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Chatlog below the cut!


[14:02] <@Sylocat> When we last left off, Van had gone into Anger-Leads-To-Hate-Etcetera mode and used his synch-speed boost to butcher Dilandau’s squad in the most horrifying ways imaginable, then their ghosts had showed up and dragged him somewhere
[14:02] <Arrlaari> It’s not the *most* horrifying ways imagineable
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Well, no, I guess not
[14:02] <Arrlaari> But it was explicit combat wounds
[14:02] <@Sylocat> Ah, so HERE’S where the dead go in this world
[14:03] <Arrlaari> These are all soldiers
[14:03] <@Sylocat> (but the show framed it in an exceptionally horrifying way)
[14:03] <Arrlaari> Don’t see people dead of old age marching here
[14:03] <@Sylocat> Well, a lot of soldiers just got massacred pretty recently
[14:03] <@Sylocat> I imagine a lot of the recent influx would be them
[14:03] <@Sylocat> Or maybe it’s just those who died in battle
[14:04] <@Sylocat> Guess where she is
[14:04] <@Sylocat> Did I get disconnected again?
[14:05] <Arrlaari> No
01[14:05] <Froborr> No, I’ve just been quiet.
[14:05] <@Sylocat> Just checking… my connection has been fritzy lately
[14:06] <@Sylocat> Oh, Merle
[14:07] <@Sylocat> Ah, the highlights in his eyes came back… he’s better now
[14:07] <Arrlaari> Excessively waterlike lava there
[14:07] <@Sylocat> I’d forgotten it only takes half an episode to get him out of there… I thought it took the whole thing
[14:07] <@Sylocat> Oops…
[14:08] <@Sylocat> Meanwhile…
[14:08] <@Sylocat> *ominous voice* That was weird, wasn’t it?
01[14:09] <Froborr> Just a bit, yeah.
[14:10] <@Sylocat> Young Allen looks like a Final Fantasy hero
01[14:10] <Froborr> So who is this kicking BB Allen’s ass?
01[14:11] <Froborr> Oh! That guy!
[14:11] <@Sylocat> Balgus
[14:11] <Arrlaari> Of course it was Balgus.
[14:11] <@Sylocat> “Nice,” huh?
01[14:12] <Froborr> Yes, how… fiendish?
[14:12] <@Sylocat> Yeah, the fact that he’s terrific and everyone looks up to him is exactly why a shounen hero WON’T listen to him
[14:12] <@Sylocat> Yeah, that was a weird translation
[14:12] <@Sylocat> Oh yes, Dryden… I’d forgotten about him
[14:13] <@Sylocat> I still think he sounds more like Greed than Akio
01[14:13] <Froborr> Right now he definitely does.
[14:13] <@Sylocat> Ooh, backstory!
01[14:14] <Froborr> I like the venom with which Allen refers to his father as a “celebrity”
[14:15] <@Sylocat> Oh, the “I have this friend” line
01[14:15] <Froborr> Oh no. We’re going to get Anime Love Confusion Nonsense ™ aren’t we?
[14:15] <@Sylocat> But Hitomi knows that Allen is Chid’s father… she learned it with the tarot cards
01[14:16] <Froborr> Yeah, it makes no sense for Hitomi to not know what Millerna’s talking about.
01[14:16] <Froborr> lol Moleman
[14:16] <@Sylocat> Ahahah… Mole Man lightens the mood a bit
[14:17] <@Sylocat> Ooh, I’d forgotten about these two
01[14:17] <Froborr> Evil catgirls, because of course evil catgirls.
01[14:17] <Froborr> Hello there, 1990s.
[14:17] <@Sylocat> They get right down to business, don’t they? No small talk
[14:18] <@Sylocat> Uh oh… Van’s going to try and fight before he’s worked through his guilt and trauma?
[14:18] <Arrlaari> It looks like he’s doing the run from his friends so the enemy will chase him play
[14:18] <@Sylocat> Ah, that stunt he pulled with Dilandau before
01[14:18] <Froborr> Which is, of course, consistent with guilt and trauma.
[14:18] <Arrlaari> He didn’t get far
01[14:19] <Froborr> Their mecha hair is SO 90s, it’s hilarious.
