The Final Count

Come Sunday, My Little Po-Mo will have its final blog post. Including the introduction, Derivative Works Months, Best Pony, and Commissioned Essays, but not book-exclusive chapters, guest posts, or things like “Equestria Stands!” it will be the 103rd entry, and falls just over two years after my first post. Being the kind of person who leaves a long trail of abandoned projects lying in ruins in his wake, this will be the first time I have ever finished a project of remotely this kind of scale.

This blog will continue. I really, really want to finally get up and running by the end of January, but even then this blog will stand as a redirect to that site–and that’s assuming I do get it up and running. But that still leaves the entirety of January for guest posts and such.

I have written a single sentence of it, which puts me ahead of where I usually am on Monday. That sentence is the first sentence: “This is the path from Crown to Kingdom.”

It will be a mildly gonzo post–no dual columns or intentional jumbling, but definitely not standard essay structure.

The title will be the only thing it can be, the only way this can end. It has a comma in it.

The Madoka Magica book is, as of two days ago, in editing. I hope to release it in January-February. I will probably also be conducting the Kickstarter My Little Po-Mo volume 3 in February. It will consist of the third season and the Derivative Works/Fanworks Months.

At this time, other than the liveblogs when Season 5 airs and whatever commissioned essays/Best Pony/book exclusive chapters I do for the remaining two volumes, I have no intention of ever writing anything about My Little Pony ever again.

But you never know.

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  1. I hope to have my guest-post submission done by January 2nd.

    The title will be the only thing it can be, the only way this can end. It has a comma in it.

    Ah, of course. I was wondering how you'd cap the titles off.

  2. Anonymous commenter heard from unknown sources that unspecified people are washing their hands of unnamed series.

    Congratulations on making the vaguest comment this blog has yet received!

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