Projects Update

  • The My Little Po-Mo Kickstarter is at 77 percent! Just a little more love to push it over the top!
  • As of yesterday I’ve completed the last round of edits to The Very Soil! I’ll be working on formatting for print and e-book versions this weekend. Once that is done, I can give the final, exact spine thickness to the cover designer, and once that’s done it goes into the publish process. Which takes a couple of weeks, so… Yeah, I missed February. Sorry.
  • Those of you following the Patreon may have noticed I’m a bit behind on Steven Universe vlogs. I’ve recorded the next two vlogs (covering episodes 7-12), I just haven’t had time to edit and render. Expect them up tonight. As always, Patreon backers at $5 or up can see them immediately, while everyone else has to wait a few weeks for me to post them here.
  • The next Near-Apocalypse post on the Patreon will probably be up by Saturday as usual, but may be a little late–it’s a lot harder to find time to watch a two-hour movie 2-3 times than it is with a 20-minute episode. As always, it’ll be available to $2+ backers immediately, everyone else after a few months.

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