Announcing the My Little Po-Mo Vol. 3 Kickstarter!

Though the blog version of My Little Po-Mo is now complete, there are still books to be published! And as always, publishing a book means paying an editor and a cover designer, which in turn means raising funds. In other words, it’s Kickstarter time!

What’s going in this book?

  • All 13 articles on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season 3.
  • All 17 Fanworks Month and Derivative Works Month articles.
  • “Best pony” essays on Princess Celestia and Big McIntosh.
  • Commissioned essays on princesses as celebrities in Equestria and the question of whether MLP has had a net positive impact on the world.
  • An additional fan- or derivative-work article to be voted on by readers of this blog (if you have topic suggestions, give them here–I’ll pick my favorites and make a poll).
  • And more!

The Kickstarter is here. Backer rewards start with books and move up to commissioned essays, as before. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Announcing the My Little Po-Mo Vol. 3 Kickstarter!

  1. Off the top of my head… and TV Tropes…

    -A non guest post on Discorded Whooves
    -The Analysis Community
    -Fallout Equestria
    -Spiders and Magic
    -The Conversion Bureau
    -The other abridged series
    -Binky Pie
    -My Little Portal
    -Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder
    -MLP Project
    -Sepia Tock
    -Lunaverse Season 2
    -The Monster Mash
    -Past Sins
    -Pony POV
    -Story of the Blanks
    -Princess Molestia
    -Better Living Through Science and Portals
    -Death Note: Equestria
    -The Immortal Game
    -And That’s How Equestria Was Made!
    -Fighting is Magic
    -Starscream Vs Rainbowdash
    -Ponies: The Anthology
    -My Little Unicorn
    -Dash Academy


  2. I covered Molestia as much as I care to in vol. 2, and part of updating the Lunaverse post will be adding some of Season 2. The rest of these I’ll have to look through, but this is a good starting point, thanks!


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