[14:19] <@Sylocat> Ohhh yeah
01[14:19] <Froborr> It’s like something out of an Image comic.
[14:20] <@Sylocat> Oh… flashback time
01[14:20] <Froborr> Since when do CATS have an Ape Must Never Kill Ape policy?
[14:21] <@Sylocat> Well, this world is a bizarre one, even by fantasy realm standards…
[14:21] <Arrlaari> It looked like they were motivated by a more specific memory than that
[14:21] <@Sylocat> Yeah… that flashback, when they were kids, or kittens or whatever
01[14:21] <Froborr> Yeah, but the “well, she is a cat” through me.
[14:22] <@Sylocat> Maybe they were commenting on her loyalty?
[14:22] <Arrlaari> I got the sense that was referring to her behavior rather than their decision
01[14:22] <Froborr> Wait, are you telling me that hte lost secrets to Atlantis lie in the legendary home of the survivors of Atlantis, AND NO ONE THOUGHT TO CHECK THERE BEFORE NOW?
[14:22] <Arrlaari> Well, if the Atlanteans are cursed it stands to reason that their valley is also cursed
[14:23] <Arrlaari> I mean, the entries in Allen’s father’s log regarding it are the *last* entries
01[14:23] <Froborr> True.
01[14:23] <Froborr> Oh, before I forget: MLP starts new episodes first weekend in April.
[14:23] <@Sylocat> Really?
[14:23] <@Sylocat> Whoa
[14:23] <Arrlaari> I mean, maybe Zaibach is willing to fuck around in there but anyone else is giving it a wide bearth
01[14:23] <Froborr> That’s not unreasonable.
[14:24] <@Sylocat> It’s also possible that many travelers HAVE gone to the Mystic Valley, but they didn’t find anything because they didn’t have a journal telling them where to look
01[14:24] <Froborr> Plausible under fantasy realm rules.
01[14:24] <Froborr> Anyway, my thinking is that while it’s airing new eps, we watch two eps per week–one MLP, and alternating SMC and Excaflowne.
[14:25] <@Sylocat> That works
01[14:26] <Froborr> However, I won’t be here for the premiere, because Anime Boston.
[14:26] <@Sylocat> Ouch
01[14:26] <Froborr> Eh, it’s always that way.
[14:26] <@Sylocat> True
01[14:26] <Froborr> Every year it’s the first episode of SOME show I’m following, usually either Doctor Who or MLP.
01[14:27] <Froborr> It’s also, with the exception of the year it was my birthday, ALWAYS on Passover.
01[14:27] <Froborr> Well, during Passover, it’s only once that’s it’s actually been the first night during the con.
01[14:28] <Froborr> But it’s got the best panel audiences of any con I’ve been to.
01[14:29] <Froborr> Anyway, SMC in 1 minute?
[14:29] <@Sylocat> Sure…
[14:29] <@Sylocat> Thoughts on the Escaflowne ep?
01[14:29] <Froborr> It felt a bit like treading water to me.
[14:29] <Arrlaari> Did I ever tell you about the time my grandmother and mother had a conversation about hearing it was passover and not understanding because they’d forgotten that Passover is more than one day?
01[14:29] <Froborr> Lol, gentiles.
[14:29] <Arrlaari> They resolved the cliffhanger pretty quickly and then introduced a bunch of new threads
01[14:30] <Froborr> Sort of, I guess?
01[14:30] <Froborr> I mean, the characterization stuff was all pretty standard-issue Noble Manly Warrior Cult.
[14:30] <Arrlaari> It’s all vague stuff – we can infer that vision was the destruction of Atlantis, then there was Dilandau’s memory, and the thing with the cats
[14:30] <Arrlaari> And the journal with unspecified hints pointing Team Escaflowne towards the next adventure zone
01[14:31] <Froborr> The vagueness is kind of my problem–I would rather they have had actual stuff happening in one or two threads than vague hints of fifty.

Sailor Moon Crystal

[14:32] <@Sylocat> So, when we left off, Sailor Mercury had been abducted too
[14:32] <Arrlaari> In the old anime I’m pretty sure Rubeus’ baggy pants weren’t camo patterned
[14:33] <@Sylocat> Were the Spectre Sisters in the old anime?
