Deep Space Nine: Where Are They Now?

Between Mark Watches starting TNG last week and me playing as much Star Trek Online as possible in the hopes of getting to the 5th Anniversary Mission before they take it down at the end of the month, I have Star Trek on the brain. So, here’s me imagining what the cast of Deep Space Nine (and maybe a couple of other people) did after the end of the show:

Spoilers abound!

  • Worf became the Federation ambassador to the Klingons. Decades later, he was a revered elder statesman and moral philosopher, though those who knew him personally found he could be a bit stodgy.
  • Dax became captain of a research vessel. (Yes, I know this is from the novels. I happen to think it’s perfect.)
  • Bashir eventually went back to Earth to head the Epidemiology Division of Starfleet Medical. He reports directly to the head of Starfleet Medical, Admiral Pulaski.
  • Nog became a starship captain before he was 40. Under the advice of Captain Picard, he refused all offers of promotion beyond that position.
  • Jake’s first novel, Anslem, won him an award for Best New Writer from the Earth Culture Institute in Paris. He wrote over a dozen more.
  • Kira remained commander of Deep Space Nine until Bajor officially became a member of the Federation and the militia was folded into Starfleet. Starfleet offered to reactivate her commission as a Commander so she could retain her post, but she elected to retire from military service and undergo religious training. She is now a Renten in a small farming village, and she’s never been happier.
  • Keiko O’Brien returned to Earth and became a tenured professor of botany at UC San Jose.
  • Miles O’Brien became an instructor at Starfleet Academy, and quickly became one of the most popular professors in the Engineering department.
  • Molly O’Brien became chief engineer of the Enterprise. (F. And I know STO has Kirayoshi do this, but I like Molly doing it better.)
  • Kirayoshi O’Brien became a xenobiologist specializing in cosmozoans (life-forms evolved to live in interplanetary or interstellar space).
  • Odo remained in the Great Link for many years. He was briefly Dominion ambassador to the Federation, but the less said about that fiasco the better. Now he searches the Alpha Quadrant with Laas, trying to find young changelings to return to the Great Link.
  • After the admission of Bajor to the Federation, Quark’s Bar was made an official embassy of the Ferengi Alliance. Meaning it was the only place on Deep Space Nine where free-market capitalism applied. The only place at the mouth of the wormhole where free-market capitalism applied. Quark is currently in the market for a moon. (Totally stole this from STO, because it’s beautiful.)
  • Rom and Leeta rule the Ferengi Alliance. Rom is not at all a popular Nagus, but Leeta’s political acumen keeps his enemies fighting amongst themselves while he institutes reforms which, by all Ferengi belief, ought to fail terribly, yet somehow work out in the end.
  • Garak became an advisor to the newly reinstated Detapa Council. That’s all. Just an advisor. Really. Would he lie about something like that?
  • Morn sold his likeness for the production of a holographic patron that bartenders could use to make their bar seem like it was never empty, since a completely empty bar drives away customers (or so the sales literature claims). There is now a silent Morn sitting in a corner stool in hundreds of bars across the quadrant. There are even Morn-spotter clubs, people who go out to identify and track bars that have him.
  • After roughly 70,000 years of training and study, the Sisko finally mastered his abilities as the Emissary, and returned the day after he left. He has dinner with his father, wife, and son every night, even when they don’t have dinner with each other. The rest of the time (in a manner of speaking) he lives quietly in a house on Bajor, sometimes with Cassidy, sometimes alone when she’s working.
  • Benny Russell’s writings experienced a brief surge of popularity in 1967-9. He was even briefly in talks with Desilu for a TV pilot, but they ended up going with something else. His work faded into obscurity until the 2020s, when they began to circulate among academics and in the slums alike because of their powerful anger and hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable systemic unfairness. Following the Bell Riots, a young economist named Umay Reyes, inspired by the society depicted in his stories, developed a theory of post-scarcity economics to deal with the vicious recessions created by the plummeting demand for labor, arguing in essence that in a properly structured society each person creates the demand for their own labor, employed in a project of self- and social improvement.
  • Gul Dukat burns across all of space and time, which is only everything he ever wanted.

5 thoughts on “Deep Space Nine: Where Are They Now?

  1. I was planning to netflix through TNG after I finished DS9, but if Mark is Watching it, I guess I should keep up with him.

    I didn’t realise Laas was an established character. After what he does in STO it’d be a stretch for him to get where you put him. I can see Odo leaving the great link to be ambassador to the Federation the moment the female changeling returns, just to prove to her that she was wrong about him never leaving.


  2. Oh, I’m not including STO in this, it’s based purely on DS9 (and a bit of TNG).

    And you should totally watch with us, we need more first-timers commenting! He’s only
    like 3 episodes in, so now’s a great time!


  3. I have to believe that the reason the player characters’ communications with the Wormhole Prophets involve getting clearly told what you need to know is because Sisko doesn’t put up with them doing the mysterious signs and portents act that I’ve been seeing in the show so far.


  4. Honestly, to me it seemed like the writers trying to be mysterious but failing. Might have been better if there were no Mirror Universe encounters before that, but that would require the Deep Space Encounters to vary depending on plot progression.

    Which, come to think of it, is a really good idea…


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