3 thoughts on “Legend of Korra Vlog S4E10: “Operation Bei Fong”

  1. You forgot to change the variables after you copy-pasted the title of this post.

    So I was watching the credits and I happened to see Zelda Williams. So I rewound and Robin Williams’ Nintendo fangirl daughter is Kuvira.

    It’s interesting that the Bei Fongs seem to have the whole prison to themselves, right under the testing facility, rather than being kept with general population. Taken together Batar Jr. wanting to stop the test when he saw Opal in the line of fire, I think we can infer that they’re getting some special treatment.

    You mentioned that the cannon sounds just like Vaatu’s attack, but you misspoke and said “Rava.”

    You mention that the spoilers you have don’t influence your analysis of this episode, which is interesting if the other two of the four characters are Zhu Li & Varrick. I’m pretty sure I would have predicted that she was doing what she was doing if I didn’t have that spoiler, but I did have it so we will never know.


  2. Whoops. Yeah, WordPress has a really handy function that lets you copy a previous post, title, tags, and all with like three clicks, and I updated the body of the post but not the tags.

    Yep, Kuvira is played by Zelda Williams. I didn’t know she was a Nintendo fan though–I know her dad is, hence the name, but I didn’t know she was too.

    Well, keep in mind that a Bei Fong trained Kuvira, her fiancĂ© is a Bei Fong, she got started trying to put a Bei Fong on the throne before she decided to claim it for herself… Yeah, I think the Bei Fongs are getting special treatment.

    Yeah, the whole Vaatu/Rava thing is a pain to keep straight.


  3. Next time you’re having trouble, just remind yourself that they tried to pass “Unavaatu” as a real name.

    Robin didn’t exactly hide from her where he got the name, and like most people who grew up playing Legend of Zelda games, she likes them.


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