[14:33] <Arrlaari> Yeah, they were actually a bigger deal because they didn’t each die in their first episode facing the scouts
[14:34] <Arrlaari> They were more like the Shittenou, sending “Droids” against the scouts
01[14:34] <Froborr> Yeah, at this point I’d be pretty freaked out too.
[14:34] <@Sylocat> Oh yeesh
[14:34] <@Sylocat> Jealousy
01[14:35] <Froborr> Hey, Chibisagi was not completely horrible for once!
01[14:35] <Froborr> Okay, I’ve officially ruled out Alternate Universe Sailor Moon as a possibility.
[14:36] <@Sylocat> In the old anime, wasn’t she their kid?
01[14:36] <Froborr> Well, fuck.
01[14:36] <Froborr> I DIDN’T KNOW THAT.
[14:36] <@Sylocat> I could be remembering it wrong
01[14:36] <Froborr> It is my leading possibility now though.
[14:36] <@Sylocat> Also it’s possible they made up a new explanation
01[14:36] <Froborr> Since she clearly knows and has some kind of relationship with “her” Tuxedo Molester.
[14:36] <Arrlaari> Sylocat, even if you aren’t sure, you definitely shouldn’t have mentioned it in front of Froborr
[14:37] <@Sylocat> Oops… sorry
01[14:37] <Froborr> Anyway… I was rulign it out because she’d have to know what an arcade is.
[14:37] <@Sylocat> But given that she’s acting like she has a crush on Tuxedo Fedora, I’m inclined to think there’s some other explanation in this one
[14:38] <@Sylocat> Keyboard cats!
01[14:38] <Froborr> But if she’s from the future, she wouldn’t, because when did you last see an arcade.
[14:38] <@Sylocat> …
01[14:38] <Froborr> ad.
01[14:39] <Froborr> Pepto-Bismol ad? really?
[14:39] <@Sylocat> Sorry about that…
01[14:39] <Froborr> Pepto-Bismol is the worst, every time I’ve tried it it’s made it WAY worse.
01[14:39] <Froborr> It’s not a big deal Sylo, it’s not entirely reasonable to be upset about 20-year-old spoilers.
01[14:40] <Froborr> back.
[14:40] <@Sylocat> Thanks…
01[14:40] <Froborr> Also, re: the crush: that doesn’t rule out him being the dad, given the creepy-ass way they paralleled Mamoru and Usagi’s dad in that one episode.
01[14:41] <Froborr> Okay, that was CLEARLY her watching Moon and Mask together.
[14:41] <@Sylocat> True indeed
01[14:41] <Froborr> She’s either their kid or
01[14:41] <Froborr> Possibility I hadn’t thought of, she’s from the PAST.
01[14:41] <Froborr> Namely, Sailor Moon’s little sister from umpteen thousand years ago.
[14:41] <@Sylocat> “Pluto?” She’s connected to Pluto?
[14:42] <@Sylocat> Gee, she’s being subtle
01[14:43] <Froborr> Wait, are the scouts immortal?
01[14:43] <Froborr> Is that the implication here?
[14:43] <@Sylocat> Wiseman’s voice in the sub is weird
01[14:44] <Froborr> I thought I was being so clever with the character whose magical girl form never aged but her normal form did!
[14:44] <Arrlaari> The last episode had an operation named re-something, didn’t it?
01[14:44] <Froborr> Aren’t they all Renew?
01[14:44] <Froborr> They’re all re-something.
[14:45] <@Sylocat> “Attached?” She cast a spell to make herself Usagi’s sister
01[14:45] <Froborr> Wait, is this the guy from the arcade?
01[14:46] <Froborr> It would be hilarious if this guy never showed up again.
01[14:46] <Froborr> No, it’s not the arcade guy.
[14:46] <@Sylocat> Yeah, he was that weird guy from last episode
01[14:46] <Froborr> I guess it’s just th guy of the week.
[14:46] <@Sylocat> Makoto’s friend
[14:47] <@Sylocat> Wait, she’s static-y when she gets a cold? Is she Pikachu?
[14:47] <Arrlaari> Makoto being electric when she’s sick is a neat thing
01[14:47] <Froborr> Ad.
01[14:47] <Froborr> And yes, I like it.
