And now we have a name!

Thanks to Kit Paige, who suggested the perfect name on Facebook (though I altered the punctuation a bit), the analytical Let’s Play series now has a name: re:Play.

It is the $70/month Milestone goal–so, once the Patreon hits $70/month, I will release one episode of re:Play on YouTube per month. However, I’m also staggering out the first episodes for each $5 mark between here and there. So, for example, if we hit $45/month I will release the first episode only. Once we hit $50, I’ll release the second. And so on until we hit $70/month, at which point it becomes a monthly series.

2 thoughts on “And now we have a name!

  1. Epic indeed! I’ll see if I can spread the word to others who might be interested.

    Any chance we could shift the schedule an hour earlier tomorrow? Would that mess up either your schedule or Arrlaari’s?


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