Legend of Korra Vlog S4E8: “Remembrances”

I talk about what makes a good clip show, with examples, and then talk about why this is both one of the all-time great clip shows and the best episode of the season so far.

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3 thoughts on “Legend of Korra Vlog S4E8: “Remembrances”

  1. So, our favorite theory holds that Vaatu is going to literally emerge from Rava like they said he would. But this episode draws our attention to the idea that this element Vaatu and Rava’s nature reflects human society: chaos emerged from order after having been defeated in season 2 and season 3. In this season the problem is a terrible order emerging from chaos following the destruction of the Earth Kingdom’s order.

    It would be really great if that ridiculous 4 way conference call is predicting something that actually happens and they all, including zombie Amon, team up with Korra to face Kuvira’s army.

    You were totally right about what was going down on tumblr. I saw spoilers on blogs belonging to people who don’t even watch Korra.


  2. Yeah, immediately after recording this someone TAGGED ME IN A SPOILER on Tumblr and I found out The Big Thing that everyone was talking about. I was NOT happy.

    So, to avoid further spoilers, I marathoned the remainder of the series and recorded all my liveblogs that night.

    As a result, I cannot comment on your speculations and theorizing–I know too much.


  3. Some of my earlier speculations have been informed by the following spoilers I learned during the finale spoiler storm:

    The Big Thing
    Hiroshi Sato’s Redemption Means Death (mentioned in the conversation between Korra & Asami) at that time I hadn’t seen the episode in which Hiroshi first appears in this season!
    Varrick & Zhu Li get married (one of the co-creator’s blog posts points out that the pose Korra & Asami do in the last shot parallels how they stand while getting married)

    The only other spoilers I’ve seen have been episode titles, e.g. Day of the Colossus & Operation Bei Fong.


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