My Little Po-Mo vol. 3 Book Exclusives

The Kickstarter was a success and volume 4 is a go! That means it’s time to vote on additional content for the book!

First, here’s a list of what I’m planning to put in:

  • All existing Fanworks Month and Derivative Works Month articles, revised to include things like updates to ongoing works since I last covered them, general improvements to the articles, complete rewrites for ones that suck (the one on Background Pony for instance).
  • Something on Mega Pony, possibly the collaborative article with Fresno, possibly something else
  • Something on Doctor Whooves as a phenomenon, possibly my guest post for TARDIS Eruditorum, possibly something else
  • A piece on Rainbow Rocks
  • A piece on Fallout: Equestria

So that leaves room for at least one more derivative work. I’ve looked over the lists of suggestions and put together a top 3 for you all to vote on. Please comment with which ONE of the following you would most like to see me cover:

  • Ponies: The Anthology
  • The IDW comic #17-20

6 thoughts on “My Little Po-Mo vol. 3 Book Exclusives

  1. I’d love to see our Mega Pony collab in the book, though I get if you want to write your own take on it as well. It’s your book, after all.

    Anyway, my vote goes to


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