Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 22 and MLPFIM S5E7 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

How to participate in the liveblog chat:  Option 1: Whenever you watch the episode, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting! Option 2: Go to Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching Sailor Moon Crystal and commenting there starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. We will then be watching MLP at 1:30.  Those are both one hour earlier than normal.

After the chat, I’ll update this post with the log.
ETA: Chatlog below the cut!

[13:01] <@Sylocat> Last time, we learned Demande’s motives (at which point I started really liking this arc, actually)
[13:01] <Arrlaari> uh
[13:01] <Arrlaari> I think my video froze at 1:00
01[13:01] <Froborr> That’s about where the credits start.
[13:01] <@Sylocat> …Should we wait for him?
01[13:02] <Froborr> Let’s all pause at the end of the credits, since I have ads there anyway.
[13:02] <@Sylocat> We’re pausing at the end of the credits
[13:02] <Arrlaari> Before or after the ad break that looks like it’ll be after the credits?
01[13:02] <Froborr> At the end of that ad break, yeah.
[13:03] <Arrlaari> ads starting
01[13:04] <Froborr> I really should watch Mushi-Shi at some point.
[13:04] <@Sylocat> As I was saying… I started to really like this arc when I watched the last episode… Demande’s motives, once we learned them, were so creepily plausible
[13:05] <Arrlaari> ads over
01[13:05] <Froborr> Same here.
01[13:05] <Froborr> Onward?
[13:05] <@Sylocat> Ok
[13:05] <@Sylocat> Onward indeed
[13:05] <@Sylocat> Whoa… nice library
01[13:05] <Froborr> And yeah, agreed about Demande.
[13:06] <@Sylocat> “Death Phantom,” what a charming name
01[13:06] <Froborr> “He was human, so the queen couldn’t kill him.”
[13:07] <@Sylocat> Did something get lost in translation there?
01[13:07] <Froborr> Apparently talking cats and aliens are fair game?
[13:07] <Arrlaari> No, it’s just obvious in the genre that humans are priviledged
[13:07] <@Sylocat> Well, true
[13:08] <@Sylocat> Is this a trap?
[13:08] <@Sylocat> Like, they know she’s listening?
01[13:08] <Froborr> I *think* it’s just a convenient villain conversation, but who knows.
01[13:08] <Froborr> Okay, yeah, they didn’t know.
01[13:09] <Froborr> Like you were saying before, DEmande’s motives are creepily plausile.
[13:09] <Arrlaari> They’re discussing the possibility that they’re puppets of a sinister power of which they were not previously aware with more equanamity than one would expect.
01[13:09] <Froborr> *plausible
[13:09] <@Sylocat> Demande turned out to be just an angry brat who was upset that a woman talked back to him, and is tired of living in a world where poor people have it easy
[13:10] <@Sylocat> And is thus easily duped by Death Phantom (who is pretty obviously Wiseman)
[13:10] <@Sylocat> Whoa, what’s Saphir up to?
[13:10] <@Sylocat> Does he commune with those four creepy ghost girls too? I thought that was just Rubeus
[13:11] <@Sylocat> Ooh, Saphir’s having second thoughts about their plan? He’s gonna die
[13:13] <@Sylocat> What are those things edging towards them?
01[13:13] <Froborr> I think those are the droids he was making?
[13:13] <@Sylocat> Ah… so he’s still a jerk
01[13:13] <Froborr> Oh sure, blame the woman.
[13:13] <@Sylocat> And he blames a woman for his brother’s going nuts over her
[13:13] <@Sylocat> This show suddenly became feminist
[13:14] <@Sylocat> (okay, that was unfair of me I admit)
01[13:14] <Froborr> Noooo Usagi don’t believe him!
[13:14] <Arrlaari> Not suddenly. There’s always been a very personal take on feminism underlying this show.
01[13:14] <Froborr> Yeah, but it exists in tension with a desire for fairy-tale romance.
[13:15] <@Sylocat> …Is that an aged-up Chibi-Usa, now Wiseman’s flunky?
01[13:15] <Froborr> The two contradict and conflict, and the show gets pulled back and forth between them.
01[13:15] <Froborr> That’s certainly what it looked like, Sylo.
01[13:15] <Froborr> Oh hey, been a while since we’ve had this stock footage.
