Vision of Escaflowne Episode 19 and MLPFIM S5E2 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

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Chatlog below the cut!

01[14:00] <@Froborr> …I don’t have credits.
01[14:00] <@Froborr> Let me know when they end?
[14:00] <@Sylocat> You don’t?
[14:00] <@Sylocat> Oh… okay
01[14:00] <@Froborr> Yeah, looks like they were snipped out of this file.
[14:00] <@Sylocat> BTW, Froborr, I should warn you, this episode has one scene that you are not going to like
01[14:01] <@Froborr> Only one? =P
[14:01] <@Sylocat> I do have a redemptive reading of it, though, which I will share with you after
[14:01] <@Sylocat> Credits over
[14:01] <@Arrlaari> I’m paused at the end of the op?
01[14:01] <@Froborr> click
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Traumatic flashback?
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Oh, this is Folken delivering a report
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Explaining himself to these cretins
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Huh? An army of Escaflownes? I didn’t remember this
[14:02] <@Arrlaari> An army of escaflowne with laser shoulders
[14:03] <@Sylocat> Ah, this is Dornkirk’s paranoia
[14:03] <@Sylocat> What an episode title
01[14:04] <@Froborr> Using the Inevitable Love Triangle against the heroes? Hmm.
[14:04] <@Sylocat> Is Merle drunk?
01[14:04] <@Froborr> Judging by the red lines on her face, yes.
[14:04] <@Sylocat> “Seen my worth,” he says
[14:05] <@Sylocat> Heh… if they were up against a more conventional villain than Dornkirk, that would actually be pretty good thinking, and outside-the-box for a shounen series
[14:06] <@Sylocat> Oh, the jerkwad king is sick? I’d forgotten that too
[14:06] <@Arrlaari> He doesn’t make the obvious answer that he didn’t take her
[14:06] <@Arrlaari> He made a big thing out of not taking her and she ran off after him anyway
[14:07] <@Sylocat> I think he knows it’s not really relevant at this stage whether he actually took her or not
[14:08] <@mere_oblivion> Hitomi generally sez what I’m thinking at the time, in this case: What a liar you are, Millerna!
01[14:08] <@Froborr> Wait what? Didn’t you JUST SAY she’s being childish?
[14:09] <@Sylocat> “Oh, I want Allen and Millerna’s marrying Dryden so that means I have a… er… uh…”
01[14:09] <@Froborr> “Destiny levels rising”
01[14:09] <@Froborr> “chaos threshold”
01[14:09] <@Froborr> I love their tech.
[14:09] <@Sylocat> Folken knows his brother
[14:10] <@Sylocat> Yeah, the magic system in this show is awesome
[14:10] <@Sylocat> It’s like drinking coconut milk… it tastes terrible but it’s apparently a delicacy
[14:10] <@Sylocat> (er, the piscus, not the magic system_
01[14:10] <@Froborr> lol
[14:11] <@Sylocat> Ahahah… that’s her version of a spit take
01[14:11] <@Froborr> I think I need a map to this freaking love parallelipiped.
[14:12] <@Sylocat> Oh, Van… don’t try to cover for it now
[14:12] <@Sylocat> He can’t say he loves her, so he claims he just wants her power, and of course that is literally the last thing she wants to be wanted for right now
01[14:12] <@Froborr> Yep. Typicla anime love drama bs.
01[14:13] <@Froborr> I do like the mark on his cheek without actually showing the slap, though.
[14:13] <@Sylocat> I never noticed the gravestone designs before
01[14:13] <@Froborr> They’re ineresting. Like a cross between a Celtic cross and a fleur de lis.
[14:14] <@Sylocat> That’s a rare moment of self-awareness
[14:15] <@Sylocat> I’m surprised Dornkirk didn’t think of this application himself
01[14:15] <@Froborr> I don’t think he understands how people work very well.
[14:16] <@Sylocat> “It’s nice to take a walk in the rain.”
01[14:17] <@Froborr> I have a feeling I know what the scene I don’t like is going to entail.
[14:17] <@Arrlaari> This is pretty meta
[14:17] <@Sylocat> In the words of the Joker: “And here… we… go.”
[14:18] <@Sylocat> This isn’t a love triangle, it’s a love hexagon
01[14:18] <@Froborr> Oh man, her socks must be SOAKED.
01[14:18] <@Froborr> I HATE wet socks.
[14:19] <@Sylocat> Don’t we all
01[14:19] <@Froborr> I have a friend who doesn’t.