[14:47] <Arrlaari> I have no memory of this kid from the old show, or anything like him seeing the weird conversation earlier
[14:47] <@Sylocat> It discourages unwanted touching
01[14:47] <Froborr> “Yeah, it’s a little annoying. We’re trying to do Greek and Japanese elemental associations for the planets simultaneously, so I’m stuck being electric AND raising plants.”
[14:48] <@Sylocat> Yeah, I’m not sure this guy was in the old anime
01[14:48] <Froborr> Back.
[14:48] <@Sylocat> And I am curious as to what his deal is
01[14:48] <Froborr> Oh, crop circles.
[14:48] <@Sylocat> I don’t think he’s evil, or if he is, he’s not with the Jewel Princes
01[14:48] <Froborr> Serious contender for all-time great pranks.
[14:49] <@Sylocat> Oh yes, crop circles
[14:49] <@Sylocat> They’re an art form
[14:49] <@Sylocat> Wait, is he a Sailor Scout?
01[14:49] <Froborr> “Oh, we’re perfectly human, we’re just reincarnated from aliens.”
01[14:49] <Froborr> Whoa.
[14:49] <@Sylocat> Is he going to turn into a girl and fight crime? That’d be awesome
01[14:49] <Froborr> Makoto has a crush.
[14:49] <@Sylocat> (probably not, but still, that’d be cool)
[14:50] <@Sylocat> He’s certainly taking it… in stride
01[14:50] <Froborr> This scene is adorable.
[14:51] <@Sylocat> Indeed
01[14:51] <Froborr> And WAY more romantic than anything between Usagi and Tuxedo Fedora.
[14:51] <@Sylocat> I agree… I’m almost rooting for this guy
[14:51] <@Sylocat> (mainly because I’m eager for them to get over the Rock Knights)
[14:52] <@Sylocat> Yikes… Makoto’s REALLY sick
01[14:52] <Froborr> Okay, so the big question is whether she is ACTUALLY sick, or thi sis their attack.
[14:52] <@Sylocat> This is getting scary
01[14:52] <Froborr> I could see it going either way.
01[14:52] <Froborr> Oh, okay, it was an attack.
[14:52] <@Sylocat> Oh, they are EVIL
01[14:52] <Froborr> Bioweapons are PRETTY BAD, yeah.
[14:52] <@Sylocat> “Replace?” Oh yikes, it’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers!
[14:53] <@Sylocat> This is a creepy one
01[14:53] <Froborr> Hell yeah, Makoto Kick!
01[14:53] <Froborr> I mean, let’s be fair, the only way they COULD capture her is if she were severely ill.
[14:53] <Arrlaari> I was going to say, a cold is a pretty tame bioweapon
[14:53] <Arrlaari> but taking advantage of it to murder people in their homes is harsh
01[14:53] <Froborr> It’s really not though, if you think about it.
01[14:54] <Froborr> Make it bad enough that people *need* medical treatment, but not so bad that the government is justified just writing them off.
[14:54] <@Sylocat> Yeah… Japan, like most of the world, has better health care than we do, but even their system has its chokepoints
01[14:54] <Froborr> Now you’d done way more short-term economic damage than simply killing them, and you get to claim the moral high ground.
01[14:55] <Froborr> Those circles on her breastplate are unfortunately placed.
[14:55] <@Sylocat> Yes, yes they are…
01[14:55] <Froborr> ad
[14:55] <Arrlaari> She has tit eyes
01[14:55] <Froborr> MIDSENTENCE ad.
[14:56] <@Sylocat> Automatic ad placement is weird
[14:56] <@Sylocat> (in case that wasn’t clear enough already)
01[14:57] <Froborr> back
[14:57] <@Sylocat> Do their new powers have any discernible rules?
[14:58] <@Sylocat> And we know the drill… he shows up and nabs her
01[14:58] <Froborr> Did their old powers?
01[14:58] <Froborr> (The answer to both is no, basically.)
01[14:58] <Froborr> And yeah, like I said, if she hadn’t gotten sick they never could have taken her.
01[14:58] <Froborr> Man, what is it with Jupiter-focus episodes?
01[14:59] <Froborr> Just like last arc, that was NOTABLY better than the last few episodes.
[14:59] <@Sylocat> Indeed
[14:59] <Arrlaari> The secret is: They focus on Jupiter.
