Patreon Milestones?

I’m considering adding some additional Patreon milestones between its current level of $40-odd a month and the rather lofty first milestone of $300/mo. Would any of these interest people?

  • Live commentary tracks (for shows I’ve seen and know well) or live reactions (for shows I don’t).
  • Analytical Let’s Plays/video game commentaries–basically, the idea would be to do a Let’s Play, but rather than either providing a walkthrough or going for comedy, I would be commenting on the game’s themes and narratives–for example, I might do a Xenosaga playthrough where I talk about the Gnostic and Nietzschean elements, or identity, alienation, and found families in FFVI, etc.
  • “Welcome to Virinat,” a surrealist-horror Let’s Play of Star Trek Online presented as broadcasts by the Romulan Ministry of Propaganda’s Virinat Colony Field Office.
  • Instructional videos–a series on how to conceive, pitch, prepare, and present a convention panel is the first that comes to mind, and I’m sure there’s other how-tos I could do. 

Any preferences? Things you’re definitely NOT interested in?

3 thoughts on “Patreon Milestones?

  1. #2 would definitely interest me, and would be a welcome shaking-up of the LP formula (I might try a couple myself). #3 seems a little more gimmicky, but could be fun as well. #4 would be very helpful in the coming months as Geek.Kon approaches once again.
    I tend to find live-reaction videos boring unless they’re to short things like trailers and promo clips, but commentary tracks are good as well.

  2. Also, I might not be able to make the ‘stream tomorrow… I have to shoot a Kickstarter video for Fermat’s Last Theatre Company at the Union Theatre downtown tomorrow morning, and I’m not sure how long the shoot will take.

  3. I asked Chris (as the Patreon was a Christmas present) and he voted for the Let’s Play. He’s been watching a ton of them lately and the thematic stuff sounds a lot more interested than speed runs.

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