01[14:19] <@Froborr> At least, he’s argued that dirty socks are worse.
[14:20] <@Sylocat> They’re getting feedback
[14:21] <@Sylocat> So, Folken and Eriya triggered this… and Naria inadvertently summoned him to witness it
[14:21] <@Arrlaari> I figured Naria would be the princess
01[14:22] <@Froborr> I’m not 100% sure it was inadvertent–the whole point was to drive a wedge between Hitomi and Van, after all.
[14:22] <@Sylocat> Well, I don’t think Naria was entirely aware of how she was affecting it, at least.
01[14:22] <@Froborr> So, that’s… not as bad as I thought.
01[14:22] <@Froborr> That seems plausible, Sylo.
01[14:23] <@Froborr> First, it’s clearly depicted as being a horrific act by the villains.
01[14:23] <@Froborr> Second, it doesn’t go past kissing.
01[14:23] <@Froborr> Third… well, it’s a little ambiguous whether they were manipulating the characters’ emotions, or just creating the coincidental meeting in the rain at a moment when both (who were already attracted to one another) were feeling vulnerable and lonely.
01[14:24] <@Froborr> Admittedly, the bit where Hitomi starts to pull away and Folken and Eriya redouble their efforts makes that a difficult read to sustain.
[14:24] <@Arrlaari> Yeah, Folken and Eriya don’t make sense unless the engine is causing what they do to be what Allen and Hitomi do
01[14:25] <@Froborr> Which is really gross.
01[14:26] <@Froborr> But the show seems, so far at least, to be depicting it as being really gross?
[14:26] <@Sylocat> As for my reading… well, one of the main themes of this anime (at least, the magic-as-metaphor aspect of it) is deconstructing the “Destiny as Cheap Plot Railroading Device” that so many bad fantasy stories (and many non-fantasy stories) use, right?
[14:26] <@Sylocat> And if they’re doing that, then eventually they have to confront the Red String of Fate
01[14:26] <@Froborr> *nods*
01[14:26] <@Froborr> So this is depicting that concept as being really kind of horrific.
[14:26] <@Arrlaari> I definitely got a vibe that the villains are writing fanfic into canon with their Destiny Machine
01[14:26] <@Froborr> Which it is!
[14:26] <@Sylocat> And of course, when Dornkirk seizes hold of the Red String of Fate, of COURSE he’s going to abuse that in all the most horrific ways imaginable
01[14:27] <@Froborr> Right. It’s problematizing the Red String of Fate, which quite definitely deserves to be problematized.
01[14:28] <@Froborr> BRB, need to put my ice bottle back in the freezer.
01[14:30] <@Froborr> back
[14:30] <@Sylocat> And, given the metafiction-heavy aspect of it, Hitomi and Allen were replicating what fictional characters do… so the scene could be read as saying, “Hey, audience? Write your own love story instead of copying what TV shows do.” Maybe that’s a bit too much of a stretch though
01[14:30] <@Froborr> No, I think that’s a reasonable read of it.
01[14:30] <@Froborr> Though perhaps less aimed at audience members writing stories and more at their RL behavior.
01[14:30] <@Froborr> Remember this show is aimed at teens.
[14:31] <@Sylocat> Well, that’s what I meant by “write your own love story.”
01[14:31] <@Froborr> Ah, okay.
[14:31] <@Sylocat> Like, “write the love story that you are in.”
01[14:31] <@Froborr> *nods*
01[14:33] <@Froborr> So, MLP at 2:35?
[14:33] <@Sylocat> Alrighty then
[14:33] <@Arrlaari> Is dailymotion the site I used last week?
[14:33] <@Sylocat> I think so
[14:33] <@mere_oblivion> 2:35 central madtown time?
01[14:34] <@Froborr> No, EST.
[14:34] <@Sylocat> No, 1:35 central Madtown time
[14:34] <@Arrlaari> The site I used last week had extremely obnoxious rotating ads
[14:34] <@Sylocat> IE, in 1 minute
01[14:34] <@Froborr> I always block ads on DailyMotion.
[14:34] <@mere_oblivion> got it
01[14:34] <@Froborr> I only unblock them for legit sites that have actual licenses.
[14:34] <@Arrlaari> I don’t have an ad blocker set up
[14:35] <@Sylocat> Oh… there’s a YouTube link up now
[14:35] <@Arrlaari> Last week I laboriously used the inspect element function to manually delete the divs
[14:35] <@Sylocat> Push it back another 5 min?