[13:16] <Arrlaari> ad
[13:16] <@Sylocat> She hasn’t used this transformation sequence quite as much either
01[13:16] <Froborr> Also I like that they’re implying she got a power-up from considering and then refusing to accept the notion that she’s responsible for the behavior of guys who are attracted to her.
01[13:16] <Froborr> ad
01[13:16] <Froborr> Ow.
[13:16] <@Sylocat> they put the ad break where it actually goes. This is like, what, the second time crunchyroll has done that?
[13:16] <@Sylocat> “Ow?”
01[13:17] <Froborr> The dubstep music for this ad is hurting my already verging-on-migraine head.
[13:17] <@Sylocat> Ow indeed
[13:17] <Arrlaari> It’s happened not all that less often than half the time
[13:18] <Arrlaari> ad over.
01[13:18] <Froborr> Still going for me.
01[13:18] <Froborr> Over now.
[13:19] <@Sylocat> So, are all the villains in this arc working at cross purposes from one another?
[13:19] <Arrlaari> Sailor Moon looks like a dragonball at the moment
01[13:19] <Froborr> …what are those things surrounding them?
[13:19] <@Sylocat> Some kind of ghouls that Wiseman cooked up, presumably
[13:19] <Arrlaari> Previous victims of the chamber, probably
[13:19] <Arrlaari> They’ve been talking about how the scouts will dry up in there.
01[13:19] <Froborr> Point.
[13:20] <@Sylocat> Now all they need is Venus
[13:21] <@Sylocat> Yep, it’s Small Lady, and he’s going to use that to emotionally-kneecap them
01[13:21] <Froborr> …Is future Usagi possessing present Usagi, or…
01[13:22] <Froborr> Ah. Yes she is.
[13:23] <@Sylocat> …Are these new powers? I don’t remember these attack names
01[13:23] <Froborr> The Mars one looked familiar-ish, but no, I think they’re new.
[13:23] <@Sylocat> Whoa, so ALL the others are turning against Wiseman at once?
[13:24] <Arrlaari> I think they might have used them exactly once, in their being kidnapped episodes
[13:24] <@Sylocat> Whoa, did Rubeus just die all sudden like that?
01[13:24] <Froborr> I think so.
01[13:25] <Froborr> And now Tuxedo Mask’s determination to save everyone fucks everything up.
[13:25] <@Sylocat> Is he getting brainwashed AGAIN?
01[13:27] <Froborr> Yep.
01[13:27] <Froborr> So, that was an episode.
[13:27] <@Sylocat> I liked it
[13:27] <@Sylocat> Hmm… there’s no upload of MLP S05E07 yet…
[13:28] <@Sylocat> Not even on Dailymotion
[13:28] <mere_oblivion> I noticed that.
[13:28] <@Sylocat> Ah that’s right, we’re an hour earlier than usual
[13:28] <@Sylocat> Hmm…
[13:28] <mere_oblivion> Hope it ain’t cuz I’m sick today.
01[13:29] <Froborr> Dang, there is indeed no post of it.
[13:29] <@Sylocat> This is awkward
[13:29] <@Sylocat> And I have rehearsal at 1
01[13:31] <Froborr> Yeah, only version I can find includes chat stream and commercials, plus bad quality and cropping.
[13:32] <@Sylocat> Unforeseen consequences
01[13:32] <Froborr> Yeah.
01[13:33] <Froborr> Well, I’m guessing if we wait another half hour that’s too late for you?
[13:33] <mere_oblivion> Well, I’m glad it I’m not the only one–I thought I was looking for magic in all the wrong places.
[13:34] <mere_oblivion> And “I’m glad it I’m” is about the level of “discourse” I’m capable of today.
[13:34] <@Sylocat> Eh… go ahead and do it without me
01[13:34] <Froborr> OK.
01[13:34] <Froborr> Sorry Sylo.
[13:34] <@Sylocat> Next week I might not be able to make it at all, because I’ll be at WisCon
01[13:34] <Froborr> Everyone else, let’s reconvene at 2 EST?
01[13:34] <Froborr> That’s too bad, Sylo, but enjoy the con!
