Legend of Korra Vlog S4E9: “Into the Wild”

In which Asami is back! And doing cool stuff! And other things happen!

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3 thoughts on “Legend of Korra Vlog S4E9: “Into the Wild”

  1. I was surprised when “it’s an internal Earth Kingdom matter” wasn’t followed by “the Prime Directive applies.”

    We really do need a story where the Prime Directive (or setting-appropriate equivalent) comes up and is not a problem the heroes have to work around (or just get away with ignoring because they’re Kirk). The pattern of this being the reason our attention is called to the idea lends credence to the idea that Our Heroes would be better off just being allowed to Do Good. It shouldn’t be hard to come up with a plot where PD is the only thing keeping a shady character back and the heroes have to prevent his shady attempt to get a cause to waive it.

    In the Star Trek context, this is an interesting opportunity for the Romulan Republic to be more interesting than “The Federation, but for Romulans” – they probably will wind up not having the Prime Directive, or at least having it not be the first thing in their constitution. This means that in the Republic, intervention or conquest can get on the ballot. (Once there are ballots. As far as I can tell currently D’tan is “proconsul” until he decides it’s time to call the Republic’s first election.)

    With the next episode being Operation Bei Phong, and the 2 part finale coming right after that, I’m guessing this conversation with Zahir is as much of Our Favorite Theory as we are going to get.

    I’m surprised that they’re positioning Wu to become an okay king so that the outcome of the season will likely be the restoration of the Earth Kingdom’s traditional central government. And I’m girding to be disappointed. There’s enough evidence in the show to conclude that the Earth Kingdom’s dysfunction was more than just the last Earth Queen being a bad person. Last Airbender touched on the core dysfunction of monarchy: it directs political ambition to fratricide, as seen in the Fire Nation. Over both shows we’ve established that the Dai Li being a creepy secret police force isn’t just that one guy, it’s what the Dai Li exist to be. The answer to Zahir and Kuvira shouldn’t be “Let’s just go back to the way it used to be and never change anything, because the alternatives are apocalyptic in a bad way.”


  2. Oh! I forgot to mention! Korra observes that “no one” has faith in her ability to deal with Kuvira because she quite visibly failed to deal with Kuvira, but Wu clearly does have faith in her, so Korra evidently puts exactly zero stock in his judgment.


  3. We’re getting to the point where it’s basically impossible for me to reply to you without spoilers. If this were Mark Watches, I’d be looking for gifs of nuns right about now.

    But yes, good point about Korra having zero regard for Wu’s opinion–and understandably so! All she’s ever seen of him is that he’s a rich, privileged, self-centered, entitled jerk. She hasn’t seen that he is also willing to point out Mako’s flaws to Mako’s face, which makes him great in direct proportion to how terrible Mako is (which is very).


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