Escaflowne Ep 16 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

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I won’t be here today, so if one of you could copy-pasta the chatlog into the comments I’d much appreciate. Remember the comments field likes to eat angle brackets, so Sylocat please set Op on everyone, or failing that whoever copypastas should do a search-replace of <@ for < before putting in the comments field.
I’ll update this with my own comments when I watch the episode.
ETA 3/20: Finally watched it! Chatlog (just me–everyone else is in the comments) below the cut!

01[21:39] <Froborr> Okay, seeing as it’s liveblog day tomorrow, I figure I’d better get off my butt and watch the next ep of Escaflowne.
01[21:39] <Froborr> Last time… something something and then catgirls I think?
01[21:40] <Froborr> Okay… who is this guy?
01[21:40] <Froborr> Whatsisface’s father?
01[21:40] <Froborr> And… kimono and pinwheel.
01[21:40] <Froborr> Oooooookayyy…
01[21:42] <Froborr> That guy, that’s who I mean by whatsisface!
01[21:42] <Froborr> Not!Setzer!
01[21:42] <Froborr> Dryden, that’s it.
01[21:42] <Froborr> Wait, no, it’s Allen’s father, Dryden’s just got his journals or something.
01[21:43] <Froborr> Wait, so it’s simultaneously Atlantis AND Asgard?
01[21:44] <Froborr> We’re getting out-of-sequence unmarked flashbacks, aren’t we?
01[21:46] <Froborr> Great, now Dryden and Allen are playing the “whose daddy is worse game.”
01[21:46] <Froborr> Meanwhile, on Earth…
01[21:46] <Froborr> Hitomi’s friends are more worried about her being missing than her mom is. Great.
01[21:46] <Froborr> Oh no, her mom is just being psychic and/or stoic.
01[21:48] <Froborr> So there IS someone else who
01[21:48] <Froborr> Wait.]
01[21:48] <Froborr> Was that the freking EMPEROR?
01[21:48] <Froborr> Ah, the girl with the pinwheel.
01[21:48] <Froborr> Was Hitomi’s grandma, not the Emperor.
01[21:48] <Froborr> Thoguh that would be oen heck of a plot twist!
01[21:49] <Froborr> And like most “psychics,” Hitomi has a great talent for seeing visions of things she already knows.
01[21:50] <Froborr> Allen’s dad is Hitomi’s granddad, isn’t he?
01[21:51] <Froborr> That’s where this is headed.
01[21:51] <Froborr> Though it implies that either Allen is WAY older than he looks, or time flows differently in the two worlds.
01[21:51] <Froborr> Or they’re not happening at the same time at all.
01[21:52] <Froborr> Yes, Folken is “ill” with two catgirls.
01[21:52] <Froborr> Oh, Dilandau is the one that’s ill. Sorry, ambiguous wording.
01[21:52] <Froborr> “Fate alteration?” That sounds ominous.
01[21:53] <Froborr> Or the EMPEROR is Hitomi’s granddad! Dun dun dun!
01[21:55] <Froborr> Yeah, Allen, because a man who abandons his family is SO MUCH WORSE than somebody who, uh, sleeps with someone else’s wife and then ignores his illegitimate son… oh wait…
01[21:56] <Froborr> Oh, right, and now Van sees them holding each other because turbulence and Love Triangle Bullshit ™ ensues.
01[21:57] <Froborr> And Dryden’s all, “Meh, whatever” about it, I did enjoy that touch.
01[21:58] <Froborr> On the one hand, i’m really glad the catgirl fad ended. On the other, it was basically replaced by moe, which is 10 billion times worse.
01[21:59] <Froborr> Oh no, the budget ran out!
01[21:59] <Froborr> Still-frame voiceovers GO!
01[21:59] <Froborr> And then Stuff Happens.
01[21:59] <Froborr> Oh, of COURSE Atlantis is another world.
01[22:00] <Froborr> Is it on Earth, I wonder? Or somewhere else?
01[22:00] <Froborr> Anyway, yeah, pretty decent expo-dump ep.

