Considering Ending Fiction Friday

I’m strongly considering ending Fiction Friday. It’s a lot of work–only the Sunday posts take more time–for effectively no result: they consistently get no comments, single-digit traffic on the post itself, and Fridays are consistently low-traffic days. From this I draw that conclusion that most of you just aren’t interested–which is fine! Like I said, they’re work. I’m happy to do it if people are enjoying it, but I’d also be quite happy to focus those energies on other things if people aren’t.

2 thoughts on “Considering Ending Fiction Friday

  1. Aww, now I feel bad…
    I haven’t been reading this site much as of late as I get most of your “proper” content early on Patreon. The Fiction Fridays recently have just kind of passed me by.
    I enjoy your fiction writing! But on the other hand I totally understand if you’re just not getting the necessary returns on it to justify keeping the practice up.

  2. Ouch. Sorry. I’ve been enjoying them. It’s just that I rarely click on the actual post itself, since it’s not behind a cut and I can read it all on the front page, and I can rarely think of anything I want to add… I hadn’t thought about the traffic thing. 🙁

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