Escaflowne Ep 11 and Sailor Moon Crystal ep 15 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

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Chatlog under the cut!

Vision of Escaflowne

01[15:43] <@Froborr> I really like how this opening shows the characters as being very isolated, but also takes pains to visually connect them.
01[15:44] <@Froborr> So like we get a sense of Allen and Van looking at each other early on, but they’re never actually in frame together and their individual images are alone in large spaces.
[15:45] <@Arrlaari> How old is Plaktu?
01[15:45] <@Froborr> I was just wondering the same thing–listening to him is TRADITION?
01[15:46] <@Froborr> I just reread Terry Pratchett’s Pyramids, so my thoughts went immediately to Dios.
01[15:47] <@Froborr> Well, time to find out if Hitomi is immune…
01[15:47] <@Froborr> Huh, guess not.
01[15:47] <@Froborr> No, she really didn’t say that…
01[15:48] <@Froborr> That’s… different.
[15:48] <@Arrlaari> The other prisoner, from Zaibach, did say that
01[15:49] <@Froborr> Oh yeah.
01[15:50] <@Froborr> I was about to ask who the giant armor due was.
01[15:50] <@Froborr> Then I remembered this show has mecha.
[15:50] <@Arrlaari> Huh, I like that they are going in this direction with the Doppelgangers
01[15:50] <@Froborr> Yeah.
01[15:51] <@Froborr> One thing I like about this era of anime in general is that they always tried to come up with good reasons WHY the minions followed the villain.
[15:51] <@Arrlaari> That looks like the stuff in Zaibach Guymelfs
01[15:52] <@Froborr> Um. Fuck, that’s not good.
01[15:52] <@Froborr> Oh great, good job antagonizing the only person on your side, Allen.
01[15:52] <@Froborr> Oh hey, Millerna knows CPR!
01[15:54] <@Froborr> And of course Van’s Shonen Hero Powers ™ save the day.
01[15:57] <@Froborr> Man, neither of us has much to say, huh?
[15:57] <@Arrlaari> I’m guessing the black hands are Dilandau’s gloves
01[15:57] <@Froborr> Reasonable.
01[15:58] <@Froborr> Hitomi was REALLY freaked out by that death, huh? She’s even more worried about stoppign this than that time she saw VAN die.
[15:58] <@Arrlaari> She just say his whole life, it’s natural that she would feel sympathetic to him
01[15:58] <@Froborr> Ture.
01[15:58] <@Froborr> *true
[15:59] <@Arrlaari> Well that prediction didn’t take long to come true
01[15:59] <@Froborr> Good call on the Guymelef goo.
01[16:00] <@Froborr> Ew.
[16:00] <@Arrlaari> It’s curious that Dilandau would be protective of his goons, when he himself treats them like trash
01[16:01] <@Froborr> Eh, it’s his childishness. They’re HIS, so he can treat them however he wants, but if someone else dmaages them that’s taking away soemthing that’s HIS.
01[16:01] <@Froborr> Escaflowne in flight mode looks really silly with a sword, but man, it fights well.
01[16:02] <@Froborr> Haha, no flight mode for you.
01[16:03] <@Froborr> So I’m guessing next two episodes are now the fight against the bad guy invasion.
[16:03] <@Arrlaari> It’s interesting that she seems to have felt the Doppelganger’s death as if it happened to her
01[16:03] <@Froborr> Then a recap, then the second half of the series.
01[16:04] <@Froborr> Well, they had a pretty intense metnal link thanks to her powers interacting with Plaktu’s and the doppelganger’s.
[16:04] <@Arrlaari> I feel kinda bad that I can’t remember Doppelganger’s name
01[16:04] <@Froborr> Me a little too, yeah.
01[16:05] <@Froborr> But then I struggle with character names in general, so, yeah.
01[16:05] <@Froborr> Any thoughts before moving on to SMC?
[16:06] <@Arrlaari> I’ll say that this show is doing a pretty good job of presenting believable antagonists
01[16:06] <@Froborr> To a degree, yeah.
01[16:07] <@Froborr> I still feel Dilandau is a bit cliche, and a homophobic cliche at that.
[16:07] <@Arrlaari> Even Dilandau is abusive in a believable way. It’s a bit of a reach that anyone would let him have the authority he does since it’s so obvious that he’s a hazard
[16:07] <@Arrlaari> And the veiled homophobic decision to make him vain and effeminate, yeah
01[16:08] <@Froborr> I don’t know that it’s so much a veiled homophobic decision as that they’re taking a villain type that was originally openly homophobic, but has slowly become more veiled as people forget its roots..
01[16:08] <@Froborr> Either way, yeah.
01[16:09] <@Froborr> But most of the villains we get to actually see and hear are pretty believably human, and like I said, I really like that we get a sense of how Folken has earned the loyalty people show him.