One thought on “Escaflowne Ep 16 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. [11:00] (Sylocat) Click
    [11:02] (Sylocat) I am looking forward to seeing Froborr’s reactions to this..
    [11:02] (Arrlaari) That is not safe rock climbing practice
    [11:02] (Sylocat) Well, Allen’s dad was a bit of a thrillseeker, to put it mildly
    [11:02] (Sylocat) Ah yes, Folken’s twin catgirl mecha pilots
    [11:02] (Arrlaari) Okay, I know that highlighting doesn’t match up because “the” is a grammatical type that doesn’t exist in japanese grammar
    [11:03] (Sylocat) Another problem in Hitomi’s wheelhouse
    [11:04] (Sylocat) I still can’t believe Dryden is the same VA as Akio… I don’t hear it at all
    [11:04] (Sylocat) Ouc
    [11:04] (Sylocat) h
    [11:05] (Sylocat) Ahahah… he lampshades how weird it is that all these important people just happened to wind up together
    [11:05] (Sylocat) (but that might not be a coincidence after all…)
    [11:05] (Sylocat) Allen looks so cute when he’s pouting
    [11:05] (Sylocat) Is this part of the flashback?
    [11:06] (Sylocat) Yes, yes it is
    [11:06] (Sylocat) And he was determined, too
    [11:06] (Arrlaari) Allen’s dad was a harsh man
    [11:07] (Sylocat) All the mythological-place namedropping is kida confusing
    [11:07] (Sylocat) Ahah… Dryden saying he admires Allen’s dad… nice touch
    [11:08] (Sylocat) Dryden does have unorthodox solutions to a number of problems
    [11:08] (Sylocat) Oh… right, Yukari and Amano from back home
    [11:08] (Arrlaari) Oh hey, Earth is still a thing
    [11:08] (Arrlaari) Mom totally knows about gaea
    [11:10] (Arrlaari) Well, that shot of Isaac looks like the Emperor
    [11:10] (Sylocat) Yes, yes she does… but not firsthand
    [11:10] (Arrlaari) I think we’ve heard the Emperor’s name
    [11:10] (Arrlaari) Oh, the norms are getting the story
    [11:10] (Sylocat) The Emperor’s name is Dornkirk… but he did say he remembers Earth from long ago
    [11:10] (Arrlaari) Isaac is probably Isaac Dunkirk
    [11:10] (Sylocat) Ahah… I’d forgotten they revealed that this early
    [11:11] (Sylocat) And look who it is
    [11:12] (Sylocat) Wearing a Summer Kimono and carrying a pinwheel
    [11:12] (Sylocat) The plot thickens
    [11:12] (Arrlaari) Seriously, she was only there for like five minutes?
    [11:13] (Sylocat) Well… it may have been there for longer, presumably they talked offscreen
    [11:13] (Sylocat) Oh… yeah, Dilandau… how’s he doing, anyway?
    [11:13] (Sylocat) Answer: Not very good
    [11:14] (Sylocat) “Fate alteration.” Sound ominous?
    [11:14] (Sylocat) “moor?” I thought moors were swampy
    [11:15] (Sylocat) Though it’s hard to tell
    [11:15] (Sylocat) Ouch
    [11:16] (Sylocat) Yeah, Dryden’s got an ego on him
    [11:17] (Sylocat) This is just a cold reading on Hitomi’s part
    [11:17] (Sylocat) Daddy issues on this level aren’t too difficult to diagnose
    [11:18] (Sylocat) Awww
    [11:18] (Arrlaari) Is this setting up for a goofy misunderstanding?
    [11:18] (Arrlaari) Weak
    [11:18] (Sylocat) Thankfully they didn’t spend too much time on that
    [11:19] (Sylocat) Uh, Dryden, I wouldn’t fly into a giant bright light like that…
    [11:19] (Sylocat) Though apparently it does work
    [11:19] (Arrlaari) The journal said about this
    [11:19] (Sylocat) Oh shit
    [11:20] (Sylocat) Uh oh… Van’s gonna have to go out in Escaflowne to face them
    [11:20] (Sylocat) Or is he?
    [11:21] (Sylocat) Uh oh
    [11:21] (Sylocat) Oh… I was expecting the evil catgirl twins to be carried off along with them
    [11:21] (Sylocat) So yeah… that’s where we leave off
    [11:21] (Sylocat) Whatcha think?
    [11:23] (Arrlaari) The Final Fantasy 6 intensifies
    [11:23] (Sylocat) Aah… there are indeed parallels
    [11:25] (Sylocat) Hitomi is Terra, Van is Edgar and/or Sabin, Allen is… uh… well, Dryden is Setzer… Dilandau is Kefka, Folken is Leo, Dornkirk is Gestahl
    [11:26] (Sylocat) But topically, I think there’s also a parallel with Discworld…
    [11:26] (Sylocat) Anyway, though
    [11:27] (Arrlaari) This episode moves the plot forward but doesn’t really tell us anything about characters that we didn’t already know
    [11:27] (Sylocat) Ooh, I just googled “Isaac Dunkirk.” I always did wonder how they came up with the name “Dornkirk,” and it may indeed be a clue
    [11:28] (Arrlaari) I guess Froborr and I had better not google Isaac Dunkirk for a while
    [11:28] (Sylocat) Well, right now they’re a little more focused on answering Plot™ questions before the next big character moment begins
    [11:30] (Sylocat) For a moment I thought you meant there was some person actually named Isaac Dunkirk, and no there isn’t… but Googling the word combo gave a nice in-joke
    [11:31] (Arrlaari) I thought the Emperor’s name was Dunkirk instead of “Dornkirk” which might be a corruption
    [11:31] (Sylocat) Well, it’s one of those sound-alike fantasy names, presumably
    [11:32] (Sylocat) (if that was the inspiration)
    [11:34] (Sylocat) Ah… I just re-watched the first scene in the third episode where we heard Dornkirk’s name… the Katakana is “Do-ru-n-kaa-ku,” so the “r” is definitely supposed to be there

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