01[14:35] <@Froborr> Arrlaari, do you need a bit more time?
[14:35] <@Arrlaari> I will if I have to use dailymotion
[14:35] <@Sylocat>
[14:36] <@Sylocat> I know I prefer YouTube
[14:36] <@Arrlaari> Youtube is good, we can go with this
[14:36] <@Arrlaari> I’m ready
01[14:36] <@Froborr> Ready.
03[14:36] * Sylocat changes topic to ‘Welcome to Rabbit Cube! Current weekly liveblogs: MLP Season 5. Current biweekly liveblogs: Vision of Escaflowne, Sailor Moon Crystal. MLP S05E03:’
[14:36] <@Sylocat> Alright… start at 38 past, then?
01[14:36] <@Froborr> Sure.
[14:36] <@Sylocat> (so we’ll be done exactly on the hour?)
01[14:36] <@Froborr> Sounds good.
[14:38] <@Sylocat> Click
[14:38] <@Sylocat> ..How did the animals get so dirty?
[14:38] <@mere_oblivion> Sorry, gotta run–house stuff.
[14:38] <@Sylocat> AHAHAH
02[14:38] * @mere_oblivion (46e2aeb5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[14:38] <@Sylocat> Take that, Angel
01[14:39] <@Froborr> Hmm, Twilight avoiding her castle? Unsurprising.
01[14:39] <@Froborr> So other than the castle near the end, are there any changes to the OP?
[14:39] <@Arrlaari> Angel’s face betokens vengance
01[14:39] <@Froborr> I haven’t noticed any.
[14:39] <@Sylocat> I think that’s the only change to the opening
[14:39] <@Sylocat> Ahahh…
[14:39] <@Sylocat> The static!
01[14:39] <@Froborr> Both names on this are new.
[14:39] <@Sylocat> Huh. Two new writers!
01[14:40] <@Froborr> Fluttershy is like, “Twilight! Go home!”
01[14:40] <@Froborr> I have been in that situation.
[14:40] <@Sylocat> So is this the episode where they deal with the loss of Golden Oak library?
01[14:40] <@Froborr> Dammit, now I want waffles.
[14:40] <@Sylocat> WHOA
01[14:41] <@Froborr> lol
[14:41] <@Sylocat> Ouch
01[14:41] <@Froborr> Actually there’s a traditional… German, I think? thing where you bake something unedible into a cake.
01[14:41] <@Froborr> Like a coin or something.
01[14:41] <@Froborr> Whoever finds it gets a prize.
[14:41] <@Sylocat> In England they do it with pudding
[14:41] <@Sylocat> Only on Christmas though, I think
01[14:42] <@Froborr> THat may be what I’m thinking of.
[14:42] <@Sylocat> Right, Twilight can walk on clouds now, I forgot
[14:42] <@Sylocat> Ah, THERE’S the measuring spoon
[14:42] <@Sylocat> Ahahh… Pinkie is sneakier than my cat
01[14:43] <@Froborr> See, this is why I don’t like the “Pinkie is fat” fanon. In my experience, people who eat a ton and move constantly are super-skinny. I like the idea of Rarity being fat much more.
[14:43] <@Sylocat> Also, where does she put the library in this place?
01[14:43] <@Froborr> Well, presumably very little of the library is left?
[14:44] <@Sylocat> She’s the book princess, there has to be a library
[14:44] <@Sylocat> Yikes… RD needs to go to Ciderholics Anonymous
01[14:44] <@Froborr> Spike has a plush Rarity?
01[14:44] <@Froborr> That’s SUPER creepy.
01[14:45] <@Froborr> I am SO buying makings for waffle sundaes tonight.
[14:45] <@Sylocat> Ooh, a song!
[14:45] <@Sylocat> Waffle sundaes? Remind me to Google a recipe for that
01[14:45] <@Froborr> It’s really complicated.
01[14:45] <@Froborr> You make a waffle, and then you make a sundae on top of it.
[14:45] <@Sylocat> “Complicated?” I make Stanley Tucci’s Timpano recipe every year for my New Year’s Eve party
[14:45] <@Arrlaari> So the obvious joke is that they are each making the castle they would want instead of what Twilight wants
01[14:46] <@Froborr> Yes, I was being sarcastic Sylo.
[14:46] <@Sylocat> Ah, of course, each of them is doing what THEY want it to look like
[14:46] <@Arrlaari> It’d be neat if they subverted that by having Twilight really like a castle that reminds her of her friends
01[14:46] <@Froborr> Yep.