Sailor Moon Crystal

01[16:11] <@Froborr> LAST TIME, on Toddlers with Tiaras: handguns!
01[16:11] <@Froborr> …that was EVIL of Strange Tiny Person.
01[16:11] <@Froborr> I mean, less evil than shooting her would have been, but.
01[16:11] <@Froborr> Aw, I was hoping for new opening.
01[16:11] <@Froborr> Maybe the visuals change or it’s the second verse..?
01[16:11] <@Froborr> Not looking like it.
[16:11] <@Arrlaari> I like how they just immediately plunge us back into “Child holds up Usagi at gunpoint”
01[16:12] <@Froborr> Well, it would be mean to start with, like, Ami having a sandwich or something.
[16:12] <@Arrlaari> We might be in for a change to the bits with metallia et. al.
01[16:12] <@Froborr> Good prediction, you’re right!
[16:12] <@Arrlaari> Oh, and that character
01[16:13] <@Froborr> Ad.
01[16:13] <@Froborr> Were those new poses at the end, too?
[16:13] <@Arrlaari> I’m not sure, my attention was monopolised by new character that I recognize and can’t tell you about
01[16:13] <@Froborr> Yes, I did notice a sixth sailor scout.
01[16:13] <@Froborr> Who looks like she might be an adult?
01[16:14] <@Froborr> No spoilers!@
01[16:14] <@Froborr> bAck.
01[16:14] <@Froborr> “Infiltration”?
01[16:14] <@Froborr> Interesting.
01[16:15] <@Froborr> All these people with precious stone names are a bit weird after watching Steven Universe this morning.
[16:16] <@Arrlaari> Did the subtitled omit Rubeus’ name? I heard him say it but I don’t remember reading it just now.
01[16:16] <@Froborr> No, it did–Crimson Rubeus.
01[16:18] <@Froborr> So… alternate-universe Usagi?
01[16:18] <@Froborr> Kid from the future?
01[16:18] <@Froborr> I… what..?
01[16:18] <@Froborr> Evil hypnotic Doppleganger?
01[16:18] <@Froborr> So now she’s stealing our Usagi’s life, or trying to..?
01[16:18] <@Froborr> This is WEIRD.
01[16:19] <@Froborr> No, they still remember our Usagi?
01[16:19] <@Froborr> *head tilts*
01[16:19] <@Froborr> She has another Legendary Silver Crystal, so… time-traveler or alternate, presumably?
01[16:20] <@Froborr> Or it’s a replica, I guess, and not the real thing.
01[16:20] <@Froborr> You know, this is suspiciously similar to how Dawn shows up in Buffy.
01[16:21] <@Froborr> Evidence that Buffy is a magical girl show continues to mount.
01[16:21] <@Froborr> Also: LUNA CAN JUST MAKE THOSE!?
[16:21] <@Arrlaari> So in the old television series they dedicated a hole episode to Usagi’s family taking chibi-usa’s side in arguments between her and Usagi and it made me quit watching the dub
01[16:21] <@Froborr> Huh.
[16:21] <@Arrlaari> It looks like they just elided that here
01[16:22] <@Froborr> Ah, Usagi’s romantic rival has appeared.
01[16:23] <@Froborr> I mean, scoff at UFOs all you like, Rei, but you ARE the reincarnation of an alien, so.
[16:24] <@Arrlaari> … are they suggesting that new villain is just murdering people at random?
01[16:24] <@Froborr> …that does seem to be implied, yes.
[16:24] <@Arrlaari> Yeah I guess they are
01[16:24] <@Froborr> Ad.
01[16:24] <@Froborr> You know what I hate?
[16:24] <@Arrlaari> Seeing the same had consecutively?
01[16:25] <@Froborr> How ads are always recorded at a ridiculously high volume compared to shows.
[16:25] <@Arrlaari> Characters named Mako?
01[16:25] <@Froborr> That too, but it hasn’t been ahppening today.
[16:25] <@Arrlaari> I really wish I had thought of that for my first answer
01[16:25] <@Froborr> lol
01[16:25] <@Froborr> Back
01[16:26] <@Froborr> You don’t trust her “completely” yet!?
01[16:26] <@Froborr> You shouldn’t trust her AT ALL!
01[16:28] <@Froborr> “Sisters”?
01[16:28] <@Froborr> Is this a