01[14:59] <Froborr> It’s interesting, because I actually like Mercury better?
[14:59] <@Sylocat> I’ve noticed Jupiter is the bruiser-class of the lot, fighting more with brute force than acrobatics or tactics or artful spells
01[15:00] <Froborr> But the personality traits they’ve given Jupiter help mitigate the show’s major flaws.
[15:00] <Arrlaari> The Mercury vs. Belthier episode was very good in the old anime
01[15:01] <Froborr> Okay, the Next Episode preview just had Chibi-Usa saying “Mama…” over an image of Sailor Moon, I think it’s basically confirmed.
01[15:01] <Froborr> Those flaws, IMO, are that it hews very strongly to traditional gender roles and a frankly disturbing fairytale conception of romance.
01[15:02] <Froborr> But Makoto challenges both of those by being the bruiser of the group.
01[15:02] <Froborr> And by having this sort of gruff elder warrior vibe to her.
01[15:03] <Froborr> I like it.
01[15:03] <Froborr> Anyway, yeah, this was a really good episode, and I love that there’s now this ordinary guy who has only the vaguest notion what’s going on, but HAS started to nnotice shit is going on.
01[15:03] <Froborr> And he and Makoto are cute together, I’m okay with getting more of that.
[15:04] <Arrlaari> I can’t recall the name of the two friends from the first season
01[15:04] <Froborr> Especially since, like you said, it means getting away from the awful Rock Quartet matchups.
[15:04] <Arrlaari> Swirly glasses guy and normal girl
[15:04] <@Sylocat> Naru showed up last episode
01[15:04] <Froborr> I know the English name of one of them just because there is a gag among my friends.
[15:04] <@Sylocat> Really? What was it?
01[15:04] <Froborr> “I’m Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” with Molly’s name drawled out in the worst Boston accent you can manage.
01[15:05] <Froborr> Apparently she has a REALLY strong accent in the dub of the old anime.
[15:05] <Arrlaari> Naru was the victim of the week at least once a season and had a romance arc with Nephrite (he died for love) so she wound up having a sense that something was going on
[15:05] <@Sylocat> Oh yikes
[15:05] <@Sylocat> I’d almost forgotten that
[15:05] <Arrlaari> but she never asked ay of the scouts about it
[15:06] <@Sylocat> I remembered the romance with Nephlite
[15:06] <@Sylocat> But then she hooked up with swirly glasses guy
[15:06] <Arrlaari> That turned out a lot better than I expected it to
01[15:06] <Froborr> I guess Naru is basically the Twist of this series.
01[15:07] <Froborr> “Sorry, person who was established as my best friend early on, I have main-character friends now, so we can never spend time together again.”
01[15:07] <Froborr> (I’m referring to Twist from MLP, from Apple Bloom’s first episode, if that wasn’t obvious.)
[15:07] <Arrlaari> Yeah, they actually do a much better job of keeping Naru and swirly glasses in Usagi’s orbit in the old show
[15:07] <@Sylocat> Oh, I remember Twist
01[15:08] <Froborr> Anyway, other thoughts on the episode?
[15:09] <@Sylocat> I think it’s mostly been said
[15:09] <Arrlaari> It’s interesting that the Droids are putty-like mooks – in the old show the Black Moon used monsters of the week and those were called droids
[15:11] <Arrlaari> (by “putty-like” I’m referring to the disposable golems Rita Repulsa and Lord Zed mass produced to fight the Power Rangers)
[15:11] <@Sylocat> Ah yes, the putty patrollers
01[15:11] <Froborr> I figured you probably were not talking abotu Patrick Warburton’s character in Seinfeld.

One thought on “Escaflowne Ep 15 and Sailor Moon Crystal ep 17 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. I didn’t notice this at the time, but Froborr misunderstood the reason my grandmother and mother forgetting that there’s more than one day of Passover is a story. That reason is: they’re not gentiles.

    My aunt hosts the Seder every year. So naturally we were quite certain that Passover had already happened – we’d all been to the Seder! But on the radio someone had said that it was Passover that day. It didn’t make sense! But then I remembered that matzo would hang around for about a week at my college dining halls and pointed out that there’s probably more than one day of Passover.


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