The Super Nintendo Project

So I’ve got nothing of my own for y’all today. Instead, on the off chance that there’s anyone who follows me and doesn’t already follow Phil Sandifer, here’s a link to the first post of his new Super Nintendo Project, which started today.

Phil of course has been a great inspiration to me, and the SNES remains the console of which I have the fondest memories, so I’m greatly looking forward to it. Phil has also described it, on Tumblr and elsewhere, as a magical ritual to destroy Gamergate, which is a great example of him in his master troll mode. I mean, it’s obvious nonsense except in the trivial sense that you can engage in any ritual to destroy anything firm in the knowledge that your target exists within time and therefore will, eventually, be destroyed by the inevitable ephemerality of all things, but it’s fun to imagine nonetheless. And will probably rile up some Gamergaters somewhere, and then we can all laugh at them.

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