[16:28] <@Arrlaari> Catholic school
01[16:28] <@Froborr> Yes, it is. A Catholic school
01[16:28] <@Froborr> CORRUPTED BY EVIL
01[16:28] <@Froborr> HOLY SHIT THEY SET A NUN ON FIRE
01[16:29] <@Froborr> What the FUCK episode
01[16:29] <@Froborr> This is WAY harsher than the first arc.
[16:30] <@Arrlaari> That reminds me of an interesting historical fact: When Japan’s boarders were closed, Christianity was simultaneously outlawed and several were burned at the stake in Nagasaki
01[16:31] <@Froborr> Yep. The Church was (correctly, btw, since it did that literally everywhere else it went) seen as a foreign influence that threatened to destroy the indigenous Japanese culture and religion.
01[16:31] <@Froborr> I mean, don’t get me wrong, setting people on fire is way overboard
01[16:31] <@Froborr> Okay, those are TOTALLY greys.
01[16:31] <@Froborr> This plotline is FREAKING WIERD.
01[16:32] <@Froborr> Wow, the show is really showing its Sentai roots, though.
[16:32] <@Arrlaari> Youngest and most XTREME
01[16:32] <@Froborr> lol yeah
01[16:32] <@Froborr> Very 90s.
01[16:33] <@Froborr> “I will burn yoru fire away with my flames”
[16:33] <@Arrlaari> Burning Mandala was indeed in the 90’s cartoon as Mars’ season 2 move
[16:33] <@Arrlaari> That wasn’t in the old cartoon
[16:34] <@Arrlaari> The bit where Tuxedo Mask actually intercepted an attack instead of just throwing a rose out
[16:34] <@Arrlaari> Haha they are still calling it Halation
01[16:35] <@Froborr> Ah, of course she has Holy, this is the show where the white mage is the main character.
[16:35] <@Arrlaari> Wow did they just kill Koan in the first episode she appears in?
01[16:35] <@Froborr> Certainly looks like it, yeah.
01[16:36] <@Froborr> I like Usagi as a white mage. She has debuff removal, cure spells, revive, and now Holy.
01[16:36] <@Froborr> Ending credits look the same.
[16:37] <@Arrlaari> I was wondering if they would go with the manga’s decision to kill her or the show’s decision to have Mars talk her into defecting from the black moon and become a civilian on earth. I wasn’t expecting to find out so quick..
01[16:37] <@Froborr> Man.
01[16:37] <@Froborr> This was a pretty good first episode for the arc.
01[16:37] <@Froborr> But FREAKING WEIRD.
01[16:37] <@Froborr> And also SUPER VIOLENCE.
[16:37] <@Arrlaari> She didn’t set any nuns on fire in the 90s show
01[16:37] <@Froborr> I am not used to having this much PEOPLE BURNING TO DEATH in a magical girl show.
01[16:38] <@Froborr> Or a sentai show, for that matter, which like I was saying this episode at least clearly was as well.
01[16:39] <@Froborr> So, final thoughts before I put this up?
[16:39] <@Arrlaari> I have nothing to say that isn’t a spoiler

One thought on “Escaflowne Ep 11 and Sailor Moon Crystal ep 15 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. Koan dies so quick I missed seeing it, so I rewatched it and noticed that Mercury uses Shine Aqua Illusion, her Season 2 attack, against Koan’s barrier, after using Aqua Mist as an attack against the Black Moon Greys.

    Interesting note: In the old cartoon Mercury’s Season 1 power, Aqua Mist, was never used as a direct attack. This had two consequences: a lot of fan jabs at Aqua Mist for being useless, and the fact that Aqua Mist was the most useful season 1 power and continued to serve Ami well for the rest of the series. As I mentioned when Jaedite was able to dispel the mist in this show, in the 90’s cartoon Aqua Mist never failed to utterly prevent any effective attack from whoever it was used against.


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