[13:35] <@Sylocat> Thanks
[13:35] <@Sylocat> Feel better, dad
[13:36] <mere_oblivion> Actually, I’m headed back to bed in hopes of sleeping off whatever this is. (No, it ain’t a hangover–I gave those up a while back). Oh well, friendship always comes with a price. Wait, that’s magic. But friendship IS magic. Hey, no fair!
01[13:36] <Froborr> lol
01[13:36] <Froborr> Okay, guess I’ll see just you at 2, Arrlaari?
[13:36] <mere_oblivion> Ciao to all for now . . .
[13:36] <Arrlaari> yeah
01[13:37] <Froborr> Okay.
01[14:07] <Froborr> Tree Hugger is a pretty great pony name.
01[14:07] <Froborr> Discord jealousy episode, huh?
01[14:08] <Froborr> You would think, given that Celestia likes the idea of the GGG being disrupted and rendered chaotic, Discord would be first on her invite list.
01[14:08] <Froborr> I mean, how else can she top what the Mane Six did to it?
[14:08] <Arrlaari> The framerate is pretty bad, maybe I should switch to youtube
01[14:09] <Froborr> Okay, sorry about that.
01[14:09] <Froborr> lemme get that YouTube link for you.
[14:09] <Arrlaari> wow, it got two pop ups past the pop up blocker built into firefox
01[14:09] <Froborr>
[14:09] <Arrlaari> that was where the sound was coming from
01[14:09] <Froborr> Wow.
01[14:09] <Froborr> You REALLY should get adblocker.
01[14:10] <Froborr> Anyway, resynch at the tend of the credits?
[14:10] <Arrlaari> yeah
01[14:10] <Froborr> Lemme know when you’re ready.
[14:11] <Arrlaari> ready
01[14:11] <Froborr> Click
01[14:12] <Froborr> Oh, THAT’S how she plans to disrupt the Gala more than last year: invite the CMC.
01[14:12] <Froborr> Obviously she’s saving Discord for the year after that.
01[14:12] <Froborr> lol
01[14:13] <Froborr> Pinkie Pie super-awareness + Metal Gear reference
01[14:13] <Froborr> Maud at the Gala is a pretty great idea too.
01[14:14] <Froborr> Oh gods Tree Hugger is PERFECT.
01[14:14] <Froborr> Pretty sure I went to college with her.
01[14:14] <Froborr> Literal dustbunnies. Also: Discord has a house!?
01[14:15] <Froborr> Poor mailpony.
01[14:16] <Froborr> WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT HTING
01[14:16] <Froborr> Please tell me he’s bringing Tirek.
01[14:16] <Froborr> What.
[14:17] <Arrlaari> The mark on his staff is from WH40k
[14:17] <Arrlaari> I suppose it’s natural that they’d pile nerd references all over a Discord episode
01[14:17] <Froborr> Really? What’s it the mark of?
[14:17] <Arrlaari> Something called Chaos Undivided, naturally.
01[14:17] <Froborr> Ah. Of course.
[14:19] <Arrlaari> WH40k has a very different and frankly less intresting notion of what chaos is
[14:19] <Arrlaari> Smooze’s pronoun is “they”
01[14:19] <Froborr> Yeah, I’m vageuly familiar with it.
01[14:19] <Froborr> I love the idea of Discord and the Smooze going to college together.
01[14:21] <Froborr> Of course the problem is that jealousy requires possessiveness, and Fluttershy lacks the self-esteem to feel like she deserves ownership of another person.
01[14:23] <Froborr> MAUD
01[14:23] <Froborr> This is now the best episode of the season.
01[14:24] <Froborr> Maud > Discord
01[14:26] <Froborr> That was not the resolution I was expecting.
01[14:27] <Froborr> What. The. Hell.
01[14:27] <Froborr> Is he throwing her into another show?
01[14:27] <Froborr> That’s amazing!
01[14:27] <Froborr> Also, I am treating this as confirmation that Q and Discord are the same character.
01[14:29] <Froborr> Tree Hugger is great.
01[14:29] <Froborr> That’s one of the best “fuck off”s I’ve ever heard.
[14:30] <Arrlaari> Twilight has already forgotten last year
01[14:30] <Froborr> …So this was Celestia’s long game.
01[14:31] <Froborr> The whole out-of-nowhere “let’s have Fluttershy reform Discord” thing was entirely so that she can start inviting him to Galas.
