Legend of Korra Vlog S4E12-13: Grand Finale Live Reaction!

Reminder that Patreon backers can see these videos (including Korra, my panel on anime and the apocalypse, and now Steven Universe) AND Near-Apocalypse articles early.

In other news, the Kickstarter is still hovering at 71% funding with a week left to go!

Also, my friend Liz is running a Kickstarter for the third print volume of her webcomic Adrastus! It’s an homage to the classic giant robot shows of the 70s and 80s, which I know some of you are interested in, and she’s good people. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Legend of Korra Vlog S4E12-13: Grand Finale Live Reaction!

  1. No Vaatu. The thing we wanted to happen didn’t happen :(

    Plasma does indeed make anything sound cooler even though it’s not an especially exotic state of matter. (Any kind of visible spark is plasma.) This is why Romulans are the coolest, they have the most plasma.

    The “mweh” you made when Bolin said Mako is awesome makes me think of the Odo Sound. (Is that sound a scoff? I don’t know what a scoff is, but Odo makes the sound when I would expect someone to scoff.) Your sound isn’t as cool as Odo’s, you should practice so your grouchy vocalizations can sound cool like Odo’s.

    Pretty sure the last time we saw lightning bending was when Mako used it to end his fight with the Crimson Lotus waterbender. Did we find out if being electrocuted killed her?

    RE: Bankrupting the Empire building a giant mech out of platinum, I’m pretty sure the Avatar writers aren’t aware that platinum is basically Gold+, i.e. a soft and expensive metal. Like, I’m pretty sure even a normal mechasuit would deform under its own weight if it was made out of the stuff. A platinum mech definitely wouldn’t hold its shape after getting a building dropped on it.

    I’m pretty sure Trombone Dude is the captain of the rival pro-bending team from season 1. I haven’t gone back to check though.

    The thing with Wu just being like “eh, democracy” all on his own feels too easy to me. Also, his decision to break it up into multiple independent democracies instead of a single state with elected leadership is totally unexamined. I guess they don’t have time to sort all that out after the finale, because then it wouldn’t be the finale.


  2. Odo’s sound is indeed a scoff.

    You and your Romulans.

    And perhaps no Vaatu, but still Korra acknowledging her inner darkness, which is something.


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