Captain’s Log, Weekly Digest 5

A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants.

  • The Doomsday Device: Ambassador B’vat returns and awakens an ancient terror with the intent of turning it on the Federation.
  • Arrested!: In a sequence of events that have basically nothing to do with the game except that I wanted to switch ships, Morwen gets caught in a Kafka-esque court martial over nothing.
  • Koolhaas System Patrol: The new crew of the USS Ariel go on a fairly straightforward mission, while Morwen gathers her most trusted officers to found a conspiracy.
  • Betreka Nebula Duty: The Ariel explores a nebula, Morwen sits in a hero’s chair, and the plot thickens.
  • Terran Empire Encounter: The Ariel has an extremely brief brush with the Mirror Universe.
  • City on the Edge of Never: While Morwen’s conspiracy closes in on their quarry, Ambassador B’vat switches tactics to kidnapping and time travel.
  • Past Imperfect: The Ariel chases B’vat into the past, and the identity of the mole is revealed.
  • Temporal Ambassador: The Ariel investigates strange temporal readings in the Azure Nebula, but they turn out to be nothing at all whatsoever. I mean, it’s not like Morwen ended up on some kind of bizarre-yet-awesome adventure in an alternate timeline that ultimately became a paradoxical quest to erase itself from ever having happened, thus ensuring the log doesn’t cover it. That’d be, frankly, far too Star Trek-y a thing for STO to do. (End of the Klingon War arc.)
  • Secrets of Nimbus: Restored to her rightful place in command of the Kestrel, Morwen sets off for Nimbus III to investigate the possibility that thalaron weapons are being traded.
  • The Lost City of Paradise: The crew of the Kestrel meet their contact on Nimbus and get their first taste of the “delights” the planet has in store. Also there’s a Borg tending bar, that’s kind of interesting.

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  1. My Romulan is up to getting “Smash and Grab”, and I just unlocked R & D.

    Romulan specific quests seem to continue for quite a while after you pick a side.

    I've been keeping notes to make it possible to write an RP blog later, but I haven't been able to keep track of the ship classes I fight as well as you seem to have been. Do you have a reference that you can look up after the fact?

  2. Yeah, it does sound like they continue. Which is cool, since I have Ideas about something I could do with being a Romulan.

    Yeah, I have Strict Rules about looking at it before doing the mission, but afterwards I will sometimes look up things like enemy ship types in the walkthroughs on the STO wiki,

  3. Right now I'd actually like to get at least one order from the Feds so that my choice is more visible than just determining which side's goons mistake me for a weapons smuggler in one mission, and then later my side sends one ship to help me against an ambush. So far 100% of my missions are coming from fellow Romulans, and I'd like to have one or two Romulan specific missions come from a Starfleet contact before I'm dumped into straight up Starfleet content.

    Maybe that will happen, it looks like there's a bit of mileage in the plot threads they have set up.

    When Morwen starts a fleet, are you planning to write the other captains into the logs? If so, how are you planning to handle that?

  4. I have had a couple of conversations with one of my potential recruits about some sort of colliding universes thing, where we fight in a fleet action together, and then realize afterwards that BOTH our ships have Elisa Flores on board. We compare notes, realize we've had a disturbing number of near-identical experiences, and conclude that we come from parallel universes that are, for some reason, overlapping.

  5. The menus in this game are very complicated and I frequently find myself discovering new things, like a thing that lets me pick up Federation side quests and a related thing that lists and briefly describes all the story quests in my current episode.

    Yes, there are spoilers for this game inside this game. Apparently, my current episode ends with Temporal Ambassador. Also, at one point I was awarded a Harg'peng torpedo launcher, so I guess that mission is what I did instead of the Doomsday device.

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