[14:31] <Arrlaari> She’s probably been working towards this for centuries
01[14:31] <Froborr> Yes.
01[14:32] <Froborr> Half the history of Equestria is due to Celestia’s complex scheming to make the Gala less boring.
[14:32] <Arrlaari> I take it that means the Gala was founded halfway through Equestria’s history
01[14:33] <Froborr> lol
01[14:33] <Froborr> So was Tree Hugger Ashleigh Ball? Because I’m pretty sure I heard a southern accent slipping through the Valley Girl in a couple of places.
01[14:34] <Froborr> Huh, apparently not–the MLP wiki has her VA as Nicole Oliver.
[14:34] <Arrlaari> I like how this show is so sincerely good natured that this hyperrefined California hippie stereotype comes off well.
01[14:35] <Froborr> Indeed.
[14:35] <Arrlaari> And yeah, Discord was written basically exactly how Q would have been written in the same circumstances
01[14:35] <Froborr> I was more referring to the idea that “other dimensions” are just different shows and he can open portals to them.
01[14:36] <Froborr> I continue to maintain that all of Star Trek: The Next Generation happened between his first and second appearances on MLP.
01[14:40] <Froborr> Okay, any other thoughts before I go write about for book-exclusive chapter?
[14:41] <Arrlaari> There was a point where you asked “what is that
[14:41] <Arrlaari> I didn’t see the thing at all, I think you mean the thing that grabs the postpony in the background?
[14:41] <Arrlaari> I don’t recognize it.
01[14:41] <Froborr> Yeah.
01[14:43] <Froborr> Yeah, just found the scene again and no idea.
01[14:43] <Froborr> Maybe it’s just random chaos thing.
01[14:44] <Froborr> …huh, apparently this episode surpassed GI Joe, MLP:FIM is now the longest-running show based on a Hasbro toy.
[14:46] <Arrlaari> I guess that’s the occasion to bring out the Gala, Discord, and the Smooze.
01[14:46] <Froborr> Indeed.
01[14:46] <Froborr> Hmm, interesting, apparently the symbol you pegged as WH40K actually predates it–it’s from Michael Moorcock.
[14:47] <Arrlaari> Sounds plausible. Is the WH40k version identical, or more baroque?
01[14:47] <Froborr> Dunno, lemme compare ’em.
01[14:48] <Froborr>
01[14:48] <Froborr> That’s the warhammer one.
01[14:49] <Froborr> Here’s the Moorcock one:
01[14:49] <Froborr>
[14:50] <Arrlaari> Probably better that MLP isn’t referencing a setting that originated as a satire of grimdarkness and then forgot it was a satire
01[14:50] <Froborr> Indeed.
01[14:50] <Froborr> Apparently the Moorcock symbol of chaos has been adopted into actual modern occult traditions, particularly chaos magic.
01[14:51] <Froborr> That’s hilarious, but then most things involving modern occult traditions are.
[14:52] <Arrlaari> You know, I’m reminded of a short story, I don’t know for sure where it came from but I think it’s at least in references to Moorcock’s Law/Chaos stuff, about two dudes walking down a street and taking a tree and a lamppost as metaphors for chaos and order
[14:53] <Arrlaari> I’ve lost track of it and I’ve not been able to find it
[14:53] <Arrlaari> Maybe I can google it now
01[14:53] <Froborr> Sounds interesting, let me know if you find it.
[14:53] <Arrlaari>
[14:53] <Arrlaari> Apparently it’s part of a much longer thing than I knew
01[14:54] <Froborr> Oh my yes, The Man Who Was Thursday!
01[14:54] <Froborr> Great book.
[14:55] <Arrlaari> The bit I saw quoted somewhere, it starts at the paragraph marked 47
01[14:57] <Froborr> I recommend reading the whole thing when you have time, it’s a lot of fun.
[14:57] <Arrlaari> I distinctly recall thinking, as soon as I  read ” I wonder you would ever see the lamp by the light of the tree”, one could very easily contrive to do that
[14:57] <Arrlaari> By breaking the lamp and using it to set the tree on fire.
01[14:58] <Froborr> Yep.
01[14:58] <Froborr> You would definitely enjoy the rest of the book.
01[15:00] <Froborr> Anyway, I gotta go work on the book.
01[15:01] <Froborr> Later!

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