo 3 is still in editing, so I’m taking a break from thinking about it. I’m probably going to start working on my next BESM campaign this weekend, since I’m supposed to run it at Connecticon in July. Looking forward to it! And of course once I’m done it’ll be added to the list of $10-tier rewards at the Patreon. Near-Apocalypse is rolling right along, with the Patreon having already passed the halfway point of what will eventually be Volume 1.
How about you folks? Got any projects you’re working on? How are they going?

2 thoughts on “Moving ahead with re:Play…

  1. Welp, I’m co-directing two productions this Summer: one is The Merchant of Venice, and the other is a double-feature of two short plays by Shaw (The Dark Lady of the Sonnets, in which William Shakespeare finds out that he’s just been putting the moves on Queen Elizabeth; and How He Lied To Her Husband, the premise of which can probably be extrapolated from the title but goes in a rather unique direction with it).
    Which means I have six hour rehearsals every Saturday and Sunday, and three hours on three weeknights every week, from here till late July. But oh well.
    Speaking of which, can we do noon CST/1 PM EST again tomorrow?
    In other news, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I finally stopped stalling and binged through S1 of Steven Universe, and wow. Just… wow. Can I cite your vlogs in a Steven Universe panel at Geek.Kon I’ve just decided to do?
    Also, I’ve been talking about starting a podcast, with my dad and some of my friends and coworkers. It’d be mainly about theatre (a niche topic in podcasts, but therefore one with a non-glutted market) but I’d have some TV recaps too, mainly MLP and SU. Would you be interested in being on it occasionally?

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