You’d think I’d have learned by now…

Fandoms for utopian works are not, as a general rule, utopian themselves.

Bronies behave exactly like you’d expect a fandom that is 70 percent white, 80 percent male, and 80 percent straight to act, which is to say that there’s a disturbing amount of sympathy for shit like GamerGate and MRAs.

I just discovered that Star Trek Online has a Stormfront fleet. As in the online Neo-Nazi and white supremacist community. Sure, it’s possible they’re just using the name, but on the other hand the ship I saw that fleet name on was the USS Germania, so there’s a pretty good chance–and given that the Earth Spacedock turns into a hotbed of racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim rhetoric around 2 a.m, even if it’s a coincidence there’s still plenty of evidence.

And of course the less said about certain segments of the Doctor Who fandom, the better…

I really wonder about this. How do people who are part of the problem watch shows that depict what is, in essence, a world without them? Are they just not paying attention, or that deluded? (Probably, yes.)

6 thoughts on “You’d think I’d have learned by now…

  1. Back in the 90s, the British right-wing comedian Jim Davidson was quoted in the UK Star Trek Magazine about why he liked the series, and I found his phrasing very odd. “There’s no real sexism or racism. A Klingon’s a Klingon, a Ferengi’s a Ferengi, and everyone understands and accepts that.”

    There were two things that struck me. Firstly, a comedian I associated with sexist and occasionally racist jokes believed in a world without racism and sexism. He just didn’t connect his own material with that. Secondly, he used what seemed to me to be borderline racist language to do it. (Substitute real ethnic groups for the aliens, and wince.)

    So, yes, they’re probably deluded.


  2. Over on discussion boards, user “Pyro” has contributed a very thoughtful and inclusive take on how Zero Hour might have played out better, in RySenkari-and-Nivek’s “Player Two Start” (WI the Nintendo-Sony deal hadn’t fallen through). So I clicked through to his blog and found out he honestly believes that, yes, it’s actually about ethics in videogame journalism.

    In the immortal words of Randall Munroe, “Dear Lord… I would like to file a bug report.”


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