No Fiction Friday today

Got some very bad news last night, and I just can’t. Even posting another XS fanfic segment isn’t doable, because it’s the end of the chapter and I’d have to add the playlist and explain about each song and blargh.
Regular posting resumes tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “No Fiction Friday today

  1. To cheer you up, someone on reddit posted this:
    And half the comments were, of course, discussing the matchups and parallels, and who else might correspond to who. I commented:

    Huh. I was just re-watching Azumanga Daioh the other day and thinking about how the main six of that anime corresponded to the Mane Six… I disagree with the matchups here, though:
    1. Fluttershy is totally Sakaki. She’s painfully shy, obsessed with cute animals, and often unintentionally scary and imposing despite her continual efforts to the contrary.
    2. Pinkie Pie is Tomo, the hyperactive and exuberant party animal whose seemingly-boundless energy and enthusiasm frequently exhausts her friends.
    3. Rainbow Dash is Kagura, the brash and ultra-competitive athlete who approaches everything like a contest and doesn’t quite seem to understand that others don’t necessarily do the same.
    4. Twilight is Chiyo, the brilliant but naive and easily-spooked (at first) prodigy from a well-connected background who starts out as the fish out of water.
    5. Applejack is Yomi, the overly-sensible one who would probably make the best IRL friend, but who is therefore somewhat boring to watch onscreen.
    6. That leaves Rarity for Osaka, which is a bit of a stretch… but then, comparing Osaka to any other fictional character in anything ever is a bit of a stretch. Maybe switch out Rarity and Pinkie Pie?
    As for the teachers, Celestia is obviously Nyamo, the long-suffering mature and sensible one, while Luna is the loud, melodramatic and hot-tempered Yukari. And of course, Mr. Kimura is Discord.
    In this arrangement, Spike would be Mr. Tadakichi, which… okay, kind of weird. Maybe he’s Kaorin? And Angel Bunny is Kamineko, which is appropriate since Kamineko is the second most vile animal mascot in all of anime, eclipsed only by Kyubey.

    (WordPress doesn’t have a preview or edit option, so let’s hope I typed this right…)

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