[14:46] <@Sylocat> Ah… sorry, the last few months have completely fried my sarcasm detectors
[14:46] <@Sylocat> Of course, Twilight probably WOULD like at least one room customized by each of her friends
01[14:46] <@Froborr> …Fluttershy considers a BEAR appropriate home decor.
01[14:46] <@Froborr> She would, but not a whole castle.
01[14:47] <@Froborr> Yeah, that looks terrible, predictably.
[14:47] <@Sylocat> Oh, they actually KNOW it looks horrible? Right away?
[14:48] <@Sylocat> Ahahah… that’s Rainbow Dash’s version of being humble
[14:48] <@Sylocat> Ah, so they DIDN’T drag that bit out over the whole episode! Yay!
[14:49] <@Sylocat> Whoa… Rarity used SCREECH! It’s Super Effective!
[14:49] <@Sylocat> Ah, so the twist will be that Twilight actually likes it this way?
[14:50] <@Sylocat> GAH
01[14:50] <@Froborr> Dude, that hairstyle is so 80s!
01[14:50] <@Froborr> It borders on being tubular.
[14:50] <@Sylocat> Huh?
01[14:50] <@Froborr> Ah, so that’s Bulk Bicep’s job!
[14:50] <@Sylocat> Random cameo from Bulk Biceps
[14:51] <@Sylocat> Of course, now Twilight has an excuse to stick around there longer, and help repair that
[14:51] <@Arrlaari> That might have been a California thing
01[14:51] <@Froborr> I do love that Spike is barely visible in the corner of the portrait.
[14:51] <@Sylocat> Come on, the portrait is the thing that all of them have in common!
[14:52] <@Sylocat> Ouch
[14:52] <@Sylocat> I imagine it is, really
[14:52] <@Arrlaari> So I’m hoping Twilight is going to figure out that Spike is stalling
01[14:52] <@Froborr> Ahh, it’s still there.
[14:52] <@Sylocat> Wait, the castle isn’t at the same spot as the library was?
[14:53] <@Sylocat> I thought it sprung up at the same spot
01[14:53] <@Froborr> No, it’s outside the town, the library was in the center.
[14:53] <@Sylocat> Why is Spike gazing at the town hall?
[14:53] <@Arrlaari> That was a very good joke, about babies
[14:53] <@Sylocat> Ahahah… that’s actually a good pint, babies ARE horrible sleepers
[14:54] <@Sylocat> I do like that they keep all the spats reasonably short
01[14:54] <@Froborr> Yeah.
01[14:54] <@Froborr> Also, good Fluttershy joke.
[14:55] <@Sylocat> Whoa, a callback!
[14:55] <@Sylocat> Ooh, a bunch of callbacks!
01[14:55] <@Froborr> Whoa, S1 callbacks everywhere.
01[14:55] <@Froborr> And then S4.
[14:56] <@Sylocat> …I’m still not clear why Spike is staring at the town hall
01[14:56] <@Froborr> He’s looking at the sun!
[14:56] <@Sylocat> Oh
[14:56] <@Arrlaari> Looking where the sun would be if it hadn’t just set
[14:57] <@Sylocat> …I assumed the castle was supposed to be a new library
01[14:57] <@Froborr> I love when this show, created solely to sell toys, has anti-capitalist themes.
[14:57] <@Sylocat> Yeah… that’s why SSCS6K is one of my favorite episodes (that, and the song)
[14:58] <@Sylocat> WHOA
[14:58] <@Sylocat> …How does this even work?
[14:58] <@Sylocat> Gems that show memories?
01[14:58] <@Froborr> D’aww.
[14:58] <@Arrlaari> Rarity probably magicked photoes into the gems
[14:59] <@Sylocat> Okay, now I want to make THAT.
[14:59] <@Sylocat> That was sweet
01[14:59] <@Froborr> So she did get a room for each of them.
01[14:59] <@Froborr> Yeah, that was a really cute, sweet episode.
[14:59] <@Sylocat> It was even in the title
[15:01] <@Arrlaari> What was the title?
[15:01] <@Sylocat> “Castle Sweet Castle,” I think
[15:03] <@Sylocat> I’m still waiting for them to put in a library, though
[15:03] <@Arrlaari> Rainbow Dash says she left posters in the library, which therefore must already exist
[15:04] <@Sylocat> Oh… I missed that line!

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